In the 1st Northern League T & F fixture of the season in Division 3 (East) held at Middlesbrough, the City Harriers had a very good turnout and performed very well in the competition, and in the end finished a very creditable 2nd place with (353pts), match winners were Middlesbrough AC (375pts) . Tynedale were 3rd (340pts), Jarrow & Hebburn 4th (283 pts), North Shields 5th (275pts) and  South Shields/Birtley 6th  (226pts). Full results of the City athletes were as follows:

Track Events:
100m : Senior Men; (A) John Coyle (1st) 11.2.(B) Greg Venyo (1st) 11.5.
Senior Women; (A) Savannah Lloyd (3rd) 13.3 (B) Charlotte Boyle (4th) 14.1.

200m: Men; (A) Greg Venyo (2nd) 23.5
Women; (A) Jacqui Hodgson (v/45) (4th) 28.9.(B) Charlotte Boyle (2nd) 28.6.

400m: Men; (A) Cameron Bain (3rd) 51.3. (B) Tim Tetlow (2nd) 50.9.
Women; (A) Samantha Coleby (1st) 57.0. (B) Jacqui Hodgson (v/45) ( 1st) 63.4.

800m:  Men ; (A) Andy Graham (3rd) 2.06.7. (B) Jason Catterall (v/40) (4th) 2.16.2.
Women;(A) Emma Toogood (2nd) 2.24.4. (B) Lizzie Cramb (1st) 2.25.7.

1500m: Men ; (A) Andy Graham (4th) 4.23.6. (B) Jason Catterall (v/40).4.57.2.pb.
Women; (A) Emma Toogood (2nd) 5.11.5. (B) Lizzie Cramb (1st) 5.23.5.

3000m: Women; (A) Laura Kaye (2nd) 10.47.7. pb. (B) Laura Lee (1st) 10.51.3 . pb.

5000m : Men; (A) James Askew (1st) 15.57.5. (B) Rob Everson  (1st) 16.56.9. pb.

100m Hurdles: Women; (A) Megan Marchildon (1st) 16.4.

400m Hurdles: Men; (A) Michael Grimes (1st) 62.7.(B) Paul Donaghy (v/45) (2nd) 77.9.

3000m S/C: Men; Geof Watson (v/40) (3rd) 14.20.9.

4x100m Relay: Women (3rd) 53.5 ; 4x400m Relay (1st) 4.20.6.

4x100m Relay: Men (Disq); 4x400m Relay (3rd) 3.56.8.

Field Events:
High Jump: Women; (A) Megan Marchildon (2nd) 1.45m.

Long Jump: Men ; (A) Greg Venyo (4th) 5.46m. pb. (B)  Stefan Renstrom (3rd) 5.39m
Women; (A) Olivia Kell (3rd) 4.56m. (B) Savannah Lloyd (2nd) 4.40.

Triple Jump: Men; (A) Greg Venyo (4th) 11.09m (B) Cameron Bain ( 2nd) 10.23m pb.
Women; (A) Olivia Kell (3rd) 9.31m.

Shot Putt: Men; (A) John Coyle (3rd) 9.62m pb.(B) Geoff Watson (v/40) (5th) 5.59m
Women; (A) Jacquie Robson (v/35) (2nd) 10.17m (B) Tammy Cook (v/35)
(4th) 5.32m pb.

Hammer:  Men; (A)  Paul Donaghy (v/45) (5th) 16.02m. (B) Geoff Watson (v/40) (5th)
12.08m pb.
Women; Jacquie Robson (v/35) (4th) 16.56m. (B) Tammy Cook (v/35)  (1st) 6.59m pb.

Discus : Men ; (A) Josh Peel (5th) 16.67m. (B) (5th) Geoff Watson (v/40) 13.01m.
Women;(A) Jacquie Robson (v/35) (4th) 21.13m.(B) Tammy Cook (v/35) (2nd) 15.12m pb.

Javelin : Men ; (A) John Coyle (2nd) 45.01m. (B) Josh Peel (1st) 43.31m.
Women; (A) Megan Marchildon (2nd) 27.92m. (B) Tammy Cook (v/35) (4th) 7.00m pb.


In the recent British Milers Club (800m) Regional Races at Chester-le-Street 4 of the Clubs athletes all of whom took part in separate races and hoping for fast times, results of which were as follows; E Race : Michael Grimes (Sen) 2.04.8 (sb), F Race : Samantha Coleby (Sen) 2.12.0, G Race : Adam Ord (U/15) 2.08.8 (pb). H Race: Jason Catterall (V/40) 2.14.9.(sb).

Samantha five days later travelled down to Sports City (Manchester) to run in the BMC Grand Prix Meeting, again over 800m, and set a new pb time of 2.08.85 therefore achieving the UKA standard of sub 2.09 for Women, which provides an automatic invite for her to compete in the British Championships/ Olympic Trials in Birmingham on the 24th-26th June 2016.

Athletics Report