Track Ettiquette – Guidance to help everyone to get the most out of the using the Track at Maiden Castle

We have drawn up the following Track Etiquette with the University for all users of the Maiden Castle track to help maintain it in decent condition. Please adhere strictly to the etiquette at all times.

  1. The normal track direction of running is anti-clockwise. If running clockwise e.g. for shuttle runs or drills, this must not create a safety issue or unduly interrupt other athletes’ training.
  2. Athletes must only step onto the track after checking that it is safe to do so.
  3. Before starting a run, athletes must check that their way is clear.
  4. When commencing an effort run, athletes must only step onto the track immediately before starting the run.
  5. Once athletes have finished an effort run, they must move off the track, so as not to impede other athletes.
  6. Athletes of any standard doing an effort run have the right to hold the inside lane. Faster athletes are required to pass on the outside.
  7. If other athletes, coaches or spectators are causing an obstruction on the track, an approaching athlete should shout “track” to warn them.
  8. Recovery runs or walks are to be done off the track unless track usage is light enough that other athletes are not affected.
  9. When using blocks on the circular lanes during a training session, cones should be set out behind the blocks to warn other athletes of the hazard.
  10. At the Graham Sports Centre the long and triple jump runway is part of the track. Athletes using the runway must ensure that they do not obstruct other track users.
  11. MP3 Players and other electronic devices should not be worn by athletes using the track.

Note also: No spikes longer than 6mm on the track – no muddy shoes on the track.


Photo by Massimo Sartirana on Unsplash

Track Ettiquette