In the NE Youth Development League (Division 2 South) T&F Meeting at Jarrow the DCH young athletes  produced some excellent performances throughout their various age categories which bodes well for the future should they continue in the sport as many Club members have successfully done over the years. Full results of our athletes were as follows:

Track Events; (100m) : U/15 Boys (A) Race Joshua Bishop 1st 13.3, (B) Race Charlie Bishop 1st 14.4. U/15 Girls (A) Tia Anderson (A) 1st 14.0, (B) Emily Barker 1st 14.6. U/17 Women (A) Charlotte Boyle 1st 14.5. U/13 Boys (A) Max Barker 3rd 14.9. (B) Tom Horsfield 2nd 17.1. U/17 Men (A) Gabriel Tallara 3rd 12.5. U/13 Girls (A) Claudia Clish 4th 18.5. U/13 Boys (N/S) Liam Atkin 17.6. (200m) : U/17 Men (A) Zac Renwick (2nd) 25.3 (PB). U/15 Boys (A) Oliver Taylor (2nd) 28.9. (B) Charlie Bishop (1st) 29.5. U/13 Boys (A) Max Barker (3rd) 30.1 (PB),  (B) Travis Anderson (1st) 30.8. Tom Horsfield (N/S) 34.5. U/15 Girls (A) Emily Barker (5th) 31.8. U/13 Girls (A) Olivia Fawcett (3rd) 31.2 (PB). (300m) U/15 Boys (A) Joshua Bishop (2nd) 41.8 (PB) (B) Chris Milburn (1st) 42.1 (PB). U/17) Women (A) Charlotte Boyle (1st) 46.3. U/15 Girls (A) Tia Anderson (1st) 43.5. (B) Jennifer Taylor (1st) 44.4 (PB). 800m: U/17 Men (A) Zac Renwick (1st) 2.15.7 (PB). U/15 Boys (A) Oliver Taylor  (2nd) 2.27.7. U/13 Boys (A) Peter Cook (2nd) 2.30.7. (B) Travis Anderson (1st) 2.51.1 (PB). U/17 Women (A) Bridget Bradshaw (1st) 2.39.2. U/15 Girls (A) Jenny Grehan-Bradley (4th) 3.09.8. U/13 Girls (A) Olivia Fawcett (4th) 2.49.0 (B) Holly Cook (4th) 3.09.1. (1500M) U/17 Men (N/S) Ben Horsfield 4.30.6. U/15 Boys (A) Sam Gibson (3rd) 5.00.7 (PB) U/13 Boys (A) Thomas Wraith (1st) 5.05.6 (PB) (B) Joshua Wraith (1st) 5.08.6 (PB) . U/15 Girls (A) Rina Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka (2nd) 6.28.6 (B) Laura Emily Hopper (1st) 6.34.2 (PB) U/13 Girls (A) Erin Keeler-Clarke (1st) 5.18.3 (PB). (B) Tara Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka (3rd) 5.55.2. 80M Hurdles (A)  U/17 Women, Lauren Donaghy 1st 15.5. U/17 Men, 100M Hurdles (A) Gabriel Tallara 1st 16.5 (PB).

Field Events: (High Jump) : U/15 Boys (A)  Charlie Bishop (2nd) 1.20m (PB). U/15 Girls (A) Sadie Hibbert (5th) 1.45m, (B) Jennifer Taylor (3rd) 1.30m (PB). Long Jump : U/17 Men (A) Gabriel Tallara (2nd) 1.45m, (B) Zac Renwick (1st) 4.98m (PB). U/15 Boys (A) Joshua Bishop (1st) 4.70m, (B) James Thornton (1st) 4.68m U/13 Boys (A) Tom Horsfield (3rd) 3.58m (B) Peter Cook (1st) 3.51m (PB) , (N/S) Liam Atkin 2.30m. U/17 Women (A) Isabell Thornton (2nd) 4.28m. U/13Girls (A) Erin Keeler-Clarke (4th) 3.34m (PB) (B) Holly Cook (5th) 2.15m. (Shot Putt) U/15 Boys (A) James Thornton (1st) 8.37m (PB). U/13 Boys (A) Max Barker (1st) 8.28m (PB), U/17 Women (A) Isabell Thornton (1st) 7.30m. U/15 Girls (A) Tia Anderson (4th) 6.63m (PB), Emily Barker (3rd) 6.50m (PB). (Discus) U/15 Boys (A) Chris Milburn (1st) 24.77m (PB). U/17 Women(A) Lauren Donaghy (1st) 12.62m. U/15 Girls (A) Imogen Stout (2nd) 15.20m. (Javelin) U/15 Boys (A) James Thornton (2nd) 29.93m (PB) (B) Chris Milburn (1st) 27.48m (PB). U/17 Women (A) Isabell Thornton (1st) 25.28m (PB). (B) Lauren Donaghy (1st) 10.80m (PB). U/15 Girls (A) Imogen Stout (1st) 21.99m. U/13 Boys (A) Liam Atkin (3rd) 9.73m. As a result of their fine efforts DCH currently lead  in the Club Standings with 452 points.

In the Medals T& F Meet at Gateshead ,Tia Anderson pulled off a fine double, winning the U/15 Girls 100m & 200m, with veteran Jacqui Hodgson winning the Senior Womens  200m, whilst multi-eventer Chris Milburn was 1st in the U/15 Boys Long Jump and 2nd in the 80m Hurdles. Full results of the City’s athletes were as follows; U/15 Girls; Tia Anderson 1st in 100m 13.06, and 200m 27.29. Senior Women; Jacqui Hodgson (v/45) 1st 200m 28.09. U/15 Boys; Chris Milburn 1st Long Jump 5.37m, 2nd 80m Hurdles 12.78, 5th 100m 13.46. U/13 Boys; Max Barker 2nd Shot Putt 7.55m, 4th 100m 14.09. U/15 Boys;  Luke Allen  2nd Shot Putt 11.79m. Junior Men; Stefan Renstrom  3rd 100m  11.97,  4th Long Jump 3.97m. U/17 Men; Cameron Allan 5th 800m 2.13 (PB). U/13 Boys; Travis Anderson 5th 200m 30.43, 8th 100m 15.52. Senior Men ; Josh Peel 6th 200m 24.58, 11th 100m 12.13.

Youth Development of Athletes is gaining momentum!