Team Durham, together with all of the Universities activities, are adhering to the UK governments advice regarding outside gatherings of groups ….which places a maximum of 30 people per gathering. This therefore applies to the number of people who can be present per area in the groups attending the sessions delivered by DCH.
The areas are:-
1. The track inside the green fencing.
2. The grassed area adjacent to the all-weather pitches.
3. Outside perimeter of the cricket field.
4. The fields over the bridge….”the back fields”
If 30 people attended at each of these areas 120 people could be accommodated. There are however important considerations regarding England Athletics ratios which supervising coaches must take on board. See later. So, in order to comply with the 30 per session per area requirement it is particularly important to develop some system whereby the relevant groups can have access to the track on a fair and equitable basis so far as the 30 attending restriction allows.
The groups using the above areas are as follows:-
Group Supervising Coach(es): Area
1. Senior endurance Bob Hewitson No track use; back field.
2. Junior endurance Peter Hemming No track use; grassed area near all weather pitches.
3. Junior group(s)  John Egan/Brian Brown Track & cricket field inside the perimeter cones.
4. Middle dist/X country Bryan Mackay** Track& cricket field perimeter.
5. Long sprints Julie Coleby/Max Coleby Track & cricket field perimeter.
6. Sprints John Egan** Track.
N.B. From 1st October the middle distance/cross county group will require a new Supervising Coach. John Egan is acting as Supervising Coach for the sprint group until an appropriately qualified coach is available to lead the group. Please liaise with Shaun Day, club chairman regarding these positions.
At the moment, the club has track access on Tuesday and Thursday 7.00pm – 8.00pm and Friday’s 6.00pm-8.00pm. Maiden Castle is closed on Saturday and Sunday until further notice.
The following is a schedule indicating which groups have access to the track at each session. Clearly, not all groups who wish to be on the track at every session can do so given the restrictions. Note that in each two week period all groups who wish to be on the track have each been allocated access to the track on three occasions.
Track access Tuesday 7.00pm-8.00pm Thursday 7.00pm-8.00pm Friday 6.00pm-8.00pm
Week 1 w/c 17 August groups 3 and 5 groups 4 and 6 groups 3 and 5
Week 2 w/c 24 August groups 4 and 6 groups 3 and 5 groups 4 and 6
Week 3 w/c 31 August as week 1 as week 1 as week 1
Week 4 w/c 7 September as week 2 as week 2 as week 2
Week 5 w/c 14 September as week 1 as week 1 as week 1
Week 6 w/c 21 September as week 2 as week 2 as week 2
N.B. The maximum number per group is 15 so as to achieve fairness between partner groups. Supervising coaches must plan ahead on this basis. Please note however, that England Athletics state that a single qualified coach can only supervise 12 athletes at any one time ….which means that a group of 15 must have two coaches; e.g. a Supervising coach and an assistant coach.
These arrangements apply only up the time when students return to the  university for the new academic year. DUAXC will then be part of the decision making process regarding access to the track. Clearly, if current Covid 19 restrictions still apply, further “rationing” will be required to accommodate the numbers wanting access to the track
Use of track under Covid 19 restrictions