Effective from Thursday 13th August 2020.  On Wednesday 12th August) we received an email from Team Durham which clarified the number of athletes who can be present in each of the areas at Maiden Castle designated for our use.

The areas in question are:-

1. The track (i.e. the area within the green fencing)

2. The extreme outer boundary of the main cricket field.

3. The area alongside the floodlit all weather pitches used by Peter Hemming’s group.

4. The back fields over the bridge.

The maximum number of athletes allowed on any of these areas at any one session is 30. Therefore if we were to utilise all four options at the same time this would enable 120 athletes to be accommodated. The figure of 30 per group of people gathering outside is as set out in current government guidance. The government capacity of 30 is referred to in Team Durham’s site Risk Assessment. However, at the same section it does refer to general guidance which is provided by the NGB (National Governing Body), in our case England Athletics (EA), which does provide for more than 30 at the track …..but EA stress that it is up to the management of the venue to decide which capacity will apply. At yesterday evenings session the number of athletes on the track was between 35 – 40 ….but this probably represents the upper end of potential users. One group using the track yesterday evening had already indicated that they will be on the cricket field on Thursday evening. Nevertheless, it is clearly the case that, at some sessions, there is a likelihood that we will exceed the 30 limit. Team Durham have stated that this cannot happen. A couple of thoughts have come to mind as to how we can possibly ensure that we do not exceed the limit. However, could members, particularly coaches, please let the chairman Shaun Day or our Team Durham/DCH liaison (and acting Covid 19) officer Max Coleby have any ideas in this regard as soon as possible. It is worth noting that this 30 maximum applies to all sports active at Maiden Castle and is causing some of those sports some difficulties. It is another example of the impact of Covid 19 on our activities.

User capacity at Maiden Castle for DCH sessions