In the first Harrier League match of the season, Durham City’s Orange army saw a uniformly fantastic turnout, as seniors and juniors alike packed out the starting line in their prominent fluorescent vests. With excellent performances by many youngsters such as Charlie Phillips, Sam Terry and Charlotte Dillon, the final race of the day saw, arguably, Durham’s finest performance, as senior Dan Garbutt went on to win the race leading from start to finish with a fantastic effort from the slow pack, and finishing 4th fastest time of the day! Full results of all City Harriers were as follows signifying their actual times.

Under 13 Girls
Charlotte Dillon 2nd 9:50
Freya Gibson 3rd 9:52
Jessica Peart 13th  10:32
Megan Hauxwell 21st 10:54
Rachel MacKenney 24th 11:02
Hattie Logan 49th 12:14

Under 13 Boys 
Sam Terry 5th 8:22
William Henderson 10th 8:44
Noah Glanville 11th 8:46
Jake Wilks 30th 9:46
Lewis Littlewoods 36th 9:55
Sam Mason 37th 9:55
Will Terry 60th 10:49

Under 15 Boys
Charlie Phillips 3rd 8:37
Josh Wraith 11th 8:54
Tom Wraith 16th 9:07
Peter Cook 22nd 9:35
Ben Dowsett 25th 9:43
Callum Wilkinson 38th 10:06

U11 Girls (Fun Run) 
Jessica Peart 6th 6:48
Alexandra Jardine 12th 7:01
Grace Carter 19th 7:13
Isla Lowery 35th 7:43
Sophia Young 43rd 8:08
Eloisa Wilkes 55th 8:43

U11 Boys (Fun Run)
William Jardine 3rd 6:11
William Cook 31st 6:57
Arron Pickering 42nd 7:11
Dan Askey 52nd 7:24
Harry Mason 66th 7:36

Senior Men
Dan Garbutt 4th 31:58 (1st finisher from slow pack)
Rob Everson 24th 34:38
Robin Linten 28th 34:53
David Cross 35th 35:16
Francisco Martinez-Sevilla 63rd 37:13
Joshua Erlebach 82nd 38:00
Jonathan Urwin 194th 46:02

Veteran Men
Rob Hand 55th 38:33
Kevin Knight 112th 40:59
Rob Garbutt 142nd 42:20
Kit Erlebach 268th 49:11
Tony McNeill 288th 50:12

Senior Women
Clare Higgins 30th 29:14
Catherine Gough 34th 29:20
Katie Palethorpe 60th 32:38
Brian Brown 101st (o/70) Veteran 38.28

Veteran Women
Rachel Terry 35th 29:41
Angela Hall 31:24
Sarah Cook 217th 36:53
Mandy Jardine 220th 37:01
Christine Woods 167th 35:04 (3rd o/60)
Liz Lamb 178th 35:35
Lynne Carruthers 35.54

Harrier League round-up – a fine victory for Dan!