Cameron’s Thomas and Allan lead the Harriers home in GNR
Durham had their two Cameron’s leading the way in this years Great North Run –¬†Cameron Thomas was first in action in the Junior GNR on Saturday on the Quayside over a 4K course for both boys and girls competing in their different age group categories. On overall times Cameron Thomas (u/17) was 1st counter for the Boys and Freya Gibson (u/13) 1st for the Girls. Full results of our Club runners who ran signalling their respective times were as follows: Cameron Thomas 13.39, Sam Gibson (u/15) 13.42, Charlie Phillips (u/15) 14.04,¬† Alfie Phillips (u/17) 14.17, William McKenna (u/15) 15.20, Callum Wilkinson (u/15)17.26, Travis Anderson (u/13) 17.34,Gabriel McCall (u/15) 17.47, Freya Gibson (u/13 ) 18.07, Sam Mason (u/11) 19.10, Laura Hopper (u/17) 19.25, Alex Delaney (u/15)¬† 20.13, Sarah Davidson (u/13) 20.27, Tanya Patel (u/13 ) 20.38, Anna Dale (u/11) 21.56, Meera Young (u/11) 23.08, Robyn Delaney (u /11) 23.39.

Earlier on the Saturday was the Great North 5k which featured 3 runners from the Club, William Morgan-Rippon (u/20) recording 19.40, Olivia Fawcett (u/15) 24.31, and Tammy Cook (v/40) 41.53.

Onto the Great North Run which this year saw the legendary Brendan Foster fire the gun to get things underway as he was the man whose brainchild it was to stage this now world famous Half Marathon back in 1981. Once again, Mo Farah stole the show as he celebrated his 4th consecutive win, a fantastic achievement, whilst the tens of thousands of runners followed to reach their goals, and others to raise money for their respective charities. Cameron Allan was our 1st counter, who incidentally won a Bronze Medal in last year’s Junior GNR and was therefore making his debut in the Senior Race and once again had a fine run finishing a highly placed 183rd and recording a very good time of 1.20.35. Full results of our other Club’s athletes were as follows; Alex Cook 1.23.24,Alastair McCall 1.34.43, Gemma Soulsby 1.36.05, Steve Martin 1.36.59, Robert McCormack 1.46.14, Mike Dann 1.52.14, Alan Patrickson 1.52.44, Sean Bowden 1.53.48, Karen Jones 1.54.17, Dionne Hamil 1.55.08, Tony McNeil 1.55.41, Paul Ginsberg 1.57.59, David Coxon 2.02.12, Katie Palethorpe 2.02.50, Graeme Draper 2.06.10, Chandrakant Patel 2.07.06, Kakinder Sidhu 2.07.50, Alice Hopper 2.07.50, Lisa Spriggs 2.08.07, Rod Wilkinson 2.09.43, Grace Tindale 2.11.24, Femke Nauschutz 2.12.09, Stephen Griffin 2.13.43, Jill Humble 2.14.34, Paul Lumsdon 2.15.14, Jacqueline Toase 2.22.21, Tracey Humphrey 2.31.08, Kim Bailey 2.38.28, Tammy Cook 2.45.35, Alexandra Ingram 2.52.16, Sarah Grimes 2.57.24, Paula Wear 3.01.15, Karen Jones 3.23.10.

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