Episode six of club record improvement!
Competing in the UK Womens Athletic League (Premier Division) match at Hendon, London last Saturday (6th August) Samantha Coleby further improved the DCH club record for 800m with a time of 2:07.84. Samantha finished third behind 2016 England Champion Sarah McDonald and 2016 UK Indoor Championships silver medalist Leah Barrow.
Starting as a novice at 800m late last winter Samantha’s training has erred on the side of caution as she took a gradual, progressive approach to finding out what training suits her at a new event for her. The fact that she started the year with a 2:13 effort indoors and has since set PB’s on six occasions since then suggests that taking a modest approach has enabled her to learn about the event and the training required. Hopefully this knowledge will enable her to step up a gear in her training over next winter and into 2017 as she tries to eventually dip below the 2:05 bench mark for respectability at national level.
Samantha sets new 800m Club Record