DCH Juniors Division2S winners2
The City Juniors won the 4th N.E.Youth Development League final Track & Field Match at Darlington with a tremendous Team victory which guarantees them promotion into Division 1. Durham have finished top in all 4 fixtures and this match scored 647 points with their nearest rivals Houghton scoring 537points. Final standings and points were as follows :
Durham (1st) 2294, Houghton (2nd) 1995, Birtley (3rd) 1768, Chester-le- Street (4th) 1677, Richmond & Zetland (5th) 1207, Sedgefield (6th) 622.
Full results of the final fixture by the victorious Durham team were as follows:
Boys (u/13)
(100m) A Sean Davies 2nd 13.9. B Travis Anderson 1st 14.3. Non Scorer William Palmer- Mutitt 15.5.
(200m) A Travis Anderson 2nd 30.3. B Thomas Hambleton 2nd 33.3.
(800m) A Thomas Hambleton 4th 2.46.
(1500m) A Peter Cook 1st 4.59. Thomas Wraith 1st 5.02. N/S Joshua Wraith 5.06. Luke Hamil 5.29.
(75M Hurdles) A Tom Horsfield 3rd 16.7.
Relay  4 x 100m (1st) 61.4.
(Long Jump) A Sean Davies 1st 3.99m. B Tom Horsfield 1st 3.76m pb. N/S William Palmer-Mutitt 3.62m
(High Jump) (A) Tom Horsfield (2nd) 1.15m (pb) (B) Thomas Hambleton (1st) 1.15m 
(Javelin) (A) William Palmer-Mutitt (4th) 17.38m (B) Luke Hamil (2nd) 16.13m. N/S Travis Anderson 12.67m.    
Girls (u/13)
(100 m) (A) Olivia Fawcett (3rd) 15.1.
(200m) (A) Bronwen Smith (2nd) 32.0
(800m) (A) Emily Salmon (2nd) 2.33 (B) Olivia Fawcwtt (2nd) 2.46.
(Long Jump) (A) Emily Salmon (1st) 4.15m (B) Olivia Fawcett (4th) 3.03m.
(High Jump) (A) Bronwen Smith (1st) 1.32m (B) Emily Salmon(1st) 1.20m.            
Boys (u/15)
(100m) (A) Joshua Bishop(1st) 12.7 (B) Tyler Thomas (1st) 12.9. N/S Daniel McLaughlin 13.7. Charlie Bishop 28.2
(200m) (A) Tyler Thomas (1st) 25.9. (B) Oliver Taylor (1st) 27.2. N/S Charlie Bishop 28.2. Daniel McLaughlin 28.9.
(300m) (A) Joshua Bishop (1st) 41.2 (B) Moses Hung (1st) 44.5.
(800m) (A) Moses Hung (2nd) 2.20 (B) Oliver Taylor (1st) 2.23.
(1500m (A) Sam Gibson (2nd) 4.45. (B) Izaack Taylor (2nd) 5.03.
Relay (4x100m) (1st) 51.2
(Long Jump) (A) Joshua Bishop (1st) 4.96m.(B)James Thornton(1st)4.63. N/S Daniel McLaughlin 4.29m.
(High Jump) (A) Oliver Taylor (1st) 1.50m (B) Charlie Bishop (1st) 1.30m(pb)
(Javelin) (A) Chris Milburn (1st) 28.00m (B) James Thornton(1st) 24.44m.(Hammer (A) Chris Milburn(1st 20.77m(pb)(B)James Thornton(1st)15.99m
(Shot) (A) Chris Milburn (1st) 9.17m.
Girls (u/15)  
(100m) (A) Tia Anderson (1st) 13.4.
(200m) (A) Tia Anderson (1st) 28.0. (B) Sadie Hibbert (3rd) 31.6.
(300m) (A) Jennifer Taylor (1st) 43.3 
(800m) (A) Jennifer Taylor (1st) 2.30. 
(1500m)(A) Rina Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka (2nd) 5.44. 
Relay (4x100m) ((2nd) 57.4
(Javelin) (A) Caitlin Tomkins (5th) 12.38m. 
(Discus) (A) Jenny Grehan-Bradley (3rd) 13.58.
(Shot) (A) Tia Anderson (5th) 6.14m (B) Caitlin Tomkins (2nd) 5.89m.
Boys (u/17)    
(100m) (A) Gabriel Tallara (2nd) 12.2
(800m) (A) Luke Pickering (1st) 2.14.
(1500m) (A) Ben Horsfield (1st) 4.25 (B) Ryan Watson (1st) 4.31. N/S Joshua Erlebach 4.51.
Long Jump (A) Zak Renwick(2nd) 5.79m pb. (B) Gabriel Tallara (1st) 5.61m pb.
High Jump (A) Zak Renwick (1st) 1.58m pb.
Triple Jump (A) Zak Renwick (1st) 11.79m.
Shot (A) Luke Pickering (2nd) 7.23m pb.
Girls (u/17)    
100m (A) Charlotte Boyle (1st) 13.6.(B) Savannah Lloyd (1st) 13.7.
200m (A) Charlotte Boyle (1st) 28.9.
300m (A) Lizzie Cramb (1st) 43.9.
800m (A) Lizzie Cramb (1st) 2.23. (B) Bridget Bradshaw (1st) 2. 31.
80m Hurdles (A) Lauren Donaghy (1st) 16.5
Relay  4x 100m  (1st)  55.4.
Long Jump (A) Savannah Lloyd (2nd) 4.57m. 
Javelin (A) Lauren Donaghy (1st) 8.63m.
Discus (A) Lauren Donaghy (2nd) 15.19m.pb.
Shot  (A) Savannah Lloyd (2nd) 7.63m. (B) Lizzie Cramb 5.39m. pb.
City Junior Athletes promoted as Champions