Joasia’s superb Marathon run in Poland

Veteran ultra distance and marathon runner Joasia Zakrzewski (o/40) received a late invitation to run in the Krakow Marathon in Poland, only 6 weeks after her success in the Limasol Marathon where she ran a very good time of 2hrs 47mins 23secs. On this occasion it was in heavy rain over the 2 lap course which was flooded in parts and again Joasia produced yet another superb performance, even after being tripped and falling just after the start of the Race. After going through the Half Marathon in a brisk 1:21:20 she realised that was a shade too quick and eased off the pace, going on to finish 30th overall and 4th Lady behind 1 Kenyan and 2 Ethiopian runners, 1st (over 40 veteran) and 1st European, recording an excellent time of 2:45:19.


In Match 1 of the North of England T & F League at Jarrow (Div 3E) there were some fine performances by our athletes despite having to cover as many of the events as is possible to gain points for the Club.  There is great rivalry and camaraderie amongst the Clubs competing in the League. Full results of the City Athletes were as follows:

Senior Men A (n/s) B Gabriel Tallara 11.9pb
Sen Women A Charlotte Boyle 4th 11.9pb B Natalie Mulholland (vet) 2nd 13.1pb

Senior Men A Oliver Taylor 6th 25.7pb B Jason Catterall (vet) 5th 26.6
Sen Women A  Sophie Wood 1st 25.3  B  Jacqui Hodgson (vet) 28.6

Senior Men A Timothy Tetlow 1st 51.2. B Jason Catterall  59.3
Sen Women A Lizzie Cramb 1st 63.3 B Jacqui Hodgson  64.1

Sen Men A William Morgan-Rippon 3rd 2.12.7pb B Jason Catterall 2nd 2.19.1
Sen Women A Emma Toogood 1st 2.28.0 B Laura Hopper 5th 3.05.2pb

Sen Men A James Askew 1st 4.21.1 B Rob Everson 1st 4.24.5
Senior Women A Laura Hopper 4th B Lucy Walker 5th 6.22.6

Senior Women A Diane Wood (vet) 13.43.3pb B Alexandra Ingram 4th 17.03.3

Sen Men A Rob Eaton 2nd 15.56.7 B Cameron Allan 2nd 16.26.

400m H
Sen Men A Chris Milburn 2nd 67.4pb B Paul Donaghy (vet) 2nd 81.7

DCH Relay Teams
Sen Men 4x100m 49.0 (1st), 4x400m 3.51.7 (1st) 3.51.7.
Senior Women 4x100m 55.1 (2nd), 4x400m 4.33.7 (1st) 4.33.7.

High Jump
Sen Men A Oliver Taylor 3rd 1.60m
Sen Women A Lauren Donaghy 6th 1.15m

Pole Vault 
Sen Men A  Chris Milburn 1st 2.50m

Long Jump
Sen Men A Gabriel Tallara 2nd 5.22m B Oliver Taylor 2nd 5.19m pb
Sen Women A Isabell Thornton 3rd 4.33m B Lauren Donaghy 2nd 3.50m

Triple Jump
Sen Men A Chris Milburn 1st 10.84m B Greg Venyo 1st 9.66m
Sen Women A Isabell Thornton 2nd 8.33m B Natalie Mulholland 1st 8.02m

Shot Putt 
Sen Men A Paul Donaghy 4th 7.26m B Greg Venyo 3rd 6.94m
Sen Women A Jacquie Robson (vet) 2nd 9.18m B Lauren Donaghy 2nd 6.32m pb

Sen Men A Josh Peel 4th 20.98m pb B Paul Donaghy 2nd 19.51m
Sen Women A Jacquie Robson 3rd 19.84m B Lauren Donaghy 4th 13.71m

Senior Men A Paul Donaghy 4th 19.12m pb

Senior Men A Josh Peel 1st 39.55m B Greg Venyo 5th 12.19m
Sen Women A Alexandra Ingram 6th 8.23m

After a hard fought competition the final match result was as follows: Wallsend/Blyth (combined) 1st 387 points, Blaydon/Elswick (combined) 2nd 368 points, Richmond &  Zetland 3rd 341 points, Durham City 4th 329 points, New Marske  5th 246 points, Jarrow & Hebburn 6th 242 points.

Athletics Report