Hi All,

There are 2 events this winter/spring for 1st claim Durham Harriers.

Details of these can be found below.

If you are interested in running these then please contact me at: swmarathon@yahoo.co.uk


Steve Walker
Road Running Captain

12.00 Noon, Saturday 14th February at Hetton Lyons Country Park

There are 2 events:

12.00 noon 4 Leg Relay:
Senior Women
Veteran Women (over 35)
Veteran men (over 50)

1.15 p.m. 6 Leg relay:
Senior men
Veteran Men (over 40)

N.B. Seniors must be at least 15 on the day of the race.

Each leg is 3.6Km (2 laps of the 1.8Km cycle track)

If you wish to run please e-mail me on: swmarathon@yahoo.co.uk
NO LATER than Saturday 24th January 2015

Teams will only be entered if there is sufficient demand. Please state which event you prefer to run.

11.00 am Saturday 28th March at SEFTON PARK, LIVERPOOL

There are 2 events:
Women 6 stage 6 X 5Km approx.
Men 12 stage Long legs 6 X 8-9Km
Plus Short legs 6 X 5 Km approx

In the Men’s event Long and Short legs are run alternate.

This is Not an Elite event. Many clubs have 40min+ 10k/20min+ 5K Men and 24min+ Women in their ranks.

N.B. Runners for both relays must be at least 17 on the day of the race.

If you wish to run the Northern events please email me on: swmarathon@yahoo.co.uk
NO LATER than Sat. 28th February 2015

Accommodation and travel subsistence is available for this event.

Should the Men qualify for the National Relays (top 30 teams were eligible in 2014) this will be held at Sutton Coldfield on 12th April 2015.

In 2014, Women’s teams were eligible to compete in The National Relays irrespective of running the Regional Relays. If you wish to run this event please let me know (Date of event 12th April 2015)

2015 Road Relay Championships