Cathedral Relays

Cathedral Relays

The 2016 Cathedral Relays will be held on Sunday 17th January

The Cathedral Relays is a cross country running event for teams of 3 runners, each runner completing two laps of a fast, mainly flat grass course. Each leg is 3km approx. There are separate races for veteran men (ages 35 years and over), senior and veteran women (veteran women ages 35 years and over) and senior men. Competitors must be 16 years of age or over on 31st August of the year prior to the year of the event. The event incorporates the North East Masters Athletics Association Open Relay Championships.

The 2016 Event will be run on a slightly changed course which will be posted here shortly.

To see the Location of the event in Durham City click here

Click 2016 CathRels_ jan2016 Prospectus  for the 2016 Entry Form and information

The programme is the same each year, with the first event, the veteran men’s relay, starting at 10.15am. The senior and veteran women’s relay starts at 10.55am and the senior men’s race is at 11.35am. Race HQ is Durham University Cricket Pavilion. There are prizes for the first three senior men’s and women’s teams, the first veteran men’s and women’s team by 10 year age band and fastest leg prizes by 5 year age band.

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Event cancelled due to snow and ice on course

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