Cathedral Relays

Cathedral Relays

The 2018 Cathedral Relays will be held on Sunday 14th January. This is a cross-country running event for teams of 3 runners, with each runner completing two laps of a fast, mainly flat, grass course. Each leg is approx. 3000m in total. The event will take place on the University’s Playing Fields behind the Maiden Castle Sports Centre (DH1 3SE).  The Start/Finish area will be positioned on the field immediately across the wooden footbridge that leads from the Sports Centre/Boathouse to the playing fields. Toilets and refreshments will be available in the Sports Centre.

The event includes 3 races:
1: Veteran Men (35+)
2: Senior Women/Veteran Women (35+)
3: Senior Men

Races 1 and 2 incorporate the NEMAA Championships for registered runners. An extensive prize list is available across age categories.

Competitors must be 16 years of age or over on 14th January 2018.

Download the race prospectus here.

PARKING: Parking at the Sports Centre is available for race officials, marshalls, helpers and those dropping off club tents. All other athletes/supporters should park in the City as if using the original course – the new location is only a short distance further along the river from the Racecourse.

A map of the course is available here.

Past Results


Senior Men:CathRels18ProvisionalResultsSeniorMen(1)

Senior/Vet Women:CathRels18ProvisionalResultsSeniorMastersWomen(1)

Veteran Men: CathRels18ProvisionalResultsMastersMen


Senior Men:  CathRels2017SeniorMenFinalResults

Senior/Vet Women: CathRels2017SeniorMastersWomenFinalResults

Veteran Men: CathRels2017MastersMenFinalResults (2)


Senior Men: 2016CathRelsSenMenFinalResultsv3

Senior and Vets Women: 2016CathRelsSenMastWomenFinalResultsv3

Veteran Men: 2016CathRelsMastMenFinalResultsv2

Prize Lists:

Vets: CathRels16PrizesMastSummary

Seniors: CathRels16PrizesSenSummary


Senior Men: CathRels2015SMFinal

Senior /Vet Women: CathRels2015SVWFinal

Vet Men: CathRels2015VMFinal


Senior Men: 2014 Jan FinalResults Senior Men CompleteTeams

Vet Men: 2014 Jan Final results Vet Men Complete teams

Senior/Vet Women: 2014 Jan FinalResultsSenior and Vet Women CompleteTeams






Senior Women and Vets Results

Vets Men Results


Senior Men’s Results

Senior Vets Women’s Results

Prize List

VAANE Open Relay Championship Awards


Event cancelled due to snow and ice on course


2009 Senior Mens Results

2009 Womens Results

2009 Veteran Mens Results

2009 Prize List

2009 VAANE Open Relay Championship Awards


2008 Senior Mens Results

2008 Womens Results

2008 Veteran Mens Results

2008 Prize List

2008 VAANE Open Relay Championship Awards


2007 Senior Mens Results

2007 Womens Results

2007 Veteran Mens Results

2007 Prize List

2007 VAANE Open Relay Championship Awards


2006 Senior Mens Results

2006 Womens Results

2006 Veteran Mens Results

2006 Prize List

2006 VAANE Open Relay Championship Awards


2005 Senior Mens Results

2005 Womens Results

2005 Veteran Mens Results

2005 Young Athletes Results

2005 Prize List

2005 VAANE Open Relay Championship Awards


2004 Senior Mens Results

2004 Womens Results

2004 Veteran Mens Results

2004 Young Athletes Results


2002 Prize List

2002 VAANE Open Relay Championship Awards