Training Times and Sessions

An overview of club training sessions is provided below. Our main sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday at Maiden Castle Sports Centre. All groups meet by the shelters next to the track at the rear of the Centre from 18.30. The Senior Endurance training group start at ~18.45, with the Junior Grass and Middle/Long Distance groups starting at 7pm. Please contact the relevant coaches for more details regarding upcoming sessions.

Senior Training Sessions

There are 2 distinct types of senior training group within the club
• Development/Performance Groups
• Pure Performance Groups

Development/Performance Groups
As athletes mature and develop their coach will discuss next steps with them and determine to what degree and in what events they might want to specialise, to determine which development/performance group would be most appropriate to their needs.
There is some flexibility for athletes to balance their time training with different groups within this tier, however there will be one lead coach overseeing their progression.
These groups are more focused than the younger groups on preparing athletes for specific competitions, and according to preferences there may be a focus on delivering the best performances for the club in a league over a season, maximising the individual’s personal best performance, or achieving qualification and high performance in championship events, or some combination of the above.

Sprint Group (Clare Anderson, Jeff Anderson)
Age Range: 13-25 (occasionally older by arrangement).
Frequency of Training provided: 3-4 sessions per week
Numbers in group: 5-6 (aiming to grow).
Types of Activity/Events
This group is primarily focused on short sprints and hurdles
100/200/400/100 hurdles.

Middle Distance/XC group (Cian O’Rian, Pete Grimoldby, John Nash)
Age Range: 13-35 (generally under 25).
Frequency of Training provided: 2 sessions per week
Numbers in group: Variable depending on term time – up to 80
Types of Activity/Events
This group prepares athletes for participation in races of 800-5000m, and cross county/road race competitions.

Multi-Event Group (Chris Snook-Lumb)
Age Range: 13-80 (mainly 18+)
Frequency of Training provided: 4 sessions per week (with some gaps)
Numbers in group: <10
Types of Activity/Events
This is the multiple speciality route for more mature athletes who want to focus on specific events or pursue multi-eventing through to adulthood. It also offers a group for younger athletes who particularly want to try events not covered by any of the other groups (Hammer Throwing, Pole Vault).
Track up to 1500, All Jumps and Vaulting, All throws, multi-Eventing.
The balance of the work of this group across different events will be determined by the level of interest within the club for the specific events involved.

Pure Performance Groups
The title of these groups should not be off-putting, it simply means that these groups are for mature athletes who know what events they want to focus on, have core technique established and are focused on delivering the best performances they can in those events.
To express and interest in joining these groups, contact the lead coach

Senior Endurance Group (Rob Hewitson, and various Leaders in Running Fitness).
Age Range: 18-100
Frequency of Training provided: 2 sessions per week
Numbers in group: Approximately 80 members with 10-30 attending each session.
Types of Activity/Events
This group prepares athletes to perform to their best ability in Cross Country, Road, and Track races of any distance. Some members of the multi-event groups also join this group occasionally for run fitness and overall conditioning.

Strength and Conditioning Sessions

The Club has an established strength and conditioning programme, in association with the University, that seeks to support athletes’ development at all levels.

Progression to these sessions is subject to strict criteria set out by the Club. Athletes interested in taking part should speak with their coach in the first instance. Final judgement of athlete suitability lies in all cases with the S&C coach.

Please wear appropriate sports clothing for mixed age and gender group work. Clean training shoes are required in the gym.