Winter Handicap

The Winter Handicap runs each month from October to March and takes place on the second Tuesday of each month, with a 7.00pm start.

Results: (Beta)

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Scoring: Handicaps are then calculated on the basis of previous handicap runs or if none have been done, a time trial. The slowest runner will start first and the fastest runner last. Points are awarded to the first 20 finishers with first receiving 20 points down to one point for 20th position. Handicaps are reviewed after each race. The runner with the highest total after the last race will be the winner and will win the Winter Handicap Trophy.


Start at the Cock of the North roundabout. Along the cycletrack/pavement to the road sign pointing to St Cuthbert’s Hospice (1.2km to here). Turn around the sign and then retrace route to Cock of North roundabout (2.4km). Then round the sign and back to the blue cyclepath sign where the old lay by used to be (3.2km to here). Around this sign and back to finish at Cock of North roundabout – total Distance is appx 4km.

Map of route is here

Runners should wear hi-vis gear and read the risk assessment details below: