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The Senior Endurance Group is for those runners who like to train and race on roads, trails and cross country. We have a wide variety of abilities and basically there are three approximate groups

Group A – 19min  or quicker 5k :  Group B – 20-23min 5k   : Group C – 24-27min 5k

Groups meet beside the track at Maiden Castle on Tuesdays and Thursdays for appx 6.40pm.

New members are always welcome.

For any information about training with the senior endurance group please contact Gary at  or come down to Maiden Castle on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Group members are asked to read the documents on safety




Make your Training really count. Use this link to calculate your ideal training pace. Also –

Very Approximately: Interval is faster than 5k pace down to 3k pace. Tempo (threshold) is about your 10mile racing pace (or use the talk test-could talk but find it hard and don’t want to). Steady – can certainly talk in sentences and carry out a conversation but you may sometimes need breaks in the conversation to catch your breath. Easy – can talk without any problems.

For a bit more about ideal training zones then use this link      –    training zones[divider]

Warm Up – On summer evenings when the Session is based at Maiden Castle (usually Tuesdays) there will be a structured warm up at the start of the session. 


                                                                            Tip of the Month:

On a race route that has lots of road bends in it think about running the ‘Tangent’ to save you legs!


Thursday 5

Men v Women 4 Mile Handicap Race!

Once again we were terribly lucky with the weather and another great turn out and a lovely evening was had by all. Congratulations go to the men who win again, but the women have vowed vengence for next year! Thanks to all runners for turning up with a special thank you to Christine/Diane/Rob for being team captains and to Bob/Paul/Les for helping on the night.

The results are here- (updated, apologies to Alan for missing him out!)

Men v Women 2018 results


Tuesday 10

4 x 200m at fast pace with twice run time as recovery. Then

2 x (1min + 2min + 3min + 4min) recovery half run time. Recovery 3 mins after first set.

Thursday 12

Run Out: Dragonville/golf course/Sherburn – route is here

Alternative at Maiden Castle: On cycle track/grass.

  • Easy one mile warm up

1mile steady in same pace group then 400 faster pace on grass (steady run in same pace groups)

2miles steady in same pace group then 800 faster pace on grass

1mile steady in same pace group then 400 faster pace on grass

  • Then very easy cool down run

Tuesday 17

Grass: Interval session

5 x (2½m out + 2½m back). Recovery half the run time.

NB: if you’re doing the Durham 10k you can adapt this session to suit yourself


Thursday 19

All Groups: Progression run in Houghall Woods. 2 laps of appx 1.8miles. Run first lap at steady pace then try and maintain a tempo/hard pace for second lap. Total appx 6miles to include warm up and cool down easy run.

Tuesday 24

Shincliffe Hill Farm Hills.

5 x (90 seconds + 45 seconds).  Hard pace.

Thursday 26

Mile High Challenge

‘The Mile High Hill Challenge Run  2017-18    Leg 5


Easy warm up/run out to the Honest Lawyer pub on the A167 towards Croxdale (it’s 3 miles to this point by the road). Be there for 7.20pm. Then individuals set off every 20 seconds and do a 1 mile time trial up to the Cock of the North Roundabout on the Cycle track. (it’s actually just over a mile at 1760metres.

Best Age Graded each run gets a limited edition dch glass. There will be a trophy for the overall series winner based on best age graded average over 4 best runs. See bottom of Senior Endurance Webpage all results from the last two years.


Tuesday 31

July Handicap. Over the bridge for 7.05pm start.






Thursday 29

Moving the Handicap to the Thursday before Easter may not have been the best idea as turnout was seriously down. However 8 runners toed the line and ran hard on this last run along the A167. The worthy winner of course was Sim who had a big lead coming into the race. Well done to Dave for pushing him to the end. Thanks to all who have assisted over the cold and dreary months since October, it’s been brilliant but roll on summer…..

The times for the night are as follows (note the extra accuracy)

Kit 22.39.73   Katie  22.41.48   Sim 22.54.91  Dave 23.03.30  Shaun 23.33.12  Mike 23.36.66  Ken 23.42.54  Mark  25.13.58

Thanks to Andy Biggs for the results service which is terrific.

Summary of Mile High Challenge runs so far:

NB: Fastest Time Record still held by Wout at 6:04

Monthly Glass Winners 2015 Monthly Glass Winners 2016
October Bob Hewitson Rob Hand     2017=S.Hamill
December Wout Diane Wood 2017= K.Knight
February Alan Rowell Davy White 2018 C Woods
April Steve Everett Derek McGirl 2018 M Walker
June Kirstin Les Philips
Overall Series Winner Kirstin (average 62.48%) Lynne (average 60%)


Mile High Challenge Run 2017-18

May Leg Four (one left to go)

A super turn out on a pretty good night for running. Welcome to all the new starters doing this uphill mile for the first time. Again remember the age grading is for a flat course so it’ll always be on the low side. But if you do these runs regularly you’ll see how you’re going as well as getting a good workout. Congratulations to Matt for winning the ‘Glass’ for the best age graded time (Stephen and Chris have won before). Cracking time and only 13 seconds from Wout’s record. Many thanks to Stephen for helping at the finish and also to Bob.

Any errors please get back to me and I’ll try to sort.


Mile High May 2018
Net time % Age Graded
Hamil Stephen 6.42 59.93
Coxon Dave 8.00 51.77
Draper Graeme 9.43 40.40
Hamil Dionne 9.30 48.73
Van Dreven Femke 10.01 48.51
Hackett Simon 8.03 53.12
Martin Steven 7.28 52.57
Woods Chris 9.15 61.71
Reay Stuart 9.01 51.16
White Davy 8.56 57.44
Walker Matt 6.17 59.33
Horsfield Sim 8.32 50.52
Burford John 8.04 52.16
Erelbach Kit 8.08 50.13
Phillips Les 7.50 57.87
Walker Byron 7.14 53.04
Dann Mike 8.19 52.26
Hight Chris 7.31 49.36
Smith Mark 8.15 44.97
Foster Andrew 8.02 46.72
Kenyon Mike 8.16 51.31


March Leg Three

A good turnout considering the weather. Well done all. Remember it’s an uphill mile! so the age grading seems lower than it should be. Congrats to Christine on winning the glass! Two more runs before August to complete the series.

Time Age Grading
Steve Martin 7.36 51.65
Paul Lumsdon 9.01 45.58
Simon Hackett 8.27 50.61
Ken Bradshaw 8.20 53.94
Davy White 8.55 57.55
Chris Woods 9.51 57.95
John Burford 8.35 49.02
Ruth Bentley 8.23 50.02
Mark Smith 9.30 39.05
Sim Horsfield 9.15 46.60
Dionne Hamil 9.51 46.45

December Leg Two

Not a bad turnout on a chilly December night. Again thanks to Bob for his help with the organisation. Close at the end but Kevin Knight wins the coveted glass with a fine run – Davy has won before.

Time Age Graded
Matt ? 6.41 57.06
Kevin Knight 7.14 57.26
Paul Ginsberg 7.54 47.08
Andrew Forster 8.02 46.72
Catherine ? 8.02 52.20
John Burford 8.20 50.09
Katie Palethorpe 8.47 47.74
Davy White 8.53 57.76
John Spoors 9.00 41.44
Alan Rowell 9.16 54.09
Diane Wood 9.28 54.72
Sim Horsfield 9.37 44.83

October Leg One

Final Results of the October ‘Mile High’. There are a couple of gaps I still need to fill in. Once that’s done I’ll confirm the glass winner for the month. Stephen Hamill wins (Derek has won before)

Net Time % Age Graded
Derek McGirl 6.49 63.24
Stephen Hamill 6.50 58.76
Matthew 6.55 55.51
Kevin Knight 7.03 58.75
Peter Harrison 7.03 56.95
Pouya 7.15 51.57
Andrew Foster 7.26 50.49
Chris 7.26 50.3
Gemma Soulsby 7.28 56.45
Steve Martin 7.32 51.73
Rob Garbutt 7.42 56.45
John Brunton 7.55
Ella Harcrow 8.18 50.52
Angela Hall 8.25
Paul Lumsden 8.26 48.35
Stuart Reay 9.00 50.81
Lynne Carruthers 9.04 60.32
Gavin 9.11 41.27
Dionne Hamill 9.25 48.59
Christine Woods 9.39 58.3

Provisional times are here. Age Graded to follow.

Derek McGirl 6.49
Stephen Hamill 6.50
Matthew 6.55
Kevin Knight 7.03
Peter Harrison 7.03
Pouja 7.15
Andrew Foster 7.26
Chris 7.26
Gemma Soulsby 7.28
Steve Martin 7.32
Rob Garbutt 7.42
John Brunton 7.55
Ella Harcrow 8.18
Angela Hall 8.25
Paul Lumsden 8.26
Stuart Reay 9.00
Lynne Carruthers 9.04
Gavin 9.11
Dionne Hamill 9.25
Christine Woods 9.39








[divider] Men v Women 4 mile Handicap Race:
Men v Women June 13 2017      Once again we were blessed with a really beautiful evening for running. That’s two years in a row it’s been sunny and warm. I’m sure that everyone appreciates the move of this race from January to June although maybe some of you are nostalgic for that snow we had for the first of these races. This year and last the support for this social, but highly competitive run, has been tremendous – with numbers up from last year by 10% to the grand total of 34 toeing the line this year. Many thanks to all of you. It was a really enjoyable evening and also very closely fought with everyone really giving it their all. The Men’s Team eventually won the team event and now lead the series 2-1. I’m sure the Women’s Team are plotting their revenge! The fastest runners on the night were Peter Harrison and Kim Simpson. A small prize coming your way. Hopefully the category prizes were all given out. I’ve a few left over so if any mistakes sorry and get in touch. There are times given on the results below but if you recorded your own time use that as it’ll perhaps be more accurate.Thanks to Diane for masterminding the Women’s Team and Bob for sorting out the Men. Also thanks to Stuart for doing the marshalling and Rob for the supervision of the course. Also thanks to everyone who provided the lovely grub and Bob for the water bottles.
Men v Women results 2017
Mile High Challenge 2016-17
July (the final run of the Series)

Well that’s it for another year. Congratulations to all who have attempted this hard uphill mile over the last ten months. There have been loads of Senior Endurance runners who have slogged up to the Cock of the North Roundabout through all sorts of weather – if you’re one of them then you’ll be able to chart your progress by looking at the tables below. But always remember that the Age Grading doesn’t show the fact that it’s an uphill mile! It was a lovely night for running – if only it could be like this in October or December. Major thanks to Bob for the work done at the start each time.In the end there was a clear winner to the whole series with the best four results counting. Well done to Lynne who at the end had an Age Grading average over the four best runs of 60%. Next was Davy with 57.62% and then Diane with 57.01%. But congrats to everyone who participated and made this event possible. The ‘glass’ for best age grading on the night goes to Les (Rob H,Lynne,Davy are previous winners and can’t win again).That’s it till October. However the hill’s always there if you fancy having a practice…………….

Rob Hand 7.00 63.13
Lynne Carruthers 8.42 62.00
Davy White 8.38 59.44
Les Philips 7.38 58.88
Rob Garbutt 7.27 58.34
Diane Wood 8.55 57.34
Steven Hamil 7.11 55.90
Ken Bradshaw 8.10 54.58
Shaun Day 7.56 53.90
Steve Martin 7.34 51.50
Dionne Hamil 9.19 49.11
Paul Lumsdon 8.34 47.60


Here are the results for the late running April event. Well done to all. Not a bad night for it. Remember that it’s a very small fraction over a mile but it’s uphill so don’t expect the age graded to be what you are used to on the flat. First age graded was Derek – well done. Only one run left in the series – best average age graded over 4 efforts wins the coveted prize. Wout’s 6.04 record stands for another month. Can it be beaten?

Net Time Age Graded
Simon G 6.52 60.31
Derek 6.59 61.73
Dave G 7.07 59.60
Pouya 7.29 49.97
Paul G 7.47 47.79
Kit E 8.19 49.03
Steve M 8.20 46.76
Simon H 8.28 50.10
Dave C 8.45 46.96
Stuart R 8.47 52.06
Davy W 8.50 57.38
Diane W 8.59 56.91
Dionne H 9.06 50.28
Angela H 9.07 46.81
Paul L 9.11 44.40
Lynne C 9.17 58.10
Sim H 9.22 45.65


Another super turnout on a pretty good night for running. If you’ve done this run over the months you’ll be able to check back and see the progress in the results below! Best age graded on the night was Kirstin with another great run but as she and Lynne (next) have already won the ‘glass’ the winner tonight goes to Davy with a class effort. Another two to go to complete the series and the best age grading over 4 races will win the overall trophy. Wout’s time still the fastest at 6.04. Will it fall next month? Again many thanks to Bob for doing starter.

Name Net Time Age Graded
Ian ? 7.13 51.46
Kirstin F 7.16 66.87
Pouya 7.18 51.07
Rob G 7.38 56.48
Gemma S 7.38 55.09
Paul G 7.38 48.72
Steve M 7.45 50.94
Mike K 7.51 54.92
Jon 8.00 53.02
Jan 8.12 51.28
Dave C 8.13 50.01
Jack 8.24 44.18
Davy W 8.42 58.26
Paul L 8.44 46.69
Dionne 8.49 51.30
Lynne C 8.50 61.06
Diane W 8.57 57.12
Simon H 8.59 47.21
Stuart R 9.02 50.18
Simon H 9.08 46.02



Well done to all finishers. The glass goes to Diane with a fine run. Lynne who had top % has already won one!

Any major errors please get back to me.

Mile High December 2016
Net time age grade
Simon 7.31 54.24
Pouya 7.52 47.39
John 8.07 51.03
Shaun 8.37 49.22
Paul L 9.02 45.14
Diane 9.07 56.08
Davy 9.09 55.40
Lynne 9.10 58.84
Stuart 9.28 47.89
Christine 10.00 55.47


A huge turn out. Biggest yet I think. Well done to all and a particular welcome to the first timers. Results from last year still here so you can compare – but you’ll also be able to see how you go over the course of this year. Fastest time Steve Everett but as he’s already won the glass before it goes to next in which was Rob Hand! Thanks to Bob and to Peter who helped with the timing. Any mistakes which are obvious please get back to me. Remember that the age graded % is based on a flat mile so it’s really only useful for relative purposes.

Net Time  Age Grade
Steve E 6.24 69.05
Peter H 6.52 58.03
Rob H 7.10 61.15
Christian 7.17 51.34
Paul G 7.28 49.73
Simon 7.28 54.61
Steve M 7.54 48.96
Les 7.55 56.78
Jan 8.19 50.56
Shaun 2 8.19 50.19
Paul L 8.25 48.07
Ian M 8.33 51.69
Shaun 8.34 49.51
John 8.40 47.79
Kit 8.54 45.81
Diane 9.04 55.66
Dionne 9.06 49.70
Simon 9.06 46.61
Stuart 9.19 48.66
Katie 9.26 44.45
Christine 9.42 56.38

Men v Women 2016

Results are below. Congratulations and well done to all who came along and made this a very enjoyable evening.

Congratulations to the winning women’s team and all the other prizewinners.

(any errors please email/message me-Gary)

Men v Women 2016
Gross time Net time
Kirstin 30.26 27.11
Kelly 31.15 28.50
Emma 31.42 26.52
Paul D 32.14 25.49
Elwyn 32.46 30.21
Christine 33.09 32.19
Davy 33.15 32.25
Lynne 33.22 32.32
Bob 33.29 27.54
Liz 33.43 32.53
Julia 33.51 30.36
Niall 34.05 27.40
Sam 34.19 30.19
Andy 34.28 27.13
Graeme 34.35 29.00
Diane 34.38 32.13
Les 34.49 29.14
Dave H 34.59 25.24
Dave C 35.25 28.10
Rachel 35.34 29.09
Mike 36.00 28.45
Gemma 36.14 29.49
Sarah C 36.55 32.55
Mac 37.18 34.53
Steve 37.30 27.55
Anne 37.40 32.50
Stuart 37.50 32.15
Fred 38.29 38.29
Kit 39.26 31.26
Paul L 39.57 31.57
Sarah 40.38 34.13

Mile High Challenge Run -August 2015-June 2016

Well that’s it for the series that began last August and many thanks to all who have come along and supported this time trial through good and bad weather and in darkness and in light! In amongst the nights needing an umbrella I think there were a few pleasant evenings. Overall there were a stack of people who congregated every other month outside the Honest Lawyer for the long pull of just over one mile to the Cock of the North roundabout. Great running by everyone and you are able to now see how you have fared over the whole year in the results below. A particular mention and thanks to Bob who has helped out each month with the send off at the bottom of the hill. Tremendous support.

The fastest time for an ascent was recorded by Wout who ran 6.04 back in October. He’s really wasted in the Netherlands! The highest age grading over the whole year was achieved by Steve Everett who managed 67.08% back in February. Kirstin ran all six time trials. Brilliant.

Five glasses have been won so far over the year and the glass for June goes to Lynne. Remember nobody can win a glass more than once.

When it comes to the overall series winner (best average % over best four runs) the runaway winner was Kirstin who averaged an age grading of 62.48%. Her six results were 57.00/59.99/61.14/61.66/63.43/63.71. Super effort and thoroughly deserved.

Results for June (apologies in advance for any errors)

Name Net Time %  Age Graded
Kirstin 7.32 63.71
Lynne 8.57 59.45
Peter 6.43 59.33
Les 7.39 58.26
Diane 8.44 57.05
Christine 9.44 56.99
Davy 8.50 56.74
Rob 7.48 54.82
Ken 8.38 51.11
Stuart 9.01 50.28
Dave C 8.08 50.13
Mike K 8.22 47.99
Paul L 8.52 45.63

Mile High Challenge Run April 2016

Congratulations to the 14 runners and helper Bob Hewitson on the fifth and penultimate run for the year. Well done to Kirstin who wins the glass! Next one will be in June when the overall winner for the year will be decided on the best average age grading for the best 4 runs completed.

Name Real Time % Age graded
Kirstin 7.34 63.43
Lynne 8.57 59.45
Niall 7.33 58.77
Les 7.50 56.90
Andy 7.24 56.41
Chris W 9.56 55.84
Diane 9.14 54.66
Ken 8.07 54.45
Dionne 8.57 50.53
Dave C 8.04 50.16
Steve 8.00 48.35
Stuart 9.23 48.31
Paul 9.07 45.43
Kit 8.58 45.13

Mile High Challenge Run February 2016

Congratulations to the 13 runners who turned up on a very pleasant February evening outside the Honest Lawyer Hotel. Maybe some time we should venture into the bar….

Well the glass this time went to first timer Steve Everett with a really fast run up to the Cock of the North which has only been bettered by 2 others since August. Steve clocked 6.32 and gave him %67.08 age graded and first place. Next was Kirstin and then Davy. Well done to all and thanks to Bob for helping out. By June we will have run 6 of these time trials and there will be an overall trophy for the best overall average age graded % over at least four runs. If anyone runs 5 or 6 then they can pick their four best scores.

Next run will be in April hopefully in daylight.

Name Net time Age Graded
Steve Ev 6.32 67.08
Kirstin 7.47 61.66
Davy 8.40 57.83
Emma T 7.26 57.73
Diane 8.57 56.39
Rachel 8.01 52.31
Jan 8.06 51.83
Niall 7.28 56.35
Stuart 9.27 47.56
Dave C 8.41 46.96
Steve M 8.08 46.89
Kit 9.05 44.55
Paul 9.19 43.43


Mile High Challenge Run December 2015

Congratulations to the hardy 9 runners who braved the elements and many thanks to Bob for helping out at the start. Once again the age % has to be treated with caution as you need to factor in the uphill.  It was Mr Rowell’s night and he claimed the coveted DCH glass with a fine run. Again a number of personal bests were set. Well done all. The DCH glass can only be won once so the next race should be very interesting. Next run will be in February.

Name Time Age %
Les 7.36 58.15
Rachel 7.40 54.70
Rob G 7.42 55.53
Alan R 7.43 63.68
Kirstin 7.51 61.14
Ken 7.51 55.83
Tony 8.19 51.42
Dave C 9.10 44.48
Stuart 9.30 47.31

Mile High Challenge Run October 2015

16 Runners had a go at this hard uphill mile but the weather conditions were pretty near perfect. Congratulations to those who got a pb, Kirstin, Ken and Lynne. Once again the age % has to be treated with caution as you need to factor in the uphill. Still it’s the same for everyone. Last time Bob won the coveted DCH glass and this time it goes to Wout, no real surprise on the back of his fast run in the marathon. Congratulations. Don’t forget that you can only win one glass at this bi monthly event. The results are below.

Next one: December

Mile High Hill Challenge October 2015
Time Time
Wout 6.04 61.45
Christian 6.54 54.03
Mark P 7.16 51.06
Bob 7.58 56.42
Kirstin 8.00 59.99
Alan P 8.03 52.69
Ken 8.08 53.89
Alan R 8.10 60.17
Rob G 8.15 51.83
Ian M 8.16 53.02
Davy 8.30 58.97
Steve 8.44 43.97
Lynne 8.57 59.45
Diane W 9.00 55.36
Christine W 9.27 57.88
Stuart 10.00 44.95

Mile High Challenge Run August 2015

Congratulations to the 14 runners who had a go at this hill climb. The results are found in the table below. There were positive comments afterwards and the suggestion has been made by several that it might be an idea to repeat it at stages over the coming months to keep a check of progress being made. It’ll be certainly different in the dark of winter but it does come with no road crossings and is a pretty stiff climb of about 100m. The total distance of the timed effort is actually over a mile (appx 1.1miles) so the times and %’s need to be read with that in mind.

The winner of the Age Graded glass goes to Bob who just eased home ahead of Paul. The other glass went to the runner who performed best on the night as measured against their most recent parkrun pb (the lower the % the better). In this case congratulations to Sam.

Next time October?

Mile High Challenge Run August 2015
Net time % Age graded
John 6.40 59.00 na
Kevin 6.57 54.65 na
Paul 7.05 59.42 36.66
Bob 7.29 60.18 36.38
Mark 7.35 49.23 35.49
Rob 7.40 55.79 36.80
Dave 7.48 51.93 36.05
Sam 8.02 54.83 30.03
Graeme 8.02 55.06 36.82
Kirstin 8.04 57.00 36.44
Les 8.05 54.72 36.63
Megan 8.53 48.73 35.67
Lynne 9.00 55.49 na
Ken 11.19 38.76 37.30
na: couldn’t find recent parkrun