Summer Handicap 2019

Result of July 2019 Event

The results are now published as a news item, which should appear on the ‘Recent Posts’ list.

Handicaps for August 2019 event are as follows:

Graeme Draper0 0
Femke van Dreven12
Sam Watson140
Christine Woods229
Tegan X240
Paul Lancastle244
Victoria X258
Paul Lumsdon30
Ruth Bentley311
Lynne Carruthers314
Tony McNeill317
Lucy Walker319
Diane Wood319
Stuart Reay325
Dave Coxon331
Kit Erlebach341
John Burford347
Andy Cawdery40
Colin Cuthill47
Cian X48
Katie Palethorpe415
Chris Anderson417
Davy White422
Sim Horsfield429
Jennie Arthur437
Simon Hackett440
Bob Hewitson444
Ian Farmer447
Dionne Hamil453
Mike Dann458
Alan Rowell515
Hazel X518
Kelly Bentley522
Angela Hall524
Mike Kenyon545
Brook Abraha545
Tessa Young549
Jayne Fahey552
Mark Pickett559
John Richardson60
Andrew Wilson64
Les Phillips65
Ken Bradshaw614
Peter Telford619
Clare Higgens621
Gemma Bennett632
Doug Jardine635
Jonny Urwin637
Andrew Foster71
Jonathan Copestake75
Shaun Day711
Rachel Bentley729
Lee Cuthbert731
Harry Brierley732
Rob Garbutt735
Catherine Gough743
Andy Biggs745
Kim Simpson759
Steve Martin89
Stephen Roades839
Rob Hand858
Ed Contreras946
Stephen Hamil946
Ash Cockram105
Matthew Gwylim1010

[Previous results (back to 2011) are now archived here]