Youth Development of Athletes is gaining momentum!

In the NE Youth Development League (Division 2 South) T&F Meeting at Jarrow the DCH young athletes  produced some excellent performances throughout their various age categories which bodes well for the future should they continue in the sport as many Club members have successfully done over the years. Full results of our athletes were as follows:

Track Events; (100m) : U/15 Boys (A) Race Joshua Bishop 1st 13.3, (B) Race Charlie Bishop 1st 14.4. U/15 Girls (A) Tia Anderson (A) 1st 14.0, (B) Emily Barker 1st 14.6. U/17 Women (A) Charlotte Boyle 1st 14.5. U/13 Boys (A) Max Barker 3rd 14.9. (B) Tom Horsfield 2nd 17.1. U/17 Men (A) Gabriel Tallara 3rd 12.5. U/13 Girls (A) Claudia Clish 4th 18.5. U/13 Boys (N/S) Liam Atkin 17.6. (200m) : U/17 Men (A) Zac Renwick (2nd) 25.3 (PB). U/15 Boys (A) Oliver Taylor (2nd) 28.9. (B) Charlie Bishop (1st) 29.5. U/13 Boys (A) Max Barker (3rd) 30.1 (PB),  (B) Travis Anderson (1st) 30.8. Tom Horsfield (N/S) 34.5. U/15 Girls (A) Emily Barker (5th) 31.8. U/13 Girls (A) Olivia Fawcett (3rd) 31.2 (PB). (300m) U/15 Boys (A) Joshua Bishop (2nd) 41.8 (PB) (B) Chris Milburn (1st) 42.1 (PB). U/17) Women (A) Charlotte Boyle (1st) 46.3. U/15 Girls (A) Tia Anderson (1st) 43.5. (B) Jennifer Taylor (1st) 44.4 (PB). 800m: U/17 Men (A) Zac Renwick (1st) 2.15.7 (PB). U/15 Boys (A) Oliver Taylor  (2nd) 2.27.7. U/13 Boys (A) Peter Cook (2nd) 2.30.7. (B) Travis Anderson (1st) 2.51.1 (PB). U/17 Women (A) Bridget Bradshaw (1st) 2.39.2. U/15 Girls (A) Jenny Grehan-Bradley (4th) 3.09.8. U/13 Girls (A) Olivia Fawcett (4th) 2.49.0 (B) Holly Cook (4th) 3.09.1. (1500M) U/17 Men (N/S) Ben Horsfield 4.30.6. U/15 Boys (A) Sam Gibson (3rd) 5.00.7 (PB) U/13 Boys (A) Thomas Wraith (1st) 5.05.6 (PB) (B) Joshua Wraith (1st) 5.08.6 (PB) . U/15 Girls (A) Rina Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka (2nd) 6.28.6 (B) Laura Emily Hopper (1st) 6.34.2 (PB) U/13 Girls (A) Erin Keeler-Clarke (1st) 5.18.3 (PB). (B) Tara Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka (3rd) 5.55.2. 80M Hurdles (A)  U/17 Women, Lauren Donaghy 1st 15.5. U/17 Men, 100M Hurdles (A) Gabriel Tallara 1st 16.5 (PB).

Field Events: (High Jump) : U/15 Boys (A)  Charlie Bishop (2nd) 1.20m (PB). U/15 Girls (A) Sadie Hibbert (5th) 1.45m, (B) Jennifer Taylor (3rd) 1.30m (PB). Long Jump : U/17 Men (A) Gabriel Tallara (2nd) 1.45m, (B) Zac Renwick (1st) 4.98m (PB). U/15 Boys (A) Joshua Bishop (1st) 4.70m, (B) James Thornton (1st) 4.68m U/13 Boys (A) Tom Horsfield (3rd) 3.58m (B) Peter Cook (1st) 3.51m (PB) , (N/S) Liam Atkin 2.30m. U/17 Women (A) Isabell Thornton (2nd) 4.28m. U/13Girls (A) Erin Keeler-Clarke (4th) 3.34m (PB) (B) Holly Cook (5th) 2.15m. (Shot Putt) U/15 Boys (A) James Thornton (1st) 8.37m (PB). U/13 Boys (A) Max Barker (1st) 8.28m (PB), U/17 Women (A) Isabell Thornton (1st) 7.30m. U/15 Girls (A) Tia Anderson (4th) 6.63m (PB), Emily Barker (3rd) 6.50m (PB). (Discus) U/15 Boys (A) Chris Milburn (1st) 24.77m (PB). U/17 Women(A) Lauren Donaghy (1st) 12.62m. U/15 Girls (A) Imogen Stout (2nd) 15.20m. (Javelin) U/15 Boys (A) James Thornton (2nd) 29.93m (PB) (B) Chris Milburn (1st) 27.48m (PB). U/17 Women (A) Isabell Thornton (1st) 25.28m (PB). (B) Lauren Donaghy (1st) 10.80m (PB). U/15 Girls (A) Imogen Stout (1st) 21.99m. U/13 Boys (A) Liam Atkin (3rd) 9.73m. As a result of their fine efforts DCH currently lead  in the Club Standings with 452 points.

In the Medals T& F Meet at Gateshead ,Tia Anderson pulled off a fine double, winning the U/15 Girls 100m & 200m, with veteran Jacqui Hodgson winning the Senior Womens  200m, whilst multi-eventer Chris Milburn was 1st in the U/15 Boys Long Jump and 2nd in the 80m Hurdles. Full results of the City’s athletes were as follows; U/15 Girls; Tia Anderson 1st in 100m 13.06, and 200m 27.29. Senior Women; Jacqui Hodgson (v/45) 1st 200m 30.43. U/15 Boys; Chris Milburn 1st Long Jump 5.37m, 2nd 80m Hurdles 12.78, 5th 100m 13.46. U/13 Boys; Max Barker 2nd Shot Putt 7.55m, 4th 100m 14.09. U/15 Boys;  Luke Allen  2nd Shot Putt 11.79m. Junior Men; Stefan Renstrom  3rd 100m  11.97,  4th Long Jump 3.97m. U/17 Men; Cameron Allan 5th 800m 2.13 (PB). U/13 Boys; Travis Anderson 5th 200m 30.43, 8th 100m 15.52. Senior Men ; Josh Peel 6th 200m 24.58, 11th 100m 12.13.


City athletes off to a flying start!

City athletes over the years have always used the Anne Marie Readshaw Track & Field Athletics Meeting  at Shildon as the start to their Summer season, and this was no exception, as throughout the various age groups they produced some very good personal best performances, and not in ideal conditions, which bodes well going forward into hopefully much warmer weather.

Full results by the Clubs athletes were as follows:


u/11 Boys; Travis Anderson 1st 60m 8.90 pb , 3rd 600m 1.59.6.

u/ 15 Girls ; Tia Anderson 2nd 100m 13.10, 2nd 200m 27.20.

Senior Men; Greg Venyo (u/20) 1st 100m 11.10 pb, 4th 200m 22.90 pb. Josh Peel 6th 12.20 pb, 10th 200m  24.60 pb.

Senior Women ;  Lucy McIlroy 1st 200m 27.40, 3rd 100m 13.10.

u/17 Girls; Isabell Thornton 4th 100m 14.40 pb. Charlotte Boyle 5th 200m 28.50.

u/15 Boys; Joshua Bishop 4th 100m 12.20 pb, Chris Milburn 7th 100m 13.00 pb, 6th 200m 27.50, Charlie Bishop 8th 200m 28.80 pb, 100m 13.80 (heat) pb.

u/17 Boys; Gabriel Tallara 6th 100m 11.90 pb, Zac Renwick 7th 100m 12.10, 2nd 400m 57.20 pb.

Senior Men; Cameron Bain (u/20) 2nd 400m 50.40 pb, Scott Armstrong (u/20) 7th 54.80 pb.

u/11 Boys; Callum Elliott 60m (heat) 11.20. Thomas Hambleton 2nd 600m 1.56.8.

u/17 Boys; Luke Pickering 3rd 800m 2.14.6 pb.

u/15 Boys; Adam Ord 3rd 800m 2.14.1 pb.

u/13 Boys; 800m Peter Cook 3rd 2.28.2 pb, Thomas Wraith 5th 2.34.1 pb, Joshua Wraith 7th 2.36.2 pb, Ben Elliott 10th 2.55.3.

u/17 Women; Bridget Bradshaw 3rd 800m 2.33.3.

u/17 Men; Cameron Allan 2nd 3000m 9.51.1 pb.

Senior Men; 3000m; Rob Everson 4th 9.47.8 pb, Ken Bradshaw (v/55) 7th 12.49.2  pb.

Senior Women; 3000m; Fern Freeman 6th 12.07.6.pb.

Field Events:

u/13 Boys Long Jump: Chris Milburn 1st 4.85m, Joshua Bishop 2nd 4.78m pb, James Thornton 3rd 4.70m pb.

u/17 Boys Long Jump; Gabriel Tallara 1st 5.26m.

u/13 Boys Long Jump; Thomas Wraith 6th 3.36m pb, Joshua Wraith 7th 3.30m pb, Ben Elliott 9th 3.14m.

u/17 Girls Long Jump; Isabell Thornton 3rd 4.12m.

u/11 Boys Standing Long Jump; Callum Elliott 4th 1.34m.

u/13 High Jump; Peter Cook 2nd 1.15m pb.

Senior Women; Jacqui Robson (v/35) High Jump 2nd 1.30m, Shot Putt 1st 10.72m.

u/15 Boys Shot Putt; Luke Allen 1st 11.59m pb, James Thornton 3rd 8.05m pb.


Jacqui Hodgson again struck Gold at this years British Masters Indoor Championships at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, Enfield, London,  Jacqui won the o/45 400m Race in fine style recording a time of 63.44 thus adding  to her tremendous success in previous years through the age groups.

Just over 2 weeks later, Jacqui made the trip to Ancona in Italy to compete in the  European Masters Indoor Championships, firstly in the 200m, she won her heat in 28.51, and then finished 3rd in her semi-final recording 28.37, but just missed out on the Final. Then in the 400m she was 2nd in her heat recording 62.81, and in the Final, again improved on her time going through the rounds, recording 62.47, unfortunately just missed out on a podium finishing in 4th place, but must have been pleased with her fine performances overall against strong opposition.

Meanwhile closer to home, at the Sand Dancer Races at South Shields both Junior and Senior members did very well in their respective races. In the Junior 3k, Cameron Allan had a fine run winning in a personal best time of 11.05 (1st u/17). He was followed by Sam Gibson 4th in 11.48 (1st u/15), Peter Cook 7th in 12.05 pb (1st u/13), Erin Keeler-Clarke 9th in 12.17 (1st u/11), Freya Giibson 33rd in 14.41 pb (4th u/11). In the 10k Race (which incorporated the NE Masters AA Championship) Rosie Smith entered this event for the first time and finished 7th overall and was 1st Female, breaking the women’s course record with a time of 34.50. Veteran Steve Everett finished 14th in 36.19 pb, and was 1st (over 55 ) NE Master, veteran Kirstin Farquhar 87th  in 43.51 pb and was 2nd (over 45) NE Master, Mike Dann (v/50) finished 182nd in 48.55 and Deborah Gibson (v/45) 339th in 62.27.


Ultra distance and Veteran (o/40) runner Joasia Zakrzewski  is continuing where she left off in 2015 and began her 2016 quest for success by winning the NE Masters 5.3k XC Women’s Championship at Wallsend, and followed that with dual victories in her next 4 races where she finished 1st Woman/1st Veteran Woman. Firstly, in the Valentines Weekend 10k in Lancaster she finished 4th overall in a time of 35.44, this was followed by the Vodafone Half- Marathon  (downhill) in Malta, finishing 34th in 82.20, then in the Trimpwell,(Lancaster) 20 mile Road Race had yet another outstanding run, finishing 12th overall, and recording a personal best time of 2.05.28. Joasia’s latest success was in the Hartlepool Marina 5 mile where she finished 27th overall , broke the Women’s course record with a time of 28.54, and won the NE Masters Road Championship also, and as part of her long distance training schedule ran 18 miles back to Durham!  Other results of Club’s runners in the Hartlepool 5 were as follows; Rob Everson 17th 28.11 pb, Steve Everett v55 22nd 28.31, Cameron Allan u/17 58th 30.33 pb, Kirstin Farquhar v45 111th 33.29 pb ,  Kirsty Walker 137th 34.20 pb, Fern Freeman 153rd 34.47, Dave Coxon v45 166th 35.27 pb, Julia Quinonez v45 183rd 36.07 pb, Gemma Soulsby 241st 38.11 pb , Diane Wood v50 289th 40.16 pb, Christine Woods v55 322nd 41.36, Paula Wear v35 333rd 41.55 pb,and Victoria Coxon v40 446th 49.05.

Meanwhile at the Blyth Valley 10k, veteran Matt Hornsby v35 had a very good run with a highly placed 8th position and recording a fine time of 33.53, followed by Kim Simpson 123rd 41.21, with veterans Bob Hewitson v55 167th 43.48, Alan Rowell v65 212th 45.36, and Tammy Cook v35 474th 67.39.

In the Thirsk 10 mile Road Race Alex Mirley was leading runner for the Club finishing well in 13th place recording a pb time of 55.34 and was just ahead of team-mate veteran Matt Hornsby v35 who was 17th in 55.53 also a pb, followed by fellow veterans, Peter Harrison v40 93rd 63.02 pb, Bob Hewitson v55 267th 73.15, Alan Rowell v65 326th 75.16, Michael Kenyon v45 329th 75.17, and Dave Coxon v45 353rd 76.41.


Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Wilkinson (u/23) made his annual long trip to Poland to compete in the 5th European Deaf Indoor Championships at Torun and was delighted to win a Bronze Medal in the Senior Men’s 3000m recording a time of 9.48.91. Jonny has won bronze medals in the past for both 1500m and 3000m outdoors in Poland in his then u/20 age category but this was his first in indoors as a Senior. Although his time was well below his best as the race was somewhat tactical, he was thrilled in the end as his intention was to win a medal and that he achieved.

Meanwhile Chris Milburn, the current (u/15) NE & Northern Long Jump and NE Triple Jump Champion, recorded yet another victory at Gateshead Indoor Series in the 60m Hurdles recording 9.72,  2nd in the High Jump with 1.45m (pb), and 5th in the 60m in 8.26 (pb). This was part of a vital workout for his NE Counties AA Pentathlon Indoor Championships 3 days later also at Gateshead, and this was proved worthwhile as Chris won a Bronze Medal after all his 5 disciplines ie 60m (8.32), 60m Hurdles (9.62) pb, High Jump 1.41m, Long Jump 5.34m, and Shot Putt 9.99m, with a total points score of 2343, a great result for a young talented all- rounder.

Tia Anderson (13) also continues to show fine form in the South Yorkshire Indoor Series at Sheffield winning the u/15 300m in 42.91 pb and was 2nd in the 200m 27.08, whilst younger brother Travis (10) ran personal best times in the u/13 age group with 200m in 31.39, and 600m in 1.55.47, all great performances at that age. They both    featured along with other Club athletes in the Gateshead Indoor Meeting,  results of which were as follows; Tia Anderson 1st u/15 60m 8.38 pb, Travis Anderson u/13 60m 9.38 pb, James Thornton u/15 60m 8.70 pb, Shot Putt 7.86m, Isobel Thornton u/17 Shot Putt 7.14m Long Jump 4.22m, Joseph Downing u/17 8.66m High Jump 1.55m, Luke Allen u/15 Shot Putt 10.85m, with veterans Paul Donaghy (v/45) 60m 8.00, and Duncan Rowlands (v/45)  60m 8.94.

Meanwhile at the at the Spenborough Warm-up T & F Meeting at Cleckheaton there was some more excellent performances by Club athletes which bodes well for them going into their competition phase during the Summer. Full results were as follows:

Senior Women: Izzy Hainsworth 1st 100m 12.9, 1st  200m 26.4

Junior Men: Cameron Bain 1st 400m 51.0

u/17 Men: Gabriel Tallara  1st  Long Jump 5.39m, eq 2nd  100m 12.1

u/15 Girls: Tia Anderson eq 2nd 100m 13.4,eq 2nd 200m 26.9

u/17 Women: Savannah Lloyd eq 2nd 100m  13.3, 2nd Long Jump  4.58m

u/15 Boys: Oliver Taylor 1st 1000m 3.15.3, 100m eq 12th 14.1

Junior Men: Greg Venyo 3rd 100m 11.6, 3rd 200m 23.4

Junior Women: Lucy McIlroy 3rd 100m 13.2, 4th 200m 27.6

Senior Men: David Wilkinson 4th 100m 12.1, Josh Peel 3rd Javelin 41.52m, 5th 100m 12.3

u/13 Boys: Travis Anderson eq 7th 80m 12.1 pb, eq 8th 150m 23.1 pb


Three of the Clubs leading distance athletes were selected for the North East  Counties X.C.Team for the Inter-Counties Race at Cofton Park, Birmingham two weeks ago,  and all three picked up medals in their respective Races. Rosie Smith once again ran  very well to finish 7th in the Senior Womens Race over 8k, recording 38.58, and was 2nd counter for the North East Team, with her International team-mate Kate Avery (Shildon AC) the pre-race  favourite and one of GB’s current top athletes having another brilliant run winning the race in fine style, and with 6 to count they finished 2nd team  winning a team Silver behind a powerful Yorkshire team. Dan Jenkin also finished well for 23rd in the Senior Men’s Race over 12k recording 40.07 and was 6th counter for the  N.E. Team who easily won team Gold for the 6th consecutive year with 6 to count, and they also picked up a further award with 9 to count. Laura Lee also had a fine run in her first representative County honour, finishing 35th in the Junior Women’s Race over 6k recording 23.44, and was 4th counter, with 4 to count she also picked up her a team Silver.

Last week-end saw the last North East Harrier League XC of the season at Wrekenton and the three same athletes mentioned above,  again showed that they wanted to help boost their respective teams in local races too and finish the winter season off  on a high note, and they did just that, with the trio recording the fastest times of the day in their handicapped races. Firstly, Laura Lee(18), off a handicap of 2mins 30secs, pulled through the combined u/17 girls & u/20 womens race to finish 2nd overall recording a race time of 22.15 and an actual time of  19.45. Secondly, Rosie Smith off a handicap of 4 mins, had to fight her way through a large group of over 270 runners to finish 2nd overall, recording a race time of 26.37 and an actual time of 22.37. Finally,in the last race of the afternoon Dan Jenkin had even a bigger task to perform in the Senior & Veteran Mens Race and was off a handicap of 5 mins, fought his way past over 450 other runners to finish 5th overall, recording a race time of 35.16 and an actual time of 30.16. There was also some excellent running in the Junior Section of the Club with the u/17 Boys who again were 1st Team with 3 runners to count, and there was also some notable individual and team performances too which is very encouraging for the Club going forward. Full results of the Wrekenton Races were as follows: u/17 Boys; Michael Wade 4th 17.33, Joseph Grehan-Bradley 5th 17.43, Cameron Allan 6th 17.55 the 3 scorers and were 1st Team, with Luke Pickering 8th 18.34, and William Morgan-Rippon 11th 19.10 backing them up. In the overall Grand Prix League positions over the 5 Races they were the outright winners and in the Individual Grand Prix,  Joseph was 1st , Michael 2nd, Cameron 3rd, and Luke 4th which bodes well for the future.

u/15 Boys; Jack Watson finished 2nd off scratch in 9.21, Alfie Phillips 26th from the fast pack 10.55 (handicap 1.40) 9.15, Jack Prowse 27th 10.56 off scratch, the 3 scorers were 3rd Team, with Jacob Stephenson backing up 30th in 11.00 (handicap 1.40) 9.20.and the Team finished 4th overall in the Grand Prix.

Senior/Veteran Women; 2nd Rosie Smith 26.37 (handicap 4.00) 22.37, 30th Lindsay Phillips (v/40) 29.19, 31st Laura Kaye 29.20 (handicap 4.00) 25.20, 51st Kat O’Mahoney 29.36 (handicap 2.00) 27.36, the 4 scorers and were 3rd Team, followed by 68th Alison Walker (v/45) 29.55, 91st Rachel Bentley 30.23 (-2.00) 28.23, 96th Kim Simpson 30.30 (-4mins) 26.30, 104th Kirstin Farquhar(v/45) 30.37(-2mins) 28.37,  110th Sam Newington (v/40) 30.43, 120th Helena Herrmann 30.54 (-2.00) 28.54, 148th Gemma Soulsby 31.34, 158th Julia Quinonez (v/45) 31.50 (-2.00) 29.50, 188th Dionne Hamil (v/40) 32.44, 198th Anne Wilson (v/35) 33.39, 225th Paula Wear (v/35) 35.03, 228th Liz Lamb (v/55) 35.10, 269th Tammy Cook (v/35) 43.12. In the overall league position, the Team finished 2nd, only beaten by 1 point in Div 1.

u/13 Boys ; 20th Izaak Taylor 9.07 (3rd in the Individual Grand Prix) , 24th Sam Gibson 9.11, 30th Peter Cook 9.21, the 3 scorers, were 4th Team, followed by 31st Joshua Wraith 9.25, 32nd Thomas Wraith 9.26, 38th William McKenna 9.39, 49th Oliver McKenna 10.18, all off a 1.40 handicap, 51st Callum Wilkinson 11.59 off scratch, 53rd Oliver Stephenson 10.25 off 1.40, the Team finished 1st overall in the Grand Prix Final. u/15 Girls; 26th Bridget Bradshaw 10.43, 32nd Rina Sabastiao-Yatsuzuka 11.00 both off 1.40 handicap, 34th Lucy Grehan-Bradley 12.51 off scratch, the 3 scorers, the Team were 6th, followed by 35th Lucy Walker 11.13 off 1.40, 43rd Laura Hopper 13.47 off scratch. The Team finished 7th overall in the Grand Prix.

Senior/Veteran Men; 5th Dan Jenkin 30.16 off 5.00 handicap, 20th John Nash (v/45) 36.53 off scratch, 77th Robin Linten 33.18 off 5.00,  80th Adam Walker 35.48 off 2.30, 123rd Andy Graham  34.07 off 5.00, 173rd Rob Everson 34.45 off 5.00, the 6 scorers t the Team were 7th, others to finish were all veterans : 293rd Dave King (v/50) 39.58 off 2.30, 315th Niall Salmon (v/45) 43.16, 324th Bob Hewitson (v/55) 43.43, 345th Tony McNeil (v/50) 44.39,  369th Ken Bradshaw (v/50) 45.58, 381st Geoff Watson (v/35) 46.47, 435th Brian Brown (v/65) 52.47. In the overall league position the Team finished 5th in Div 1.

u/13 Girls; 16th Olivia Fawcett 11.58, 45th Jenny Grehan-Bradley 12.59, and in the overall League position were 14th.

In the u/11 Boys Race ,Thomas Hambleton  had a fine run finishing 2nd in a time of 6.20, only 3 seconds down on the winner, and in the u/11 Girls Race,  Holly Cook was 23rd in 7.42, with Heidi Walton 50th in 9.18.


City runners continue to show great form at XC

In the penultimate North East Harrier League fixture held at Alnwick Castle, the City teams were generally well placed in their various age groups and divisions despite being under strength in the u/17 and u/13 Boys Races as the Club had four of their leading athletes two in each race, competing in the prestigious English Schools XC at Wollaton Park , Nottingham.
It was pleasing to report however that the Club had two individual victories in the u/15 Girls and u/15 Boys Races with Rina Sabastio-Yatsuzuka and Alfie Phillips pulling off fine victories and giving teams a good start for valuable points.

Full results of all the Club athletes were as follows:

u/15 Girls : Rina Sebatiao-Yatsuzuka (1st) 15.40, Lucy Walker (21st) 18.17 (handicap 1.40) 16.37, Lucy Grehan -Bradley (22nd ) 18.25, the 3 scorers, the team finished 3rd,  with Imogen Coxon (35th) 20.08 (handicap 1.40) 18.28, and Laura Hopper (37th) 20.43. the other finishers

u/17 Boys: Luke Pickering (2nd) 31.19 (handicap 1.40) 28.39, William Morgan-Rippon (11th) 34.23 (handicap 1.40) 31.43, Mohammed Dugay 44.34 (1st Team)

Senior Women: Fern Freeman (3rd) 32.23, Laura Kaye (6th) 32.59 (handicap 2mins) 30.59, Kirstin Farquhar (V45) 34.21, Alison Walker (V45) 34.52, the 4 scorers, the team finished 2nd. Others to finish were Rachel Bentley (115th) 36.50 (handicap 2mins) 34.50, Julia Quinonez (153rd) 37.57 (handicap 2mins) 35.57

Senior Men: David Cross (19th) 43 02, Alex Mirley (20th) 43.09 (handicap 5mins)  38.09, Matt Hornsby (V35) (30th) 43.56 (handicap 5mins) 38.56, Robin Linten (32nd) 44.15 (handicap 5mins) 39.15, John Nash (V45) (64th) 45.24, Rob Eaton 79th 45.56 (handicap 5mins) 40.56, the 6 scorers, the team finished 3rd. Others to finish were; Rob Everson making his debut for the Club after being transferred (151st) 47.43 (handicap 5mins) 42.43, Dave King (V50) 49.22 (handicap 2.30mins) 46.52, Andy Biggs (V45) 50.04, Tony McNeil (V50) 52.38, Niall Salmon (V45) 53.33, Ken Bradshaw (V50) 56.01, Brian Brown (V65) 65.13

u/13 Boys: Thomas Wraith (13th) 15.34 (handicap 1.40) 13.54, Joshua Wraith (17th) 15.44 (handicap 1.40) 14.04, William McKenna 16.00 (handicap 1.40) 14.20, the 3 scorers, the team finished 3rd, others to finish were; Oliver Stephenson (43rd) 17.07 (handicap 1.40) 15.27, Callum Wilkinson (55th) 19.42

u/15 Boys: Alfie Phillips (1st) 13.28, Jacob Stephenson (34th) 15.48 (handicap 1.40) 14.08, Chris Milburn (36th) 15.50 (handicap 1.40) 14.10, the team were 6th

u/11 Boys: Thomas Hambleton (3rd) 4.12. u/11 Girls : Holly Cook (38th) 5.46, Claudia Clish (51st) 6.18

As mentioned earlier, some of the Club’s junior runners were also competing last Saturday in the English Schools AA National XC at Nottingham which is the most eagerly anticipated event of the winter for them. This competition brings together some of the best young athletes in all Counties in England , with County Teams vying for the honour of being the best in the Country. The Harriers had 6 athletes represented in the Durham County Team in 4 of the age category races. In the Intermediate Boys (u/17) 5.7k , Cameron Allan was 1st counter for the Durham Team  finishing a highly 87th place recording 19.32 just ahead of team-mate Michael Wade who was 2nd counter in 123rd place recording 19.52, both having excellent runs (335 finishers). Joseph Grehan-Bradley another fine prospect was 4th counter for Durham in the Senior Boys Race 7k, finishing 160th in 23.48 (310 finishers). Lizzie Cramb was 5th counter of the 6 scoring Durham Intermediate Girls Team, finishing 296th and recording 15.51 for the 3.9k course. In the Junior Boys ( u/15) 4.2k, both Izaak Taylor and Sam Gibson both got off to a bad start being at the rear of their starting pens and then found it hard to move through the large field but once settled enjoyed the experience, Izaak finished 262nd in 17.45, and Sam 316th in 18.13, and both have another year in this age group!



Rosie produces another podium finish in Scottish National XC

GB International Rosie Smith produced yet another fine run in the Scottish National XC at Callendar Park, Falkirk. Rosie was back on the podium yet again finishing 3rd, but her consistency and utter determination to win this title has to be simply admired as she has won a bronze and four silver medals over the last few years but the Senior Title has alluded her , she will be no doubt be back next year to try again! Rosie’s time for the 8k Race was 30.59.

Meanwhile at the English National XC at Donnington Park, Leicester, the club’s Senior Men’s team although below full strength performed admirably led by the ever consistent Dan Jenkin who finished an excellent 50th place and with 6 runners to count the team finished 37th out of 123 teams, and were the 3rd N.E. team of the 11 who took part, with Morpeth Harriers producing a gold medal performance,  with Tyne Bridge  Harriers 31st, 6 places in front of Durham. It was very unfortunate that Chris Walker felt unwell during the race and eventually had to drop out , but with Team Manager on the day Geoff Watson  backing up for such circumstances it meant they finished a team
as it was 6 to count.Full results of all City runners were as follows;  Senior Men’s 12k : Dan Jenkin 50th 45.17, Jonny Wilkinson 228th 49.12, Robin Linten 269th 50.00, Rob Eaton 366th 51.20, Andy Graham 505th 53.39, Geoff Watson 1602nd 74.57.

In the u/13 Boys 3k, Thomas Wraith was 137th 14.35, just ahead of his twin brother Joshua who was 150th in 14.43, both producing fine runs.(420 finishers). Lizzie Cramb who was the club’s only runner in the u/17 Womens 5k, targeting  the top 150, she achieved that by finishing 149th out of 238 recording a time of 24.43. Kirsty Walker was also on her own in the Senior Womens 8k finishing a creditable 340th out of  739 finishers in a time of 41.24.

At  the NE Road Relay Championship held in Hetton Lyons Country Park, once again two of the club’s leading distance gave their respective teams a great start, Dan Jenkin was 1st on leg 1 of the Senior Mens Race recording 10.41 over the 2.2 miles distance which was the 2nd fastest time of the day only 1 sec down on the fastest time. Rosie Smith was 2nd on her 1st leg of the Senior Womens Race recording 12.18, which was the 3rd fastest time of the day.

Full results of all the Club’s runners were as follows:

  • Senior Men’s A Team: Dan Jenkin 1st 10.41, Alex Mirley 3rd 11.50, Robin Linten 4th 11.37, Andy Graham 6th 12.18, Cameron Allan 6th 12.19, Wout Van Dijk 7th 12.21., overall time over the 6 legs 71.06 ( Team 7th).
  • B Team : David Cross 30th 12.32, Steve Everett 28th 12.31, Peter Harrison 30th 13.23, Luke Pickering 29th 13.10, Anthony Hunt 27th 13.00, Chris Herkes 31st 13.48., overall time 78.24 (Team 31st).
  • C Team (incomplete) : Niall Salmon 15.31,  Bob Hewitson 15.39, Geoff Watson 15.52.
  • Senior Womens A Team: Rosie Smith 2nd 12.18, Rachel Bentley 13th 15.26, Samantha Coleby 10th 13.40, Kirsty Walker 11th 15.35, overall  time over the 4 legs 56.59 (Team 11th).
  • B Team (incomplete) : Helena Herman 14.57, Rebecca Mott 16.00, Megan Bell 17.31.
  • Veterans A Team: Kirstin Farquhar v35 47th 15.05, Diane Wood v35 54th 17.09, Lynne Carruthers v35  65th 18.19, Sam Newington v/40 53rd 15.54, overall time 66.27 (18th Vets Team and 53rd overall ).

In the British Indoor Championships at Sheffield , Samantha Coleby  further improved on her recent 800m personal best time of 2.11.79 by running 2.10.91, which bodes well for her forthcoming outdoor season and in good competition no doubt she will bring her times down even further.



City athletes in Medal winning form

The City’s Track & Field Athletes across the various age groups are showing that they are in great form performing well in the current Winter Indoor Competitions, which bodes well for them going into the forthcoming Summer Outdoor season, with a plethora of Medals and personal best times.

Firstly in the North East Indoor Championships at Gateshead, Chris Milburn produced two fine double Gold performances in the u/15 Boys Long Jump (5.07m) and Triple Jump (10.74m) pb , and was 4th in the Shot Putt (10.01m) pb, whilst Luke Allen won Gold in the u/15 Shot Putt with a throw of (7.43m) pb. Greg Venyo in his first year u/20, won Silver in the 60m recording a pb of (7.25.) Paul Donaghy (M45) winning Silver in the Veterans 60m in a seasons best time of (7.94).Savannah Lloyd winning Bronze in the u/17 Girls 60m recording (8.21) pb. Josh Peel ran a pb of (7.73) in his heat of the Senior Men’s 60m, whilst Isabell Thornton recorded (8.99m) in the u/17 Girls Triple Jump  and James Thornton (7.43m) in the u/15 Shot Putt.

In the Northern u/13 & u/15 Indoor Championships , at Sheffield, the in -form Chris Milburn (14) recorded a superb leap of (5.41m) to win Gold in the u/15 Boys Long Jump , this places him 7th in the current 2016 UK early rankings, he also ran the 200m recording a heat time of (26.55) pb, and a semi-final of time of (26.73), plus a Shot Putt of (9.45m), for this young all rounder. Adam Ord who was top of the u/13 800m rankings in the NE and 7th in the UK rankings in 2015 won Gold in his now higher age group of u/15’s recording a pb time of (2.14.50) which currently ranks him 18th in the UK. Tia Anderson (13) who  was also highly ranked 6th in the u/13 200m indoors for 2015 UK rankings,  now competing in the u/15’s,  won her heat of the 200m in (26.92 ) and recorded (27.32 ) in the semi-final finishing 3rd, but just failed to reach the final.

Samantha Coleby recorded a new Club Senior Womens record  of 2.11.79 (electric timing) in the 800m at the Sheffield Festival of Sport Indoor Competition when finishing 2nd in her Race. Samantha’s time improved her previous pb time of 2.12 61 set a year ago.


Bronze for Rosie at the Northern XC Championships

Senior Men Northern XC
Senior Men: Andy Graham, Rob Eaton, Matt Hornsby, Dan Jenkin, Robin Linten, Chris Walker, David Hemming

Rosie Smith, the North East XC Senior Womens Champion continued her medal winning form with a Bronze in the Northern XC Championships at Witton Park, Blackburn. Gale force winds, hail storms and the extra muddy conditions made running almost impossible at times. However, such as is Rosie’s determination, she gave yet another courageous performance over the testing 7.8K course and was always in contention at the head of the field of over 350 runners. She was vying for the lead with Clare Duck of Leeds AC at one point, but Clare dug deep and went on to win in fine  style in a time of 30.21. Rosie was 2nd with about 150 Metres to go but was overtaken by a fast finishing Sarah Tunstall of Kendal AC who recorded 30.41, with Rosie only 3 seconds behind in 30.44, but in the end she was very pleased with her Bronze Medal to add to her already impressive collection.

As far as Durham team performances were concerned,the u/13 Boys shone yet again on the bigger stage, finishing 7th out of 25 teams and were the 1st NE Team, which obvious pleased their onlooking parents and others who had made the journey to lend their support and encouragement to all the Harriers who took part.

In the u/20 Women’s Race Laura Lee (17) had a fine run despite not being fully recovered from cold symptoms finishing 16th, and in the Senior Men’s Race Dan Jenkin was once again the Clubs leading runner finishing in a very respectable 30th position out of over 700 finishers, and with 6 runners to count the team finished 15th out of the 52 teams and were in fact the 3rd NE Team behind Morpeth (5th) and Sunderland (12th).

Full results of the City Harriers were as follows:

U/13 Boys (3.2k)  40th Izaak Taylor 13.41, 56th  Sam Gibson 13.57, 65th Thomas Wraith 14.05, 99th Joshua Wraith 14.32.

Senior Men:( 12k) 30th  Dan Jenkin 46.57, 83rd Matt Hornsby 50.04, 101st Robin Linten 50.48, 175th Rob Eaton 54.17, 189th Andy Graham 54.55, and 279th Chris Walker 58.02 the scorers, non-scoring  were 356th David Hemming 61.38 and 710th  veteran Brian Brown (o/65) 94.30.

Senior Women: 3rd Rosie Smith 30.44, 168th  Kirsty Walker 41.43, 255th  Rachel Bentley 46.34, Kat O’Mahony injured (dnf). (358 finishers).

U/20 Women: ( 5.6k) 16th Laura Lee  24.38 (47 finishers).

U/17 Women : (4.8k) 55th Lizzie Cramb 21.59 (99 finishers).


Young athletes from Durham City Harriers competed in the Durham County Schools XC Championships for their District Schools Association at Meadowfield and 14 of them successfully made it into the next round if they managed to finish in the first 16 of their respective Races, those who did will now compete in the Northern Schools Inter-County XC Championships at Preston Park, Eaglescliffe on 6th February.  Apologies to the few athletes in the Club who did not qualify due to injury or illness after training so well for their Races,  but nevertheless will be disappointed. However, a special mention must go to the individual winners of their respective races, Thomas Wraith and  Michael Wade, who were extremely excited on their fine victories.

Full results of our young club members whom qualified were as follows: Year 7 Boys; 1st Thomas Wraith (SW Durham), 2nd Peter Cook (Durham Central), 5th Joshua Wraith (SW Durham) , 6th Charlie Phillips (Durham Central), 8th Will McKenna (Durham Central). Intermediate Boys: 1st Michael Wade (Durham Central), 3rd Cameron Allan (Durham Central), 16th Jacob Stephenson (Durham Central). Senior Boys :  4th Joseph Grehan- Bradley ( Durham Central). Junior Boys: 8th Izaak Taylor (Darlington), 9th Sam Gibson (Durham Central). Intermediate Girls: 6th Lizzie Cramb (SW Durham), 10th Bridget Bradshaw ( Durham Central). Year 7 Girls : 10th Emily Salmon (Durham Central).


Rosie Smith,  North East Counties Senior Womens XC 2015 Champion and Scottish XC International, continues to show that she is still in good form with an excellent run in the 32nd running of the Durham Cathedral XC Relays held on the University’s Racecourse Ground. Rosie ran the 1st leg of the 3.2k Relay Course  in the Senior Women’s Race and posted the overall fastest time in that event, as she came home in pole position recording 10.43 to give the City team a great start. Fellow Scottish International ultra-distance  athlete Joasia Zakrzewski consolidated Durham’s position on the 2nd leg recording a fine 11.18 the 6th fastest time, but Gateshead were closing the gap rapidly leaving  Emma Toogood with only an 8 second advantage. Emma set off on the final leg but had to give way due to a turning of her ankle mid-race which hampered her progress , whilst Gateshead were finishing strongly and went onto win the event with Emma holding down 2nd place and  returning 12.04. Laura Lee (17) a relative new signing for the Harriers had a splendid run on the 1st leg of the ‘B’ team finishing 4th and returning the 4th fastest time of the day of 11.06, and with Laura Kay consolidating that position with a good run of 11.58, and Catherine Smith returning 12.44, the team finished 6th.

In the Senior Men’s Race, Durham ‘A’ had a strong team which was led by the in-form Dan Jenkin who had to chase International Athlete Cameron Boyek (Shildon AC) who ran magnificently in the Edinburgh International a week ago. In the end, Dan was only 19 seconds down on him recording 9.11 which was the 5th equal fastest time of the day. James Askew soon passed Shildon on the 2nd leg, but that was short lived as the powerful Morpeth ‘A’, Gateshead ‘A’ and Morpeth ‘B’ teams mounted their attacks. James then slipped to 4th recording 9.50, and with Alex Mirley consolidating 4th place and recording 9.43, the team missed out on a podium finish.

Full results by all the City Teams were as follows:

Senior/Veteran Women: (3×3.2k) A Team ; Rosie Smith (1st) 10.43, Joasia Zakrzewski (1st) 11.18, Emma Toogood (2nd) 12.04, team 2nd,  overall time 34.05. B Team; Laura Lee 4th 11.06, Laura Kaye 4th 11.58, Catherine O’Connor 6th 12.44, team 6th overall time 35.48. C Team; Fern Freeman 30th 13.04, Dionne Hamil 34th 14.11 (incomplete team). Veteran Women; Lindsay Phillips (W/40), (31st) 13.17, Sam Newington (W/40) (27th) 13.16, Kirsten Farquhar (W/45) (31st) 13.49, team 31st, overall time 40.22.

Senior Men: A Team; Dan Jenkin (2nd) 9.11, James Askew (4th) 9.50, Alex Mirley  (4th) 9.43, team 4th, overall time 28.44.  B Team; Andy Graham (15th) 10.09, Robin Linten (10th) 9.56, Wout Van Dijk (10th) 10.34, team 10th,  overall time 30.39. C Team; David Hemming (35th) 12.04, Niall Salmon (37th) 12.38, Geoff Watson (43rd) 13.15, team 43rd, overall time 37.57.

Veteran Men ; Steve Everett (M/50) (18th) 10.56, Ian Graham (M/60) (56th) 14.49, Brian Brown (M/65) (67th) 15.32, team 67th, overall time 41.17.


Rosie wins 6th North East Senior XC Title

Rosie Smith (GB XC runner) returned from a week’s break with friends in New York and four days later was back in an unexpected snow-covered Sedgefield for the 110th North East Counties XC Championships. Despite horrendous conditions Rosie won her third successful Senior Women’s XC title and 6th victory in total. She endured a good battle with GB International  1500m runner Laura Weightman and GB Marathon runner Alyson Dixon before pulling away in the later stages to win in fine style recording a time of 31.55, from Laura 32.35 and Alyson 33.08.

Earlier in the u/13 Boys 3K, the boys pulled off another tremendous team victory, led by Sam Gibson in 7th place (11.37), followed by Izaak Taylor in 10th (11.45) and Adam Ord 12th in (11.49) the 3 scorers, they beat Houghton by 10 points. Brothers Joshua Wraith 14th (11.55) and Thomas Wraith 19th (12.06) also ran well backing up the team.

In the u/17 Mens (6.1K) Race, Joseph Grehan-Bradley had another fine race finishing 6th in (23.16), followed by Cameron Stainsby 8th in (24.17) and Luke Pickering 9th in (24.30) the 3 scorers, they superbly  beat a powerful Morpeth team by only 1 point, with Michael Wade backing up in 12th place (24.41) and William Morgan-Rippon 18th in (26.10).

In the combined u/17 & u/20 5.3 k Race, recent signing Laura Lee won her first N.E. Medal for the Club finishing 4th overall,  but 3rd (u/ 20) recording (21.48) and was delighted with  her Bronze Medal. Lizzie Cramb finished 19th,  but 13th (u/ 17) recording (24.08), with India George 20th,  but 7th (u/20) recording (24.20),unfortunately a non-counter,  therefore the Team missed out on a 3rd Team Bronze Medal had she counted.

Following Rosie Smith’s fine victory in the Senior Womens Race, team-mates Kim Simpson finished 23rd in (37.58), and Catherine O’Connor 29th in (39.00) the 3 scorers, the Team finished 4th just outside the medals. Others to finish were; Kat O’Mahony 36th in (39.38), Rachel Bentley 66th in (41.58),Kirsty Walker 73rd in (42.34), Alison Walker (W35) 95th in (44.07), Audrey Christie (W45) 111th in (44.47), Samantha Newington (W40) 117th in (45.11), and Diane Wood (W50) 176th in (50.42) (224 finishers).

Dan Jenkin was once again the Club’s leading runner in the Senior/ Veteran Mens Race over 12k finishing strongly in 6th place recording (42.34) and was sandwiched between 6 Morpeth runners, 3 either side of him, and with great packing their team easily won the 1st Team prize with six runners counting. Dan was ably backed up by a resurgent James Askew 11th (44.02), Matt Hornsby 19th (45.07), Robin Linten 32nd (46.17),Rob Eaton 51st (47.44), and Andy Graham 70th (49.04), the scorers, the Team finished 5th. Others to finish were; Wouter Van Dijk 97th (50.28), Chris Walker 110th (51.08), John Nash (M45) 124th (51.47), David Hemming 160th (53.33), Bob Hewitson (M55) 288th (60.02),Tony McNeil (M50) 335th (62.35), Brian Brown (M65) (74.34) (411 finishers).

Other results as follows:

u/15 Boys (4.5k); Jacob Stephenson 33rd (18.29), Jack Watson 35th (18.41), Chris Milburn 39th (18.52)

u/15 Girls (4.5k); Bridget Bradshaw 32nd (21.34), Lucy Walker 36th (21.59), Lucy Grehan-Bradley 48th (24.02), Laura Emily Hopper 54th (29.47)


Three Senior athletes made the trip to Liverpool to compete in the British Cross Challenge which also incorporated the European Trials. Rosie Smith was again in Scotland’s Senior Women’s Team, whilst Dan Jenkin and Chris Walker were in the Senior Men’s Race. Conditions were very heavy as usual at Sefton Park, and did not suit everybody with the pace in both Races both fast and furious, as Euro places were up for grabs! Rosie even found this race tough but soldiered on to finish 31st recording a time of 29.16 for the 8.1k course and was exactly one minute down on last years time. Dan Jenkin who recorded the fastest time in the Harrier League a week earlier was also about half a minute down on 2014 finishing 71st and recording 32.33, but the opposition at Liverpool had strength in depth, whilst Chris Walker also was down on time recording 39.22 for 257th place, so it was tough for the many of the 574 runners who finished.

Meanwhile, at the North East Harrier League XC fixture at Druridge Bay , Northumberland, conditions were tough there too, but the Junior Members rallied to the cause, with yet again some fine individual and team performances. Pride of place must go to the u/17 Boys team led by the in-form Joseph Graham-Bradley who despite a 2 mins 20 secs handicap running from the fast pack finished 5th recording the fastest time of the day in an actual time of 17.43, a fine performance. He was closely followed by Michael Wade 7th in 17.57, and Cameron Allan 10th in 18.25 the 3 scorers, they were an excellent 1st Team , with Luke Pickering 13th in 18.45 and William Morgan-Rippon 18th in 19.40 backing them up, and all made their way through from the fast pack. Similarly,  the u/13 Boys Team was again led by another young prospect in fine form, Izaak Taylor who also was also handicapped by 1.30 mins but made his way through the field and finished 8th in a time of 11.16,  with Oliver Stephenson 10th from the slow pack 12.48, and Sam Gibson 12th in 11.25 also off a 1.30 mins handicap, the 3 scorers, the team just missed victory by 1 point, backing them up were , Joshua Wraith 15th in 11.36, Thomas Wraith 17th in 11.38 and Peter Cook 30th in 12.05. Zac Renwick had a fine run in the u/15 Boys Race finishing 3rd from the slow pack to win a bronze medal, in a time of 11.30, followed by Jacob Stephenson 11.48 off a 1.30 handicap, and Jack Prowse 48th in 13.22 ( slow pack), were the scorers, the team finished 5th, with Chris Milburn 60th also off a 1.30 handicap recording 12.28. Similarly, Lucy Walker also had a fine run in the u/13 Girls Race finishing 3rd from the slow pack to also win a bronze medal recording 13.27 with Bridget Bradshaw 37th off a 1.30 handicap, recording 13.48.

Full results of other club athletes were as follows:

Senior /Veteran Women ;- 11th Kim Simpson 25.39, Alison Walker (W45) 37th 28.53, Kirstin Farquhar (W45) 63rd 29.27, and Sam Newington (W40) 81st 29.42, the 4 scorers, they were 5th team . Others to finish were ; Rachel Bentley 126th 28.27 off a 2min handicap, Anne Wilson (W35) 215th 32.24, and Tammy Cook (W35) 327th 41.52.

Senior/Veteran Men; Dave King ( M50) 40th 41.47, David Hemming 131st 43.28, Wout Van Dijk 222nd off 2.30 handicap 42.35, Robin Linten 253rd off 5min handicap 40.37, Bob Hewitson (M55) 351st 48.08, Tony McNeil (M50) 409th 50.09,the 6 scorers, they were 10th team, with Brian Brown (M65) 504th 57.47.

In the u/11 Boys Race, Thomas Hambleton was 4th in 4.49, with Holly Cook 10th in the u/11 Girls Race recording 5.30 and in the u/13 Girls Race, Olivia Fawcett was 41st in 16.06.


City Harriers continue to excel in the NE Harrier League

City runners continued to show their excellent form in the latest North East Harrier League fixture at Aykley Heads, Durham, with a great display of XC running both at individual and team level throughout the various age groups. Pride of place must go to the in-form Dan Jenkin in the Senior Mens event, fresh again from his fine victory on the undulating 10 mile Harewood Trail Race two weeks ago, where he recorded a very good time of 55.35, he started this race off a handicap of 5 mins from the fast pack and tore through the field of nearly 600 runners and finished 8th in a time of 35.36, which was in fact the fastest time of the day and spearheaded the team to a great victory. Likewise, Rosie Smith who was 1st Lady at the Heaton Memorial 10k also  two weeks ago, started off a 4 minute handicap in the Senior Women’s Race, and made her way through the field of nearly 400 runners and finished 6th in a time of 25.48 which was the 2nd fastest time of the day. Other leading Club athletes in the other age  groups were: Laura Lee (2nd fastest in the Women’s  u/20 Race (22.23), Izaak Taylor 3rd fastest in the Boys u/13 Race (13.02), Joseph Grehan-Bradley( 3rd fastest time in the Boys u/17 Race (25.42).

Full results of the City athletes showing actual times were as follows:- Senior and Veteran Men:- 8th Dan Jenkin (35.36), 21st Alex Mirley (37.05), 22nd Rob Eaton (39.36), 26th Robin Linten (40.00), 34th Matt Hornsby (38.08), and 75th Dave King(M45) (44.16) the scorers, they were 1st Team. Others to finish were, 78th David Hemming (44.20), 132nd  Andy Graham (40.39), 167th Alex Bellew (Guest) (43.44), 232nd Paul Delaney (M45) (47.28), 263rd Bob Hewitson (M55) (51.22), 367th Niall Salmon(M45) (51.26), 398th Tony McNeil (M50) (52.35), 438th Ken Bradshaw (M50) (53.58), 450th Mike Kenyon (M45) (54.17), 491st Geoff Watson (M35) (56.32), 496th Ian Graham (M60) (56.45), 508th Les Phillips (M55) (57.29), 567th Brian Brown (M65) (64.00).

Senior & Veteran Women:- 4th Joasia Zakrzewski (N/C) ( 27.41),5th Laura Kaye  (29.43) (n/c),6th Rosie Smith (25.48), 8th Catherine O’Connor (31.04), and 10th Mariana Dryak (31.32) the scorers, they were 1st Team. Others to finish were, 48th Helena Herrmann (31.41),  54th Emma Thompson (F35) (31.49), 99th Kirstin Farquhar (F45) (34.49), 106th Rachel Bentley (32.59), 162nd Audrey Christie (F45) (34.14), 191st Julia Quinonez ( F45) (34.42), 259th Anne Wilson (F35) (39.28), Dionne Hamil  (F40) (39.36), 274th Megan Bell (F35) (39.57), 311th Sam Newington (F40) (41.34) 369th Debbie Gibson (F45) (45.49), 389th Tammy Cook (F35) (49.42).

U/17 Boys; 5th William Morgan-Rippon (27.55), 8th Joseph Graham-Bradley (25.42), and 12th Michael Wade (26.10), the scorers, they were 1st Team , followed by 14th Luke Pickering (26.27), 16th Cameron Allan (26.54),and 34th Mohammed Dugay (39.16).

U17/U20 Girls ; 3rd Laura Lee (u/20) (22.23), 6th India George (u/20) (25.46), 15th Alice Campbell (u/20) (27.15), the scorers, they were 1st Team, followed by 29th Rebecca Mott (u/17) (26.54), and 42nd Alexandra Ingram (u/20) (45.00).

U/13 Boys ; 10th Oliver McKenna (14.38), 11th Izaak Taylor  (13.02), 15th Sam Gibson (13.16), the scorers, they were 1st Team, followed by 23rd Oliver Stephenson (15.12) (disq) , 24th Joshua Wraith (13.33), 35th Thomas Wraith (13.56), 36th William McKenna (14.01), 40th Peter Cook (14.05), 66th Callum Wilkinson (18.13).

U/15 Boys:- 7th Chris  Milburn (13.45), 12th Jack Watson (14.02), 23rd Zac Renwick (14.36),the scorers, they were 2nd Team, followed by 45th Jacob Stephenson (15.30) (disq) , 46th Jack Prowse (15.37) , 57th Scott Kent (18.24).

U/15 Girls:- 19th Lucy Walker (16.40), 46th Laura Hopper (18.55), and 57th Imogen Coxon (19.31) scoring, they were 9th Team.

U/13 Girls ; 2nd Erin Keeler-Clarke (14.31) (N/C), and with 3rd Emily Salmon(15.17), 36th Olivia Fawcett (17.42), 65th Harriet Coxon (22.32) scoring, they were 10th Team.

U/11 Boys; 11th Thomas Hambleton (5.34), 16th Ben Elliott (5.46), 21st Travis Anderson (5.53),  29th Samuel Terry (5.58), 46th William Terry (6.21), 65th Daniel Bell (6.45), 80th Joshua Rowe (7.42).

U/11 Girls ; 10th Freya Gibson (5.51), 12th Holly Cook (5.52), 21st Georgina Luckin (6.11), 44th Sophie McCall (6.47), 59th Sofia Hesselink (7.15), 63rd Lucy Brown (7.23), 65th Katie Hamil (7.24), 66th Katie Turnbull (7.27).


Senior Men (Michael Grimes, Jonathan Wilkinson, Dan Jenkin, Rob Eaton) with Road Captain Geoff Watson

DCH had 3 complete teams to travel and compete in the English National XC  Relays at Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Knowing that there would be some tough opposition from teams from up and down the country they wanted to really test themselves against major competition, having done exceedingly well locally. As it turned out the teams gave a good account of themselves in their 3 age group categories, with their 1st leg runners giving them each a solid start in their 3 respective races. Results of which were as follows, showing individual times and  placings after each leg, and overall final times:

U/13 Boys (2k) : Izaak Taylor 7.11.70 (18th), Tom Wraith 7.41.45 (16th),  Joshua Wraith 7.34.00 (15th) and final placing out of 69 finishing teams. (overall time  22.27. 25).

U/17 Boys (3k) : Cameron Allan 10.06.35 (44th) , Michael Wade 10.16.85 (37th) , Luke Pickering 10.21.45 ( 32nd) and final placing out of 57 finishing teams (overall time 30.44.65).

Senior Men (5k) : Dan Jenkin 15.56.50 (28th), Jonny Wilkinson 17.52.50 (46th) , Rob Eaton 17.23.80 (45th) , Michael Grimes 18.13.50 (48th ) and final placing out of 149 finishing teams .(overall time


In the Heaton Harriers Memorial 10k , both Alex Mirley  and  Rosie Smith had outstanding runs, with Alex finishing in 7th place and producing a personal best time of 33.26, whilst the ever consistent Rosie had yet another fine run finishing 14th overall and 1st lady  recording 34.07, other club athletes to finish were; Kim Simpson 127th 41.00, Bob Hewitson  M/55 194th 43.05, Alan Rowell M/65 269th 45.53, Kirsty Walker 347th 49.07, Diane Wood F/50 49.54 (pb), Mike Kenyon M/40 386th 50.11, Megan Bell F/35 436th 54.06, Fiona Holloway F/40 475th 56.17, Deborah Gibson F/45 506th 59.29, Kakinder Sidhu F/40 523rd 62.13, Kim Bailey F/45 524th 62.16, Helen Kent F/45 531st 63.41, and Tammy Cook F/35 65.24 (pb).


Tia Anderson and younger brother Travis  travelled to Sheffield to compete in the 1st fixture of the South Yorkshire Indoor Open Track Series, and it proved a very worthwhile trip, firstly Tia (13),  the Northern Counties 100/200m Champion tested herself over the shorter distance of 60 metres and finished 2nd in a personal best time of 8.43 , then ran and won the  200m in a superb personal best time of 26.79, beating her previous time by 2.86 secs in the U/15 age group. Meanwhile Travis (10), also did very well,  opening up with the  60m and recording 10.02 in the U/13 age group and then competed in the 800m and smashed his own personal best time by 25 secs, recording an excellent time of 3.07.29.



Boys just miss out on victory

Adam Ord, Sam Gibson, Izaak Taylor

Superb running by the U/13 Boys ‘A’ team at the Northern XC Relays held at Graves Park, Sheffield, and they almost pulled off what would have been a great victory but had to settle for Silver Medals after a brilliant team effort and failing by a mere 2 secs to catch Hallamshire Harriers (Sheffield) the race winners. Adam Ord gave  the team an excellent start on the 1st leg coming back 2nd in a superb time of 5.29, which was later to be the 3rd equal fastest time overall of the day. Sam Gibson maintained that position on the 2nd leg with another fine run recording 5.46 (3rd fastest time on this stage). Then on the 3rd and final leg, the in-form Izaak Taylor consolidated Durham’s position with yet another great run recording 5.41 (3rd fastest time on this stage) and the 9th fastest time overall of the day, a gallant Team effort. (Overall Time 16.56) .


Kim Simpson, Chloe Price, Rosie Smith

In the Senior Womens Race, Rosie Smith as always gave the Team an excellent start, by coming back 2nd recording 11.22, which was the 2nd fastest time of the day. Kim Simpson on the 2nd leg then had the difficult task  of trying to hang onto 2nd place, and this she did but understandably lost on  time returning 13.21, then on the final leg Chloe Price tried to hang on , but the opposition were mounting their attacks, and in the end dropped to 4th just 4 seconds outside a podium finish, but a brave effort by the Team, Chloe recording a good time of 12.41. (Overall Time 37.24).

Dan Jenkin, Andy Graham, Alex Mirley, Chris Walker

Further Results of the Clubs Team results were as follows showing positions after each leg and final positions after the final leg and overall time:
U/11 Girls Team; Freya Gibson (10th) 5.47, Holly Cook (9th) 6.07, Erin Keeler-Clarke (6th) 5.23, which was also the 2nd fastest time of the day! (Overall Time 17.17).
U/13 Boys ‘B’  Team; Thomas Wraith (8th) 5.51, William McKenna (8th) 6.03, Joshua Wraith (8th)  5.59.(Overall Time 17.53).
U/17 Boys ‘A’ Team; Joseph Grehan-Bradley (17th) 7.38, Cameron Stainsby (12th) 7.33, Cameron Allan (12th) 7.49. (Overall Time 23.00).
U/17 Boys ‘B’ Team; Luke Pickering (23rd) 8.01, Harrison Daglish (25th) 9.59, Michael Wade (21st) 7.49. (Overall Time 25.49).
U/15 Girls ; Lucy Walker (26th) 9.07, Lucy Grehan-Bradley (26th) 10.19, Imogen Coxon (23rd) 10.39.(Overall Time 30.05).
U/15 Boys; Chris Milburn (31st) 8.43, Jack Prowse (28th) 9.20, Jacob Stephenson (24th) 8.11. (Overall Time 26.14).
Senior Men; Dan Jenkin (7th) 10.28, Alex Mirley (10th) 11.03, Andy Graham (13th) 11.41, Chris Walker (16th) 11.51.(Overall Time 45,03).



Harriers Team just miss out on podium finish!

In the Annual Sherman Cup (for Men & Boys) and Davison Shield (for Women&Girls ) City athletes across the board ran very well indeed, both individually and in the Team Competition, but the Club missed out overall finishing a very creditable 4th in the Sherman Cup out of 35 Teams who had some Club representation, and were 11th in the Davison Shield out of 30 Teams represented, each Race based on aggregate team positions over the 5 Male/Female categories.

The in-form Izaak Taylor got Durham off to a great start finishing 3rd in the u/13 Boys Race with equally the in-form Cameron Allan finishing 3rd in the u/17 Boys Race, both winning Bronze Medals. Rosie Smith went one better in the Senior & Veteran Race finishing in Silver Medal position, having led the for most of the Race but was eventually overtaken towards the finish.

Full results were as follows:

(u/17 Boys) ; 3rd Cameron Allan 21.50, 5th Michael Wade 22.02, 6th Cameron Stainsby 22.13 , the 3 scorers,  and were 1st Team, backing them up were, 10th Luke Pickering 22.31, and 24th William Morgan-Rippon 25.04.

( u/13 Boys ) ; 3rd Izaak Taylor 11.25, 7th Adam Ord 11.46, and 8th Sam Gibson 11.47 , the 3 scorers, they also were 1st Team, followed by, 10th Joshua Wraith 11.51, 14th Thomas Wraith 12.07, 16th William McKenna 12.11, 17th Charlie Phillips 12.14, 19th Peter Cook 12.26, 29th Oliver McKenna 12.52, 33rd Oliver Stephenson 13.04, and 72nd Callum Wilkinson 16.41.

(Senior/Veteran Women’s Race) ; 2nd Rosie Smith 21.48, 8th Kim Simpson 24.47, and 14th Fran Brown 25.45 were the 3 scorers with 66th Rachel Bentley 28.06 backing them up, the next 3 runners were veterans, 93rd Audrey Christie (v/45)  28.53, 94th Alison Walker (v/45) 28.55, and 99th Kirstin Farquhar (v/45) 29.08 were the 3 counters for the Vets Team who finished 12th, others to finish were; 114th Claire Readey (v/40) 29.45, 116th Julia Quinonez (v/45) 29.49, 139th Georgette Reid 30.19, 180th Anne Wilson (v/35) 31.59, 219th Lynne Carruthers (v/50) 33.24, 221st Diane Wood (v/50) 33.26, 251st Paula Wear (v/35) 34.58, 299th Fiona Holloway (v/40) 38.44, 300th Debbie Gibson (v/45) 38.44) 301st Jacquie Robson (v/35) 38.50, and 310th Tammy Cook (v/35) 41.15.

(Senior/ Veteran Mens Race); first counter in  5th place was Dan Jenkin 30.34, having taken up the pace in the early part of the race and held it for quite some time until the closing stages as the other leading runners closed him down,  13th was James Askew 31.28, and 20th Rob Eaton 32.08 the 3 scorers, and they finished 4th Team, with 178th David Hemming 38.24, and 239th Joe Dowdle 39.50 backing them up, whilst 281st Bob Hewitson (v/55) 41.11, 309th Niall Salmon (v/45) 42.18, and 352nd Tony McNeil (v/50) 43.51, were the 3 scorers for the Vets Team who were 25th . Other Vets to finish were 371st Ken Bradshaw (v/50) 44.39, 385th Geoff Watson (v/35) 45.12, and 428th Brian Brown (v/65) 48.10.

In the combined u/17/u/20 Women’s Race, 1st counter for the Club and making her debut for the Club was  5th placed Laura Lee (u/20) 21.42,  with 21st Lizzie Cramb (u/17) 25.06, and 26th Alice Campbell (u/20) 25.37 the scorers, the Team were 5th.

(u/15 Boys); 17th Jacob Stephenson 11.34, 33rd Alfie Phillips 12.17,  and 49th Chris Milburn.12.59, the scorers, the Team were 8th.

(u/15 Girls); 25th Lucy Walker 13.47, 46th Laura Hopper 15.38 (incomplete Team).

( u/11 Girls) ; 5th Freya Gibson 4.36, 18th Holly Cook 4.52, 22nd Chelsea O’Connor 4.55, 41st Abi Jayne McCourt 5.19, 49th Claudia Clish 5.25, and  65th Emma Walker 5.50.

(u/11 Boys);  5th Thomas Hambleton 4.13, 19th Samuel Terry 4.35, 38th Callum Elliott 4.57, and 45th William Terry 5.03. ( no Team competition for the u/11’s,  only intended as a ‘fun race’ which they all enjoy!)


City athletes team up to record a Treble

DCH had a tremendous afternoon at the first North East Harrier League XC  at Tanfield Lea with 3 team victories in the U/13 Boys, U/17 Boys and Senior/Veteran Women, a brilliant start to the XC Season. Middle-distance Champion Adam Ord had a fine run in the under 13 Boys (3.5km Handicap Race) coming home 1st from the slow pack in a time of 12.53, with William McKenna 7th in 13.30 and Peter Cook 10th in 13.37 the three scorers, the Team was 1st with 18 points. Izaak Taylor had a great run from the fast pack off a  (1.40 handicap) finishing 14th in a net time of 12.16, which was the 2nd fastest time of the day, he was followed by Oliver McKenna 25th in 14.35, Joshua Wraith 37th in 13.29, Thomas Wraith 41st in 13.36 (both from the fast pack) and Callum Wilkinson 69th in 18.45.

In the U/17 Boys (7km Handicap), Cameron Stainsby edged away from team-mate Cameron Allan in the later stages to finish 2nd in 25.05 which was the 2nd fastest time and Cameron Allan 3rd in 25.26 (3rd fastest) and with Michael Wade 4th in 25.35 (5th fastest) the three scorers, the Team  were convincing winners with 9 points, backed up by Luke Pickering who was 7th in 26.49, William Morgan-Rippon 21st in 28.06, and Joseph Grehan-Bradley 22nd in 25.30 from the fast pack off a (2.40 handicap), was 4th fastest.

There was a record turn-out of 388 runners in the Senior and Veteran Women’s 7k Handicap Race where XC International Rosie Smith despite a 4 minute handicap,from the fast pack, had a tremendous run weaving her way through the massive field to finish 2nd overall and recording 25.03, the fastest time of the day with only Joasia Zakrewski Scotland’s ultra-distance athlete ahead of her and running as a guest from the slow pack recording 26.31.Helena Herrman was 7th in 30.19, Emma Thompson (V/35) 11th 30.52, and Alison Walker (V/45) 61st 33.20 , the four scorers, the Team were 1st in  Division 1. Other runners to finish were; Kat O’ Mahoney 74th 31.37 from the medium pack off a 2min handicap, Kirsty Walker 102nd 34.11, Kelly Bentley (V/50) 32.17 (med), Rachel Bentley 125th 32.52 (med), Sam Newington (V/50) 145th 35.26, Audrey Christie (V/45) 151st 33.34 (med), Julia Quinonez (V/45) 180th 34.25 (med), Anne Wilson (V/35) 257th 38.43, Debbie Gibson (V/45) 356th 45.24, Helen Kent (V/45) 369th 46.32, Jacquie Robson (V/35) 378th 49.01, Tammy Cook (V/40) 381st 50.22,and Paula Wear (V/35) 382nd 50.22.

There was almost a record turn-out in the Senior Men’s Race (590 runners) , remarkably only one short of the record set at Cramlington last year! City’s Robin Linten was the long time leader of the pack over the 10.5km course but after a great run was overhauled towards the end to finish 2nd in 38.25, only 10 secs adrift, and with Chris Wilkinson 37th  40.53, Dave King  (V/50) 97th 43.15, David Hemming 144th 44.16, and Simon Pickering (V/40) 272nd 46.36 the 6 scorers, the Team were 9th. Other runners to finish were; Niall Salmon (V45) 323rd 45.57, Andy Biggs (V/45) 333rd 48.07, Tony McNeil (V/50) 427th 51.01,Ken Bradshaw (V50) 496th 53.39, Brian Brown (V/65) 566th 59.34.

At the other end of the age categories, the in-form Erin Keeler- Clarke ran extremely well again  to finish 2nd in the U/11 Girls 1.4km Race recording 5.28, followed by  Freya Gibson 14th 6.11, Holly Cook 27th 6.40, Abi Jayne McCourt 35th 6.54, Claudia Clish 51st 7.15, Ruby Phillips 55th 7.22, Heidi Walton 67th 7.42. In the U/11 Boys Race also over 1.4km Thomas Hambleton  was first back finishing 4th in a time of 5.27, followed by Ben Elliott 21st 6.03, Samuel Terry 30th 6.07, William Terry 46th 6.30, Callum Elliott 53rd 6.41. In the U/15 Boys (3.5km Handicap Race) Alfie Phiillips led the way finishing 11th 13.17, followed by Jack Watson 21st 13.44, and Chris Milburn 40th 14.22, the 3 scorers, the Team finished 6th,they were  followed by Jack Prowse 54th 14.55 and Jacob Stephenson from the fast pack , 55th  in 13.18 (off 1.40 handicap). In the U/15 Girls Race also over 3.5km, Lucy Walker was first back for the Club in 21st position recording 15.36, followed by Bridget Bradshaw 42nd from the fast pack in 15.21( off 1.40 handicap),and  Laura Hopper 61st 18.59, the 3 scorers, the Team finished  7th. They were followed by Alexandra Ingram (Guest) 62nd  19.23, and Imogen Coxon 64th  from the fast pack 19.20 (off 1.40 handicap).

Lizzie Cramb was our only runner in the combined U/17 & U/20 Race and ran well to finish 6th overall,  5th U/17 recording 21.55, with only 2 from the Club in the U/13 Girls 3.5km Handicap Race, with Jenny Grehan- Bradley 49th in 17.28, and Harriet Coxon 72nd in 22.05.


Great North Run Round-Up

There was an excellent turnout by the Club in both the Junior and Senior Great North Run . In Saturdays Junior G.N.R. Races, conditions were far from ideal due to the heavy showers for some of the Races ,however it did not dampen their enthusiasm and spirit as there was still some fine performances from the youngsters in the various age categories over a distance of 4k.  Pride of place must go to Erin Keeler-Clarke who had a great run in the (9-10) Girls Race finishing in a bronze medal position. Izaak Taylor also a fine run just missing out on  a podium place finishing 4th in the (11-12) Boys Race. There was also an  exciting club battle in the (15-16) Boys Race, where Joseph Grahan-Bradley finished 8th , just holding off team-mates Cameron Allan who finished 9th,  and Michael Wade only a further 10 seconds behind in 13th. Full results of the Junior G.N.R. were as follows;- (Girls 9-10) : Erin Keeler-Clark 3rd 16.18, Tara Sabastiao-Yatsuzuka 83rd 21.40, Sophie McCall 90th 21.56, Rachel Dann 118th 22.40. ( Girls 13-14):  Rina Sabastiao- Yatsuzuka 30th 17.35, Neave Laverick 200th 26.54; (Girls 15-16); Saskia Warren 26th 19.15. (Boys 11-12);- Izaak Taylor 4th 14.29, Joseph Bennett 47th 17.06; (Boys 13-14) Chris Milburn 55th 17.03, Raphael McCall 145th 20.24,D’Artagnan Nauschutz 175th 21.56. (Boys 15-16) ; Joseph Grehan-Bradley 8th 13.37, Cameron Allan 9th 13.38, Michael Wade 13th 13.48, Luke Pickering 17th 14.33, Harrison Daglish 55th 17.40. In the Great North 5k, Rebecca Mott was the club’s sole representative and finished 56th in a time of 21.18.

In Sunday’s Great North Run, officially the biggest Half-Marathon in the World, the weather was in complete contrast to Saturday, it was bright and sunny as the masses of runners set off on their epic journey from Newcastle-South Shields. At the finish it was the in-form Rob Eaton who was 1st counter for the Harriers finishing a highly placed 50th position and recording a fine time of 1.14.41. Other members of the Club to finish, many of whom ran personal best times  were as follows ; Wout Von Dijk 1.19.30, Chris Wilkinson 1.24.09, David Henson 1.30.11, Paul Delaney 1.30.14, James Smith 1.34.39, Alastair McCall 1.37.20, Chris Herkes 1.37.38, Kirstin Farquhar 1.42.47, Sean Bowden 1.45.29, David Coxon 1.46.34, Alison Walker 1.47.01, Mike Kenyon 1.50.04, Ian Graham 1.54.45, Sam Campbell 1.56.52, Frances Park 1.58.17, Lynne Carruthers 2.00.08, Rod Wilkinson 2.00.59, Emily Bowden 2.05.46, Sophie Jones 2.08.13, Mike Dann 2.11.11, Emma Bramley 2.22. 31, Paula Wear 2.22.41, Alan Rowell 2.29.33, Catherine Garbutt 2.43.41, Tammy Cook 2.51.52, Julie Barker 2.59.41.


Farringdon Relays Success

Farringdon 1
There was another good turn-out by the City Harriers for the start of the XC season as athletes featured in 9 of the 11 Race Programme at the Farringdon Open XC & Relays, Sunderland. It was yet another great day for the Junior members with Gold Medals awarded to Erin  Keeler-Clarke and Lizzie Cramb, for their fine victories, with well earned Bronze Medals awarded to Izaak Taylor and Cameron Stainsby, along with some excellent performances throughout in the various age groups with great encouragement by their team-mates, coaches,  and great support from parents,full results of which were as follows ; U/11 Girls 1000m : Erin Keeler- Clarke 1st 3.58, Freya Gibson 10th 4.41. U/17 Women : Lizzie Cramb 1.8 miles 1st 12.18. U/17 Boys : Cameron Stainsby 3rd 9.39, Michael Wade 7th 9.50, Cameron Allan 9th 9.53, Luke Pickering 10th 10.07, William Morgan-Rippon 13th in 10.40.  U/13 Boys: Izaak Taylor 3rd 10.20, Will McKenna 13th 11.25, Joshua Wraith 14th 11.27, Thomas Wraith 16th 11.33, Charlie Phillips 20th 11.53, Olly McKenna 24th 12.20. U/13 Girls: Emily Salmon 9th 12.11. U/15 Girls : Lucy Walker 11th 12.31, Rina Sebastiao- Yatshzuka 12.52, Laura Hopper 20th 14.25. U/15 Boys : Jacob Stephenson 9th 10.51, Alfie Phillips 13th 11.05.

Senior Women : Chloe Price  5th 10.55, Kelly Bentley (v/50) 22nd 12.29, Alison Walker (v/45) 32nd 12.51, Paula Wear (v/35) 68th 15.52, Helen Kent (v/45) 76th 17.43. All runners ran the same distance ie 1.8miles, except the u/11 girls and boys (1000m).

Farringdon 2
In the Senior Men’s Relay (4 x 1.8 miles) the Harriers fielded 2 Teams with the A team finishing in a very respectable 6th place out of 34 teams, results were as follows;  (A) Alex Mirley 7th 9.24, Adam Walker 13th 10.04, Michael Grimes 5th 9.43, Andy Graham 6th  9.41.
(B) George Reid 35th 12.45, David Hemming 27th 11.29, Simon Pickering 25th 11.52, Niall Salmon 29th 12.08.


City athletes sprint to double Gold performances

There was an excellent turnout by DCH athletes for the Annual Tartan Games at Gateshead International Stadium with 3 of them achieving sprint double Gold performances and to bring their fine  season to a perfect finale for most of them. The in-form Tia Anderson (u/13) the Northern Sprint Champion, won her 100m in 13.23 and the 200m in 27.06, which time was a meeting record. Isabell Hainsworth, the NE Sprint Champion, won the Senior Women’s 100m in 13.05 and the 200m in 27.58, whilst N E u/17 100m Champion Greg Venyo winning his age group category recording 11.40 in the 100m and 23.51 in the 200m, and in the u/13 Boys,  Joseph Downing won Gold in the Long Jump with a leap of 5.38 metres. Silver Medals were awarded to Nick Ingram in the u/15 Boys 200m with a pb time of 24.37, Harrison Daglish in the u/17 Men’s Long Jump 5.09 metres; Izabell Thornton (u/17) women’s Javelin 21.94 metres and Long Jump 4.43 metres, with Gabriel Tallara  (u/17 Men) gaining a Bronze in the Long Jump with a leap 5.09 metres.
There were also some other fine performances by the City Harriers which were as follows; Olivia Fawcett (u/13) 4th in 100m Final in 14.75; Charlotte Boyle (u/17) 6th in 100m Final in 13.62, and 28.71 in the 200m heats; James Thornton (u/13) 4th in Shot Putt 7.97 metres pb, 5th in the Javelin 27.82 metres pb, and 6th in the Long Jump 3.79 metres; Joseph Downing (u/15) 6th in High Jump 1.50 metres, and recording 27.07 in 200m heats; Luke Allen (u/15) 6th in the Shot Putt 9.28 metres, 7th in the Javelin 24.19 metres; Isabell Thornton (u/17) 4th in Shot Putt 6.74 metres; Harrison Daglish (u/17) 4th in 800m Final 2.22.28;Nick Ingram (u/15) 4th 100m Final 11.98; Joshua Bishop (u/15) 5th in 300m Final 41.98 pb, 6th in 200m Final 26.70 pb, and 12.83 in 100m heats; Chris Milburn (u/15) 7th in Shot Putt 8.65 metres pb, and recorded 13.65 in the 100m and 28.32 in the 200m, both pb times in the heats; Leon Turnbull (u/15) 13.35 in 100m heats; Charlie Peter Bishop (u/13) 6th in  200m Final 30.50 and recorded 14.88 in 100m heats; Veteran Jacquie Robson (w35) was 4th in the Shot Putt with 10.30 metres; and Michael Dixon recording  58.26 in the heats of the Senior Men’s 400m.


DCH again hosted the very popular Summer XC Relays around the picturesque and superb grounds of the University Racecourse, where three runners complete two 1500m laps each. The Senior Men’s ‘A’ team got off to a brilliant start with Dan Jenkin having a great run on the 1st leg leading from the start to finish recording a time of 9.00, which proved to be the fastest time of the day. Alex Mirley tried his best to maintain the lead but eventually had to give way and dropped to second returning in 9.41 on the second leg. James Askew then took up the challenge on the third and final leg and although he dropped 1 place to finish in 9.14 he ran the 5th fastest time of the day and brought the team home in 3rd in an overall time of 27.55, which was only 6 seconds behind race winners Morpeth and 5 seconds behind Tyne Bridge in the senior relay. The City ‘B’ team of Rob Eaton (12th) in 9.53, Peter Bray (9th) in 9.59, and Graham Hunt (10.46) finished 11th overall in 30.38. The senior women’s team of Laura Lee (34th) in 11.37, Sam Newington (VW35) 51st in 13.43, and Rebecca Mott 12.39 finished 47th overall in 37.59 (74 complete teams finished). In the masters and mixed teams relays a team of Michael Grimes (5th) in 9.58, Chloe Price (11th) in 11.33, and Jason Catterall (vet) 11.52, finished 15th overall in 33.23. In the veterans mixed the team of Alan Rowell (70th) in 13.10, Kelly Bentley (58th) in 13.04, and Rob Garbutt 13.28 finished 58th overall in 39.42 (112 complete teams finished). Niall Salmon (vet) also ran as an individual and finished 69th in 13.05 on the first leg.

In the Tynedale Jelly Tea Annual 10 mile road race at Hexham, Rob Eaton was first counter for the club in 8th position in a time of 60.54 on a very tough and challenging course this year. Rob also became the club’s 10 mile Champion for 2015. He was closely followed by veteran Ian Crampton finishing a very respectable 10th in 61.48 and was 1st over 50 veteran. Other club runners to finish were: Wouter Van Dijk 23rd in 66.22, Peter Harrison (M40) 37th in 69.34, Kim Simpson 84th in 75.12 (became the club’s ladies’ champion), Bob Hewitson (M55) 137th in 79.44, Kirstin Farquhar (W45) 202nd in 85.44, and David Coxon (M40) 203rd in 85.50.


NE and Scottish Masters Champion Jacqui Hodgson travelled to Lyon, France, to compete in the World Masters T & F Championships and produced some excellent performances  in a week of tough competition. Firstly she competed in the W45 200m finishing 2nd in her heat recording 28.35 and then ran 28.11 in the semi-final but just missing out on the final. However, in her 1st round heat of the 400m Jacqui produced a lifetime best of 61.33 (electronic timing) which qualified her for the semi-final and produced yet another personal best of 61.22. Then in the Final she again ran well just missing a podium place in finishing 4th and recording 61.50, all 3 timings in the competition beating her previous best times, and having suffered Achilles’ tendon problems earlier in the season, a superb effort! Jason Catterall also made the trip  and finished 7th in the M40 heats of the 400m recording 58.59, and was also 7th in the 800m heats recording 2.15.90.

Newly crowned Northern U/13 100 & 200m Champion Tia Anderson was also back in action, this time in the Scottish Athletics Age Group Championships at Grangemouth and producing an excellent sequence of times to get to and win the 200m Title. In her heat, Tia was 1st in 28.42, in the semi- final was 1st again in 28.37, and then won the Final in fine style recording 27.42, a superb effort by a fine young athlete and all achieved on the same day!


City Harriers strike Gold

Tia Anderson pulled off a superb sprint double in defeating her main rival Charlotte Richardson of Gateshead, in the u/13 girls 100m and 200m at the Northern Athletes Junior Championships at Middlesbrough. Charlotte beat Tia in the N.E. Championships in May, but on this occasion the roles were reversed with Tia beating the pre-race favourite for both events into 2nd place in the 2 races, and in so doing setting new personal best times in the final of the 200m (27.03) and 100m (13.01) , with heats and finals on the same day. Those times elevate Tia to 7th and 8th respectively in the current UK 2015 rankings, a great achievement.
Other winners were, Adam Ord in the u/13 boys 800m race, who has been in superb form this season, on this occasion he left it late with 200m to go and sprinted to win the race in in a time of 2.15.36, to lift the title and complete a fine double as Adam is currently North East Counties Champion in this event when he won in May. Multi-eventer Joseph Downing was the other winner in the u/15 Boys Triple Jump when he set a new personal best with a  leap of 11.09m. He also recorded 1.55m in the High Jump and 5.09m in the Long Jump.
There were many other fine performances by club members over the 2 days of tough competition, results of which were as follows:- Nicholas Ingram (u/15 Boys) 5th in 100m (Final) 12.13, 6th in the 200m (Final) 24.43 (pb); Greg Venyo (u/17 Boys) 5th in 100m (Final) 11.63, 7th in 200m (Final) 23.22; Chris Milburn (u/15 Boys) 7th in 800m (Final) 2.29.61; Cameron Stainsby (u/17 Boys) 12th in 1500m (Final) 4.28.58; Olivia Fawcett (u/13 Girls) 6th in 100m (Heat) 14.84 pb, and 8th in 200m (Heat) 31.33.


In the Annual Darlington 10k Road Race the in-form Dan Jenkin was again first counter for the Harriers producing yet another very good  run in finishing 5th and recording a fine time of 31.35, and as this race was selected as the Club’s 10k Championship he became the 2015 Champion.
It was encouraging to see that the first 5 counters were well under the 40 minute barrier and personal bests set. Full results of the club runners showing chip times were as follows; 22nd Rob Eaton in 34.37, 31st Wouter Van Dijk in 35.31 (PB), 69th Anthony Hunt (M45) 37.21, 74th Peter Harrison (M40) 37.36 (PB), 312th Robert Hewitson (M55) in 43.55, 337thAlan Rowell (M65) in 44.25, 398th Dave Coxon (M40) 45.38, 422nd Ken Bradshaw (M50) 46.00 (PB), 430th Elwyn Baldwin (M65) in 46.07, 492nd Ian Graham (M60) 47.08 (PB), 732nd Liz Lamb (W55) in 50.26 making her the female club 10k champion, 761st Rod Wilkinson (M50) 52.09, 1132nd Fred Anderson (M75) 57.53, 1450th Lindsey Brooks (W45) in 66.23, 1451st Tammy Cook (W35) 66.24 (PB), 1452nd Victoria Coxon (W40) in 65.45 , and 1556thJoe Harker (M75) in 72.11. There were 1636 finishers.


Jacqui picks up more medals

Jacqui Hodgson (v45), newly crowned NE Veterans Champion was yet again amongst the medals, this time at the Scottish Athletics Masters Championships at Grangemouth where she pulled off another fine double by winning the 200m in 28.43 and the 400m in 63.87 – this year it was Gold Medals  having won Silvers in the same events in 2014. Jacqui then travelled 2 weeks later to Birmingham to compete in the British Masters where on the first day she won Gold in the 400m recording 63.88, but was unlucky to lose out in the 200m as there was two separate races in her category where she won her race but was beaten on time in the other therefore had to settle for Silver recording 29.10.

Jonny Wilkinson made the long trip to Poland to compete in the European Athletics Championships for the Deaf and performed really well competing in the 5000m on the first day finishing 10th and recording a personal best time of 16.30.30 , and the following day was 9th in the 1500m recording 4.11.45.

Samantha Coleby also ran very well in the York Benenden Health Summer League finishing 1st in the Senior Women’s 200m recording 25.7 and was 1st Senior Woman in the combined u/17, S/women, S/men’s  400m Race, recording a seasons best time of 56.0. Samantha also travelled down to Birmingham to compete in the UK Women’s League Premier Division against strong opposition where she finished 7th in the 400m ( A Race) recording 56.33, and was 6th in the 200m (B Race) recording 25.52.

In the British Milers Club 800m Races held at Maiden Castle , Durham, the City’s club athletes, particularly the junior members, produced some excellent times, as follows; Andy Graham (Sen) 2.02.6, Jonny Wilkinson (u/23) 2.05.2, Cameron Stainsby (u/17) 2.05.9 pb , Adam Ord (u/13) 2.14.6 pb, (now ranked 6th in the UK (u/13) Rankings ), Harrison Daglish (u/17) 2.15.1 pb, Lizzie Cramb (u/17) 2.18.9 sb, Izaak Taylor (u/13) 2.31.4 pb.


City athletes in Championship form

In the annual Sunderland 5k Road Race there was a change in format from previous years in that there was 2 separate races due to the narrowness of the course in parts and the number of athletes taking part. Race 1 was the mixed Senior Women & Male Veterans (over 50) Race, in which Rosie Smith finished 5th overall ,was 3rd Lady recording 17.16,  and 2nd in the NE Championship and 3rd in the Northern Championship,with Chloe Price 17th overall (9th Lady) recording 18.12, and Rachel Bentley 43rd (19th Lady) the 3 scorers, the team overall were 3rd with 65 points,but even more significant, they were 1st Ladies Team in the Northern Championship with 31points, beating Tyne Bridge and Morpeth both on 32 points, a very pleasing and tremendous result. Other runners to finish overall were; Kim Simpson 52nd 20.47, Kirsty Walker 93rd 23.07, and veterans Liz Lamb o/50 23.48, Stuart Reay o/50 24.17, Christine Woods o/50 24.47, Victoria Coxon o/35 130th 29.20.

In Race 2 the in-form Dan Jenkin had a fine run in the Senior/Veteran Men’s Race finishing 3rd in an excellent time of 14.56, and was also 3rd in both the NE and Northern Championships. Dan was backed up by Andy Graham 28th 16.04, narrowly holding off Rob Eaton 30th 16.05 , and with again 3 to score, the team finished 4th out of 13 teams. Other runners to finish were; Graham Hunt 64th 17.17, Wouter Van Dijk  71st 17.29, Cameron Allan (u/15) 72nd 17.34 pb, Joel Thompson 97th  18.18, Peter Harrison (v40) 101st 18.27, David Coxon (v40) 152nd 21.38.

In previous races,  Dan Jenkin had a great victory in the Newburn River Run (10.5k) recording a very good time of 34.08, whilst Matt Hornsby scored his 1st victory as a veteran o/35 with a tremendous run  in the Red Kite 8 mile race (Dipton) recording 55.29, winning by over 3 minutes.

Rachel Bentley, also in great form, finished 116th overall in the Bridges of the Tyne 5 Mile Race recording 33.56 pb ,followed by Alison Walker o/45 157th  35.44 pb, Kirstin Farquhar o/45 167th 36.05 pb, Paula Wear o/35 297th 42.23 pb, Victoria Coxon o/40 359th 48.41, Tammy Cook o/35 369th 52.12.


Matt Hornsby has been in great form recently, firstly he had a fine run in the Tees Barrage 10k (Thornaby) finishing 4th in a personal best time of 34.45, with Kirsty Walker 184th in 49.57, the only other runner from the club in this race where there were 452 finishers.
In his next race, after reaching the (over 35) veteran category, Matt finished 6th overall and was 2nd veteran setting another personal best time of 33.47 in the Clive Cookson 10k (Whitley Bay) , and again Kirsty Walker was the only other runner from the Harriers taking part finishing 287th in 49.38 (416 finishers).
Matt then took part in the Newton Aycliffe 10k, when  he finished highly placed in 6th, again he was 2nd veteran recording 34.39.not far behind was Rosie Smith, who is getting back into form after a lengthy lay off through injury finishing 8th (1st lady) in a fine time of 35.48. Other club runners to finish were: veterans Elwyn Baldwin (V60) 101st in 46.30, Stuart Reay (V50) 183rd in 53.31, and Joe Harker (V75) 258th in 69.49.

In the Sunderland Half-Marathon, Alex Mirley was 1st counter for the club finishing highly placed in 8th and recorded a pb time of 77.44, followed by veteran Anthony Hunt (M45) 21st in 82.06 also a pb, Chris Herkes 67th in 89.19 and Isaac Allen (U/20) 102nd in 92.13.

There was a great turn out by the club in the Lambton Run (Chester-le-St) 10k, with Andy Graham leading the way and having an outstanding run finishing 3rd in a time of 35.40, followed by Joel Thompson 18th in 40.14, Peter Harrison (V40) 21st in 41.01, Kim Simpson 55th in 44.25, Rachel Bentley 76th in 45.27, Alan Rowell (V60) 91st in 46.13, David Coxon (V45) 123rd in 47.50, Ken Bradshaw (V50) 130th in 48.26 (pb), Alison Walker (V45) 142nd in 48.55, Audrey Christie (V45) 163rd in 49.57, Tony McNeil (V50) 170th in 50.15, Liz Lamb (V55) 256th in 54.13, Paula Wear (V35) 349th in 57.25, Victoria Coxon (V40) 561st in 66.38, Tammy Cook (V35) 657th in 73.12. (715 finishers).



Medals galore for City Athletes

Dan Garbutt repeated his victory of 2013 by retaining his 1500m title in this years Northern Athletics u/20 and Senior T&F Championships held at Sportcity, Manchester. It was a tactical affair in the early stages but Dan upped the tempo in the last 800m which he covered in around 1.55 and went on to win in fine style with a time of 3.53.91 to win back the Senior title which he lost last year.

Samantha Coleby ran a seasons best time of 56.54 in her heat of the Senior Women’s 400m finishing 2nd, and in the final improved her time to 56.23, but just missed out on a bronze medal by 13 hundredths of a second. Izzy Hainsworth finished 7th in her heat of the Senior Women’s 100m recording 12.90, whilst Amy Etherington finished 5th in the  u/20 Women’s 400m final, recording 61.19.


In the North East Veterans T&F Championships at Jarrow, Paul Donaghy (M45) had a tremendous afternoon of competition, having entered 10 events he went on to win 5 Gold Medals, 2 Silvers and 3 Bronze. The events of which were as follows :- (Gold) in 100m (12.8), 200m (26.2), HJ (1.40m) LJ (4.42m) TJ (9.45m) pb, (Silver) in 400m (61.3) and SP (7.70m),(Bronze) in DT (18.19m), HT (16.53m), and  JT (23.18m) pb.
Meanwhile , Jacqui Hodgson (W45), the British Masters 200/400m Champion, also had a busy day winning 3 Gold Medals , the 100m in 14.3, 200m in 28.9, and 400m in 63.4. Other Medallists were :- Jason Catterall  (M40) Gold in the 400m in 57.5 and Silver in the 800m 2.17.7 ; Ian Graham (M60), Silver in 800m 3.05 pb, Bronze in 1500m 6.10 pb; Brian Brown (M65),Bronze in SP 5.41m , and was also 4th in 3000m 14.10.2, 5th in 800m 3.15.9, and 5th in 1500m 6.26.4.


The Durham County Schools T&F Championships also held at Jarrow saw Cameron Allan (u/17) pull off a great victory in the 3000m finishing in a personal best time of 9.53.3, whilst Cameron Stainsby (u/17) finished 3rd in the 1500m recording 4.30.6 with Luke Pickering (u/17) 7th in a pb time of 4.42.4.  Cameron Allan also had a fine run in the Northern Schools Inter-County Match at Gateshead again over 3000m and finished 6th in 10.00.8.


Full results are now to hand for both of the Schools events and are as follows:
Firstly Durham County Schools (Jarrow):
Senior Boys: Cameron Bain 2nd  400m 53.0, Steffan Renstrom 3rd 100m 12.1 (pb).
Inter Boys: Greg Venyo 1st 100m 11.4, Scott Armstrong 3rd 400m 55.2.
Junior Boys: Nick Ingram 1st 100m 11.8, Joseph Downing 2nd  HJ 1.57m.
Senior Girls: Lizzy Cramb 1st 800m 2.24.6 , Lucy McIlroy 2nd  100m 13.2, 2nd 200m 27.50.
Inter Girls: Charlotte Boyle 2nd 300m 44.9 (pb). Isobel Thornton 3rd  LJ  4.42m.Jemima Campbell 4th SP 8.17m, Lauren Donaghy 4th in 80m H 15.6 (pb).
Junior Girls: Tia Anderson 2nd 200m 27.2, Bridget Bradshaw 3rd 800m  2.32.3 (pb).Emily Barker 7th 200m 29.4.

Northern Schools Inter-County Match (Gateshead):
Inter Boys: Greg Venyo 2nd 100m  11.47.
Junior Boys: Nick Ingram 3rd 100m 11.47. Joseph Downing 5th HJ  1.40m.
Senior Girls: Lucy McIlroy 2nd 200m 27.39. 3rd 100m 13.29.
Inter Girls: Lizzy Cramb 2nd 800m  2.21.68. Charlotte Boyle 5th in 300m 44.3.
Junior Girls: Tia Anderson  5th 200m 27.62.
Both Greg Venyo and Nick Ingram have since been selected to represent Durham County in the English Schools T&F Championships at Gateshead.


Another fine young prospect is Adam Ord (u/13), the newly crowned North East Counties 800m Champion, who in 6 consecutive races this season has improved his personal best time for 800m from 2.29.9 to 2.15.3 which currently ranks him 1st in the North East and even more impressive, 5th in UK.



The famous Blaydon Races returned on the 9th June for the 34th year covering 5.7 miles from Newcastle to Blaydon. About 4,000 runners took part on a beautiful summer’s evening for this iconic race. 1st counter for the Harriers was Dan Jenkin finishing 9th overall in a time of 28.28. He was followed by  Andy Graham, 33rd in 30.19; Rob Eaton, 38th in 30.41; Rosie Smith, 53rd in 31.41; Peter Harrison (v40), 197th in 34.56; Joel Thompson, 241st in 35.42; Anthony Hunt (v45), 298th in 36.33; Kim Simpson, 337th in 36.56; Christian Barlow, 358th in 37.10; David Hemming, 540th in 38.44; Emma Thompson (v35), 554th in 38.50; Alison Walker (v45) 980th in 41.35; Dave Coxon (v40), 1108th in 42.28; Mike Kenyon (v45), 1136th in 42.37; Ian Graham (v60), 1221rd in 43.11; Tony McNeil, 1428th in 44.27; Diane Wood (v45), 1552nd in 45.12; Liz Lamb, 1663rd in 45.52; Rod Wilkinson (v50), 1831st in 46.48; Lynne Carruthers (v50), 1917th in 47.25; Paula Wear, 1985th in 47.47; Fiona Holloway (v40), 2487th in 50.51; Paul Donaghy (v45), 2772nd in 52.36; Tammy Cook, 3654th in 63.41 and Julie Barker, 3656th in 63.41 [All Chip times].

In the Pier to Pier Race from South Shields to Roker, Sunderland (approximately 7 miles), over road, rugged paths and sand, Simon Hackett (m40) led the club’s veterans home in 325th position in a time of 55.55, followed by Brian Brown (m60) 429th in 58.54, Wendy Hughes (w40) 687th in 67.41 and Joe Harker (m40) 905th in 79.50 (930 finishers).


“Fine medal haul for City athletes”

City athletes had two excellent days at the North Eastern County Track & Field Championships at Gateshead International Stadium winning medals across the board  within their respective age groups. There were many fine performances in fact, but one athlete, Izzy Hainsworth, managed an excellent sprint double by winning the senior women’s 100m in 12.90 and 200m in 26.79.
Other medal winners were:
Emma Toogood (senior women’s 800m: 1st, 2.19.81; 400m: 2nd in a pb time of 61.93)
Adam Ord (u13 boys 800m: 1st in a pb of 2.19.25; 200m: 2nd in 28.18)
Joseph Downing (u15 boys high jump: 1st in a pb of 1.67m; triple jump: 2nd in a pb of 10.65m
Greg Venyo (u17 men 100m: 1st, 11.75; 200m ,3rd in 23.86)
Tia Anderson (u13 girls 100m: 2nd in 13.41; 200m 2nd in 28.29)
Cameron Bain (u20 men 400m: 3rd 52.34)
Chris Milburn (u15 boys discus throw: 2nd 20.26m)
Amy Etherington (u20 women 400m 2nd 61.03; 200m final: 6th 28.19)
Jacqui Hodgson (v45) (senior women’s 400m final: 3rd 63.06; 200m final: 4th 28.61)
Andy Graham (senior men’s 1500m final: 4th 4.14.72)
Scott Armstrong (u17 men 400m final: 4th 55.87; 200m final: 5th in a pb of 25.04)
David Wilkinson (senior men’s 400m final: 5th 53.85)
Charlotte Boyle (u17 women 200m final 6th 28.67; 300m final 6th 45.82)
Helenlee Whalley (senior women’s 100m final: 6th in a pb of 15.08)
Jonny Wilkinson (senior men’s 5000m final 7th, in a pb of 16.46)

In the Virgin London Marathon (not reported previously due to race result errors),  Dan Jenkin had a very good run finishing 78th in a time of 2.30.04 (pb), with veteran Ian Crampton finishing a fine 187th overall (4th over 50) in 2.36.03, followed by Wout Van Dijk (3.14.47), Joel Thompson (3.16.04, pb), David Henson (3.22.06, pb) and Christian Barlow (3.36.09, pb).



In the recent round-up of the clubs results, veteran Peter Harrison (V/40) has continued to show fine form in his build up for only his 3rd Marathon and travelled to France to compete in the Schneider Electric Marathon De Paris and had a great run finishing in a personal best time of 3:07.20 knocking almost 9 minutes of his previous best time.

Peter was also first counter for the club in the annual Thirsk 10 mile road race and had used this as part of his Marathon build up, he finished 114th in a good time of 64.03 also a pb, with veteran club-mates finishing as follows: Bob Hewitson (V/55) 231st in 68.59, Kirstin Farquhar (V/45) 473rd in 78.43, Alison Walker (V/45) 474th in 78.43, Anne Wilson (V/35) 742nd in 89.06, Lynne CarrutherOs (V/50) 808th in 91.33, David Coxon (V/40) 819th in 92.11 (injured during race), Joe Harker (V/70) 1039th in 117.08.

In the North Tyneside 10k, Andy Graham led the way finishing a very credible 6th place recording a fine time of 34.05, with other club runners finishing as follows: Anthony Hunt (V/45) 43rd in 36.57(PB), Peter Harrison (V/40) 37.53(PB), Dave King (V/45) 99th in 39.35, Kim Simpson 111th in 40.13, Alison Walker (V/45) 323rd in 45.25, Tony McNeil (V/50) 449th in 47.26, Matthew King (U/20) 498th in 48.10, Gemma Soulsby 908th in 52.56 (1500 finishers).

Emma Thompson (V/35) was 1st counter for the club in the annual Raby Castle 10k finishing 72nd in 44.22 followed by Alison Walker (V/45) 107th in 46.56, David Coxon (V/40) 118th in 47.28, Mike Kenyon (V/45) 150th in 49.31, Paula Wear (V/35) 296th in 65.21, Vicky Coxon (V/35) 297th in 65.21.

In the New Marske Mermaid 10k, Bob Hewitson (V/55) was 66th overall, (3rd over 55) recording 41.59, with Joe Harker (V/70) 202nd in 66.36.



There was an excellent turn-out for the Anne-Marie Readshaw Memorial Open Track & Field Meeting at Shildon where conditions were far from ideal but competition for all athletes was the order of the day! The Harriers support this fixture every year and had a record number of athletes competing, well supported by their coaches and families. City athletes scored a number of victories and are worth a special mention for their efforts, and even others doubled up and tried a number of events throughout the day which was good to see and gained podium finishers for their efforts.

Full results were as follows:

U/11 60m (Heats) Beatrice Bartley (11.10); Libby Morris (11.40); Harriet Coxon 11.80; Emma Walker (13.40)

U/11 600m (Graded) Jessica Peart 8th (2.20.09)

U/11 LJ Holly Goldsmith (12th) 2.27m, Jessica Peart (13th) 2.27m, Harriet Coxon (14th) 2.25m, Emma Walker (18th) 1.97m

U/13 800m Adam Ord (1st) 2.29.9

U/13 800m (Graded ), Izaack Taylor (2.44.8), James Garraghan (2.57.1), Michael Turner (3.04.1), Callum Wilkinson (3.42.4)

U/13 100m Max Barker (4th) 14.50 (Final); James Thornton 15.70 (Heat), James Garraghan 16.40 (Heat)

U/13 150m (Graded) Jessica Peart (28.70)

U/13 LJ James Thornton (2nd) 3.47m, James Garraghan (5th) 3.07m, Michael Turner (8th) 2.77m

U/13 Shot Putt James Thornton (1st) 6.49m

U/15 100m (Heats) Joseph Downing 13.80, Chris Milburn 14.80, Daniel McLaughlan 15.90

U/15 100m (Heats) Emily Barker (14.60)

U/15 200m (Graded) Emily Barker 9th (29.50), Carmel Carey (13th) 31.20, Lucy Walker (17th) (32.90)

U/15 200m (Graded) Luke Allen 28.60

U/15 400m (Graded) Chris Milburn (3rd) 64.80

U/15 800m (Graded) Bridget Bradshaw (7th) 2.42.4, Lucy Walker (15th) 2.50.01, Imogen Coxon (22nd) 3.10.7

U/15 800m Joshua Erlebach 6th (2.59.8)

U/15 3000m Will Lindsey 2nd (12.36.9)

U/15 Shot Lucy Grehan-Bradley (2nd) 6.24m

U/15 HJ Imogen Coxon (1st) (1.20m)

U/15 HJ Luke Allen (2nd) 1.20m

U/15 LJ Joseph Downing (2nd) 4.68m, Chris Milburn (5th) 4.20m, Daniel McLaughlin (8th) 3.28m

U/17 Greg Venyo (1st) 100m (11.50) & 200m Graded (23.80)

U/17 100m (Heats) Declan Murray 13.20

U/17 100m (Final) Jazmine Moss (3rd) I00m (13.10), Isabell Thornton (Heat) (15.90)

U/17 200m (Graded) Charlotte Boyle (7th) 28.90, Rebecca Mott (8th) 29.30, Courtney Price (10th) 30.10

U/17 800m (Graded) Rebecca Mott (1st) 2.33.6

U/17 800m (Graded) Harrison Daglish (5th) 2.23.4

U/17 3000m Joseph Grehan-Bradley 7th (10.02.4), Cameron Stainsby 8th (10.09.0)

U/17 LJ Isabell Thornton (1st) 4.10m

U/17 HJ Isabell Thornton (2nd) 1.20m

Sen. Ladies 100m Rosie Findlay (1st) (13.50) & 200m Graded (26.50)

Sen. Ladies Freya Hardcastle 100m (Final) (8th) 15.60

Sen. Ladies 200m Amy Etherington (2nd) 28.10, Lucy McILroy (5th) 29.70

Sen. Ladies 800m Emma Toogood (2nd) 2.24.8, Amy Etherington (3rd) 2.29.5

Sen. Ladies LJ Olivia Kell (2nd) 4.39m

Sen. Men 400m (Graded) Cameron Bain (4th) 52.70, Oliver Watson (5th) 54.20, David Wilkinson (6th) 54.60

Sen. Men 800m Chris Wilkinson 5th (2.14.0), Isaac Allen 8th (2.33.6)

Sen. Men 3000m Jonna Baines (5th) 9.04.5


In the final NE Harrier League XC Meeting at Wrekenton, Dan Jenkin bounced back from missing out on selection for the NE Senior Men’s Team in the Inter-Counties Championship with yet another fine run from the fast pack off a 5 minute handicap, finishing 11th overall and to record the fastest time of the day of 31.08, whilst Matt Hornsby moved up to 30th in 32.17 (8th fastest),and likewise Andy Graham up to 45th in 32.39 (10th fastest), both from the fast pack, and with veterans Dave King 55th in 37.50 and Peter Harrison 68th in 38.01 both from the slow pack , and Rob Eaton 110th in 33.37 also from the fast pack the 6 scorers ,the team finished 6th in Division 1. Other runners to finish were; Andy Biggs (v) 153rd in 39.03, David Hemming 160th in 39.15, Bob Hewitson (v) 330th in 42.48, Ken Bradshaw (v) 362nd in 44.02, Tony McNeil (v) 400th in 45.04, Gary Coulter (v) 424th in 46.08, Ian Graham (v) 435th in 46.34, Matthew King 462nd in 48.15, Brian Brown (v) 470th in 49.02.

Charlotte Shields was first counter for the club in the Senior Women’s Race finishing 7th from the medium pack (2min handicap) recording 26.04, with Kirstin Farquhar (v) 37th in 29.30 (s) ,  Kat O’Mahoney 87th in 28.16 (m) and Julia Quinonez (v) 151st in 29.09 (m) the 4 scorers, the team finished 6th in Division 1. Other runners to finish were; Audrey Christie (v) 158th in 29.13 (m), Alison Walker (v) 159th in 29.13 (m), Elise Truchi 217th in 32.39 (s), Rachel Bentley 228th in 31.11(m), Liz Lamb(v) 238th in 33.33 (s), Gemma Soulsby 258th in 34.40 (s), Paula Wear(v) 273rd in 35.33 (s), and Helen Pickering (v) 310th in 40.34.

In the u/15 Boys Race, Mohammed Dugay was 13th in 10.30 (s), Luke Pickering 19th in 9.08 (fast pack -1.30 handicap), and Jack Watson 27th in 10.55 (s) the 3 scorers, the team finished 4th , and other runners to finish were William Morgan – Rippon 38th in 9.50 (f) and Jacob Stephenson 41st in 10.06 (f).

Fran Brown (u/20) had a fine run in the combined u/17/& u/20 women’s race, finishing 4th overall, 3rd u/20, recording 24.57 from the fast pack.

Izaac Taylor had a fine run in the u/13 boys race, running from the fast pack ( handicap 1.30) , he finished 13th recording 9.23, with Chris Milburn (f) 44th in 10.24, and James Garraghan (f) 49th in 10.48, the team finished 11th.

Lucy Walker was the clubs sole competitor in the u/13 girls race finishing 33rd from the fast pack (handicap 1.30) recording 10.57. In the u/11 girls race , Heidi Walton was 50th in 9.11, Harriet Coxon 52nd in 9.37 and Emma Walker 54th in 10.19.

Meanwhile at the English Schools AA XC Championship at Witton Park, Blackburn, seven members from the club earned the right to run for Durham County and take part in the most eagerly anticipated event of the winter for young athletes, bringing together most of the best athletes from 45 Counties in England, and  City Harrier athletes were very well represented in their various age groups, positions and times  were as follows : Senior Boys ; Oliver Watson 90th in  26.57, Alex Brown 149th in 27.55: Senior Girls ; Alice Campbell 220th in 19.44: Intermediate Boys ; Joseph Grehan- Bradley 177th in 20.18, Michael Wade 201st in 20.26, Cameron Allen 316th in 22.24: Intermediate Girls ; Rebecca Mott 321st in 16.26.


Two of the regions top XC Athletes both suffered mixed fortunes in their quest for glory in their prestigious National Championships. Firstly Rosie Smith was extremely unlucky not to win this years Scottish National title in Falkirk which has alluded her after several attempts in recent years ,having been 3rd twice in 2010 & 2011, and 2nd twice 2012 & 2013, she was determined to give it another go and add this one to her many other Championship titles. However,in the closing stages of the 8k Women’s Race, Rosie still had a good lead heading towards the finish which she unfortunately could not hang onto and respond in the final run-in, missing the title she was so close to winning by only 4 seconds, recording a time of 28.54,when the gold turned to silver with less than 30 metres to go,a cruel blow.
Dan Garbutt was also unlucky in his quest for a podium finish in the English National XC at Parliament Hill Fields, London, by finishing 4th, his best- ever Championship placing having finished 5th in 2013, a tremendous effort, a record that  no-one in the club has ever got near before since the club was re-formed  in 1972, Dan tried his best to win this coveted Senior Men’s title throughout the 12k race in very muddy conditions. However, after a gallant effort to force the pace with 3 other runners, it was then the eventual winner pulled away with 5k to go and created a gap on the group without any response and clearly won by 19 secs recording 39.12 from the silver medallist, with Nick Swinburn of Morpeth Harriers a further 8 secs behind winning a well earned bronze, and Dan missing a podium finish by a further 7 secs recording a time of  39.46.
Other club runners to finish were; Andy Graham 266th in 46.15, Chris Walker 449th in 48.51, David Hemming 1077th in 55.38 (2005 finishers).Unfortunately, Matt Hornsby had to drop out when one his spikes came up through into his foot, and the in-form Dan Jenkin made the long journey  down to London but felt unwell to compete. In the Senior Women’s 8k,Emma Bain (v/45) was delighted with her run finishing 88th recording 35.04, with Kim Simpson 158th in 37.15 (865 finishers).
In the u/15 Boys Race (4.5k), the ever consistent Michael Wade had a fine run finishing 80th in 17.40, with Cameron Allan 295th in 20.06,  and Jacob Stephenson 305th in 20.16 (371 finishers). Joseph Grehan- Bradley again ran well to finish 126th in the u/17 Men’s Race (6k) recording 23.49 (280 finishers). In the under 13 Boys Race (3k) Sam Gibson did well finishing 137th in 13.58, with James Garraghan 313th in 15.27 ( 395 finishers).

Three Club athletes became County Champions at the NECAA Indoor Championships  at Gateshead,notably Jazmine  Moss in her first year in the u/17 Women’s age group,won the 60 metres in a time of 8.12, Izzy Hainsworth won the Senior Women’s 60 metres in a pb time of 8.13 and veteran Paul Donaghy (o/45) winning his 60 metres in a time of 8.11. Other medal winners were; Rosie Findlay in her first year in the u/20 age group,was 3rd in the 60 metres; Steffan Renstrom u/20 3rd in the long jump ; Joseph Downing was 2nd in both the long jump and shot putt, whilst Luke Allen was 3rd in the shot putt, in the u/15 boys.


Jacqui retains her Scottish National Masters Titles.

Jacqui Hodgson retained both of her 200m and 400m Titles in the Women’s (40-45) age category in the Scottish National Masters Indoor Track Championships at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow. She firstly won gold in the 400m recording 63.80, and later sprinted to gold to record 28.10 in the 200m, both times quicker than in 2014 when Jacqui recorded times of 64.02 and  28.21, a superb double achievement!

There was an excellent turn-out recently for the North East Harrier League XC at Bedewell Park,Jarrow, where the U/15 Boys continue to make great progress in their racing programme as  the Team finished 3rd with 33 points, with again Michael Wade leading the way finishing 5th recording 12.48, and who has been selected for the NE  U/15 Team in the Inter-Counties XC,with Cameron Allan close behind in 7th recording 13.09,  and Luke Pickering 21st in 13.45 all actual times, the 3 counters, all running from the fast pack off a 1.30 handicap,others to finish were Mohamed Dugay 28th in 15.26 (slow pack),Jacob Stephenson 36th in 14.41 (fast pack),William Morgan-Rippon 39th in 14.51 (fast pack), Jack Watson 40th in 16.22. In the U/17 Boys Race, Joseph Grehan- Bradley who has also been selected for the NE U/17 Team in the Inter-Counties XC confirmed his fine form finishing 3rd in this Race from the fast pack recording an actual time 24.40. In the Senior & Veteran Women’s Race, veteran Emma Bain (v45)  was 1st counter for the Club finishing 13th from the fast pack (4min handicap) actual time 27.02, with veteran Audrey Christie (v/45)  25th in 31.54 from the slow pack,  and Emma Thompson (v/35) 43rd in 32.19 (slow),  and Julia Quinonez (v/45) 45th in 32.20 (slow), the Team finished 4th, they were followed by veterans Alison Walker (v/45) (medium pack- off 2 min handicap) 73rd in 30.52,Kirstin Farquhar (v/45)  92nd in 33.04 (slow), Kim Simpson 101st in 29.18 (fast), Rachel Bentley 173rd 33.09 (med), Elise Truchi 227th in 37.37 (slow), Paula Wear (v/35) 277th in 45.41 (slow), Helen Pickering (v35) 279th in 45.47. Alex Mirley led the Clubs Senior /Veteran Men’s  team with an outstanding run from the fast pack finishing 32nd in 34.49 (5th fastest time) off a 5min handicap, followed by  Dave King (v/45) 48th  in 40.27 (slow), Matt Hornsby 49th in 35.30 (fast),Chris Walker 50th in 38.03 (medium pack-off 2.30 min handicap),Andy Graham 54th  in 35.39 (fast), and with Rob Eaton 87th in 36.30 (fast), the 6 scorers they were 5th Team, others to finish were; David Hemming 151st in 42.46, Paul Delaney (v/45) 166th in 43.03, Andy Biggs (v/45) 190th in 43.38, Peter Harrison (v/40) 196th in 43.49, Wout Van Dijk 217th in 44.17, Mathew King 305th in 46.41, Dave Coxon (v/40) 306th in 46.43, Niall Salmon (v/45) 311th in 46.49, Bob Hewitson (v/55) 340th in 48.14, Ken Bradshaw (v/50) in 51.29, Ian Graham (V/60) 403rd in 51.56, Brian Brown (V/65) 429th in 54.18, all running from the slow pack. In the u/13 Boys Race, the in-form Izaac Taylor had another great run, also selected in the NE u/13  Team for the Inter-Counties Races in Birmingham early next month,Izaac  finished 8th from the fast pack recording 13.25, with Chris Milburn 34th in 14.41, and James Garraghan 52nd in 16.02,also both from the fast pack, the team finished 8th. Imogen Coxon also had a fine run in the u/15 Girls Race finishing 9th from the slow pack,recording 16.45,  with Bridget Bradshaw also recording a slightly faster time of 16.40  finishing  32nd from the fast pack- off a 1.30 min  handicap. In the U/20 Women and U/17 Girls fast pack race, Fran Brown (u/20) finished 6th in 14.52,  with Rebecca Mott (u/17) 8th in 15.41.Lucy Walker ran well in the u/13 Girls Race finishing 34th from the fast  pack off a 1.30 handicap recording 16.15, with Emily Barker 42nd  in 18.10 from the slow pack. Max Barker was the Clubs only runner in the u/11 Boys  Race finishing 51st in 6.07.
It is also important to mention that other members of the Club who have also been selected for the North East Counties Team, include Amy Etherington (Junior Women), Oliver Watson (Junior Men) and XC International athletes Rosie Smith (Senior Women) and Dan Garbutt ( Senior Men), the UK Inter-Counties & World Cross Cross Country Trials will be held at Cofton Park, Birmingham, on Sat 7th March.
This week- end is also going to busy for club athletes as it’s the English National XC at Parliament Hill, London, the Scottish National XC at Falkirk, and the BUCS Indoor Athletic Championships at Sheffield.


 The Northern XC Championship returned to Pontefract Park, Wakefield, after 3 years since the last visit, and once again there was great excitement throughout the 10  Race Programme. N.E. Counties XC Senior Women’s Champion Rosie Smith was very unlucky not to win a place on the podium, as after the customary fast start and things settled down Rosie was up in the first 3 for quite some time until the latter stages when she was overtaken and could not respond due to a slight cold, but  fought on gamely to finish 4th in a time of 29.20 only 58 seconds behind the race winner Elle Vernon of Stockport Harriers. The in-form veteran Emma Bain had another fine run finishing 48th in a time of 33.18,and was 1st Veteran ( over 45), with Catherine Garbutt 162nd in 38.56 over the 8k Race over 2 large laps (343 finishers). Defending Senior Men’s Champion Dan Garbutt was always prominent in the leading group of the 12k race over 3  large laps but he had one little spell when he could not respond as the pace of the the leading hotted up, but later rallied to finish a creditable 6th recording 38.10, he was followed  by Dan Jenkin 31st in 39.56, Matt Hornsby 95th in 43.07, Andy Graham 146th in 44.48, Rob Eaton 149th in 44.52, David Hemming 425th in  52.37, the 6 scorers, the Team finished 11th (3rd N.E Team) , out of 70 Teams. Veterans Geoff Watson (XC Captain), and Brian Brown, finished 628th in 61.55 and 674th in 69.25 respectively. In the u/15 Boys Race  over 4k, the ever consistent Michael Wade was the Clubs leading runner finishing 34th in 14.46 with Cameron Allan close behind in 50th place in 15.02, with Luke Pickering 124th in 16.23 and Jacob Stephenson 138th  in 16.45 , the Team finished 14th (3rd N.E. Team) out of 22 Teams.
N.E. u/20 Women’s Champion Lydia Sharpe had a good run in the Junior Women’s 5.8k Race and was 1st counter from the N.E. finishing 9th in a time of 20.36 ,whilst Fran Brown unfortunately felt unwell and did not finish. Joseph Grehan-Bradley was the Clubs only entry in the u/17 Boys 4k Race and again put in a fine performance finishing 36th out of 120 finishers recording a time of 31.07 and was the 3rd counter from the N.E.  Izaac Taylor also had an outstanding run in the u/13 Boys Race over 3k , finishing 35th in a time of 11.38, whilst Chris Milburn was 105th in 12.35 and James Garraghan 154th in 13.22, out of 189 finishers.



The in-form Dan Jenkin continued his fine form with another superb performance in the Brass Monkey Half-Marathon at York, winning in fine style and improving on his 3rd place last year. He set a new personal best time of 68.57.  Other Harriers to finish were; – Isaac Allen (u/20) 181st in 86.40, David Henson 199th in 87.02, Paul Delaney (M45) 221st in 88.01, Andy Biggs (M45) 299th in 90.30, Martin Wilson (M40) 609th in 101.15, and Kirstin Farquhar (W45) 710th in 104.12. (1462 finishers).

Meanwhile in the Northern Athletics u/17, u/20, and Senior Indoor Championships at Sheffield there were some excellent performances by Club Athletes. Pride of place must go to Greg Venyo who achieved an excellent Bronze Medal and in doing so improved his pb in the heats of the u/17 Men’s 60m (7.41), semi-final (7.36), and the final (7.34), a perfect sequence. In the u/17 Women’s 60m ,Jazmine Moss in her 1st year in this group reached the final also, improving her pb to 8.10 in the semi-final after a heat time of  8.13. She ran 8.16 in the final to finish 7th. She also ran in the 200m and recorded 26.76 in her heat. Cameron Bain making his debut indoors recorded 53.92 in his heat of the u/20 Men’s 400m, whilst Rosie Findlay recorded 8.23 in her heat of the u/20 Women’s 60m. In the Senior Ladies 400m Final Samantha Coleby was desperately unlucky having to pull-up after the 1st 200m lap, having earlier finished 1st in her heat with the fastest time of 58.09. Emma Toogood recorded 2.20.29 in her heat of the Senior Ladies 800m but just missed out by one place to reach the final. In the Senior Men’s 1500m, Andy Graham was also making his debut in Indoor Competition and recorded 4.18. 84 in his heat.



Newly crowned N.E.Cross- Country Senior Women’s Champion Rosie Smith had an outstanding run in the Annual Saltwell 10k Road Race finishing 7th overall  and 1st women, beating one of her main local rivals on the road fellow GB international Alyson Dixon (Sunderland  Strollers ). Rosie was making her debut in this Race so after a steady first lap when both were more or less locked together Rosie started to increase the pace as the race progressed, the gap widening after each lap. In the closing stages of the race (about 100m from the finish) it was realised by her Coach that she was within reach of the Course record held by Alyson of 35.09. She was then told to kick harder for the finish. She managed to do this, winning the Women’s Race and breaking the Course Record by 3 seconds – recording 35.06, some 39 secs ahead of Alyson. It was an excellent run by Rosie on which Steve Cram congratulated her at the finish ( he was waiting for his daughter Josie to finish for Morpeth Harriers). Dan Jenkin  also had a great run. He was with a group of 4 leaders throughout. Dan maintained his tremendous all round racing qualities and in the end finished an excellent 3rd place recording 33.01. Veteran Ian Crampton  was also among the prize winners finishing 12th overall and 1st Over 50 recording  a fine time of 35.38, whilst  Kim Simpson finished 61st overall (4th Senior Women) also a prize winner, recording 41.31, with veteran Brian Brown 214th overall  and 3rd Over 65 recording 50.47.( 389 finishers).

It has been a great start to the New Year for Samantha Coleby when she made the trip down to Sheffield to compete in the Commsport Indoor Meeting, it was in the Open 800m where she had a fine run and recorded a time of 2.12.61.which was a personal best time and set a new Club Record.

The Annual Durham Cathedral XC Relays is held around the picturesque area of the University of Durham Racecourse, a perfect location for this event which attracts record numbers of competitors and teams. Each athlete in a team of 3 runs 2x1500m laps.  Although Durham were not amongst the medals this year there were some fine individual performances recorded, results of which were as follows; Senior Men – A Team : Dan Jenkin (2nd) 9.26 (4th fastest overall), Peter Bray (6th) 10.18, Alex Mirley (6th) 9.57 ( Total Time 29.41); B Team: Andy Graham (10th) 10.02, Adam Walker (16th) 11.08, David Henson (25th) 11.43. (Total Time 32.53); C Team: Paul Delaney (50th) 12.07, David Hemming (46th) 12.29, Geoff Watson (49th) 13.07 (Total Time 37.43). Senior Women- A Team : Emma Toogood (5th) 11.39, Amy Etherington (4th) 12.14, Kath O’ Mahony (8th) 13.28 (Total Time 37.21); A Team Women (Vets) :  Emma Bain  (v/45) (11th)  12.10, Emma Thompson (v/35) (18th) 13.35, Julia Quinonez (v/45) (24th) 14.20  (6th Vets Team) (Total Time 40.05); C Team: (Incomplete) Gemma Soulsby (71st) 14.57. A Team Men (Vets):  Alan Rowell (v/65)  (80th) 13.42, Ian Graham (v/60) (88th)  14.56, Brian Brown (v/65) (86th)  14.55 ( Total Time 43.33); B Team Men (Vets) ( Incomplete) Rod Wilkinson (v/55) 14.59.


Success at the Double for City Athletes.

Two DCH Athletes made light work of the cold and frosty conditions on Newcastle’s Town Moor in the 109th North East Counties XC Championships. Pride of place must go to GB XC International Rosie Smith who bounced back after missing out in the European XC Trials at Liverpool.  After the usual quick start Rosie took charge  after the first of the eight kilometres (2 large laps) and gradually drew further away from the field winning,  convincingly by 72 secs recording 29.23. She retained her title and registered her 4th consecutive victory in 6 years (she did not compete in this Race in 2009 and 2012). In the Team Race both Aiveen Smith (who was 12th in 33.10) and veteran Emma Bain (14th in 33.26) had excellent runs backing up Rosie. These were the 3 scorers. The Senior Ladies Team finished in Silver Medal position losing out to Jarrow by only 2 points. Other runners to finish were; Kim Simpson 25th in 34.52, Rachel Bentley 46th in 37.50, Kath O’Mahony 53rd in 38.17, Alison Walker (v) 60th in 38.46, Fiona Holloway (v) 159th in 47.48.

Earlier in the programme GB International Mountain / Hill Running athlete Lydia Sharpe (19) obviously made light work on this course although it was definitely not easy for many runners. However, Lydia making her debut in these NE Championships, led soon after the start and thereafter dominated the u/17 and u/20  (5.6k) Race. She went on to win the u/20 Title in fine style by 26secs recording 21.32.

The Senior Men’s Race was over 3 large laps (12k). Durham’s  England  XC Interntional  runner and last years Champion Dan Garbutt, who had a poor run in the Euro Trials, this time got off to a great start and maintained a podium position throughout until the closing stages.  He just missed out on winning bronze by 4 secs, recording 38.44. Team-mate Dan Jenkin as always works his way through the field  to finish up in 6th recording 39.40 – and with solid back-up from Alex Mirley 18th in 42.46, Matt Hornsby 20th in 42.53, Rob Eaton 30th in 43.58,  and Chris Walker 45th in 45.15 (the 6 scorers) – the Team finished in Silver Medal position behind Morpeth. Other  runners to Finish were Graham Hunt 52nd in 45.41, John Nash (v) 84th in 47.35, David Hemming 191st in 53.36, Rob Garbutt (v) 288th in  in 59.01, David Coxon 304th in 59.56, Brian Brown (v) 341st in 66.14.

Michael Wade was 1st Counter for the Club in the u/17 Boys Race over 4k, followed by Cameron Allen 23rd in 15.58, William Morgan- Rippon 29th in 16.16 (the 3 scorers). The Team were just outside the medals in 4th position. Luke  Pickering was close up in 31st recording 16.18, followed by Jacob Stephenson 43rd in 17.03 and Mohamed Dugay making his debut for the Club, 58th in 19.11. Chris Milburn was 1st Counter in the u/13 Boys Race over 3k, followed by Izaak Taylor 37th in 14.00, and James Garraghan 45th in 14.23. The Team finished 10th.

Other members of the Club to run  not in a Team but still ran well  were as follows ;u/20 Men (8k) ;Oliver Watson 7th in 28.17, Michael Cameron 13th in 29.06. u/17 Men (5.6k) Joseph Grehan-Bradley 9th in 20.07, Steffan Renstrom 33rd in 24.00.u/13 Girls (3k); Lucy Walker 29th in 14.50, Rina Sebastiao-Yatsu 37th in 15.21.u15 Girls(4k) ; Bridget Bradshaw 33rd in 19.07, Imogen Coxon 41st in 20.10.


DCH had 4 Senior Athletes competing in the British Cross Challenge Series at Sefton Park Liverpool last Saturday. This XC Race also incorporated the European Trials with the 1st 4 in the Race being automatically selected. The Selection Panel for the GB team to compete later this month in Bulgaria will fill the remaining spots based on form, fitness and competition history. Two of the athletes Rosie Smith and Dan Jenkin set off from Durham  in ample time but both got caught out in a major road closure and hold up on the A1 apparently caused by a ‘mystery explosion’ at Catterick. They then had to eventually head over to the A66 and then down the M6 which put about an hour extra on the estimated 2hr 45mins journey, not ideal for Rosie whose Race was 40mins before the Senior Men’s Race. She arrived at the venue with less than 30mins to spare to register, collect her number from the Scottish Team Management (as she was representing Scotland) and warm- up! However Rosie still managed to put in fine performance  considering the stellar field assembled, although she was not happy being beaten by some of the athletes ahead of her. There was over 200 athletes in the field and she finished 14th in a time of 28.16 for the 8.1k distance, 4th counter for Scotland, only 78secs behind the Race favourite International Gemma Steele who was the only one to break 27mins (26.58).
In the Senior Men’s Race over 9.8k the Club had the in-form Dan Jenkin. Dan was also held up due to the diversion but he  had a little more time to warm-up etc. Also running was Leeds based Dan Garbutt. Both set pb times 2 weeks ago. Chris Walker (u/23)  also ran (all three had competed recently in the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k. It was Dan Garbutt who set off with the leading group in a field of over 500 athletes in a star studded field  at the front end vying for euro selection , however Dan was tiring towards the end and eventually Dan Jenkin overtook him in the closing stages to finish 50th in a time of 31.05,with Dan Garbutt 65th in 31.25. ‘Not a course he runs well on ‘ were his words ,whilst Chris Walker  finished strongly in 200th place recording 36.12.

Closer to home at the Gateshead College Indoor T&F Series the Club had 4 Athletes who were 1st in their age groups all of whom set personal best times. Jazmine Moss (u/17) Women 60m 8.18s ,Rosie Findlay (u/20) Women 60m 7.92s, Izzy Hainsworth (Sen/Women) 60m 8.25s,Greg Venyo (u/17) Men 60m 7.47s. Other Club members doing various events were; Emily Barker ( u/15) Girls 60m 8.93s, Shot 6.36m, HJ 1.25m; Chris Milburn (u/15) Boys 60m 9.09s ,60m Hurdles 11.89s , LJ 4.39m; Luke Allan (u/15) Boys 60m 8.78s , Shot 8.43m, LJ 4.26m; Joseph Downing (u/15) Boys 60m 8.46s ,LJ 4.82m, Shot 8.27m; Keiron Liddle(u/17) Men 60m 8.55s,Shot 8.73m; Kwasi Yeboah ( Sen/Men )  60m 7.80s.


Durham City’s Senior Men’s A Team recorded their highest ever position in the English National XC Relay at Berry Park, Mansfield, Dan Garbutt gave the Team a fantastic start by coming back 9th on the 1st leg recording a time of 15.14.45 for the 5k distance. The in-form Dan Jenkin then set off in hot pursuit on the 2nd leg to make up ground on the leaders and this he did with great aplomb bringing the team up to 4th with a fine time of 15.43.05.  Matt Hornsby on the 3rd leg then had pressure on him to hang-on in there for as long as he could with some fine athletes closing him down, however, as was expected he would drop places near the end but he battled on to finish 14th in a time of 17.02.20. Rob Eaton on the 4th leg then tried to hold that position but dropped a couple of places but ran solidly to finish 16th in a time of 17.21.20 to give the Team an excellent result.This in fact was the highest ever position recorded by the Senior Men’s Team at National level, and were in fact the 2nd North East Team to finish behind Morpeth who were runners up to winners Stockport,with Gateshead finishing 21st. (145 teams finished). The Senior Men’s incomplete B Team had Chris Walker recording 18.19.00 on the first leg and Geoff Watson recording 23.34.00 on the 2nd leg.

In the Heaton Memorial 10k Road Race, Ian Crampton had another excellent run finishing 13th overall, but was 1st Veteran (over 50) recording 33.54 with team-mate Rob Hand also running well finishing 22nd overall and was 3rd Veteran(over 50) recording 35.23. Other runners to finish were ; Kim Simpson 110th in 40.30, Bob Hewitson (v55) 182nd in 43.02, Alan Rowell(v65) 185th in 43.08, Rob Garbutt (v50) 199th in 43.16, Mike Kenyon (v40) 241st in 45.12, Julia Quinonez (v45) 302nd in 47.40, Liz Lamb (v55). 331st in 48.42, Julie Barker (v35) 540th in 63.21 and Tammy Cook(v35) 563rd in 68.52(pb).(571 finishers).



DCH proved yet again that they are a dominant force when it comes to XC running in the North East both at Junior and Senior level. Following on from their Team success at Cramlington, the u/13 Boys scored another  victory at Temple Park, South Shields, in the Sherman Cup/Davison Shield Competition ,with the in-form Izaac Taylor leading the way finishing 3rd in a time of 11.46,  and Chris Milburn only 2 places behind him again in 5th recording 11.56 and with  James Garraghan 11th in 12.21, the 3 scorers , the boys pulled off a brilliant victory, with Samuel Gibson just missing out this time close behind in 13th recording  12.24. Meanwhile in the u/15 Boys Race , Michael Wade had another fine run finishing 9th in 11.07, and with Cameron Allen 15th in 11.25 and William Morgan-Rippon 20th in 11.45, the 3 scorers, the Team finished 3rd, with Jacob Stephenson backing up 29th in 12.16.

In the massive Senior / Veteran Men’s Race, the ever consistent Dan Jenkin had a superb run  finishing 4th in the Senior Race recording 29.25, whilst Alex Mirley placed 4th at Cramlington and who has since been promoted to 3rd due to a disqualification, finishing 14th in 31.58, and Matt Hornsby 20th in 32.19 both running well, the 3 scorers, the Team finished a brilliant 2nd place behind a  very strong Morpeth team. Backing up superbly were; Andy Graham 22nd 32.22, Rob Eaton 28th in 32.51, and Robin Linten 36th in 33.16, whilst Rob Hand was 1st veteran athlete for the Club in  51st place in 34.04,  Jonny Wilkinson 52nd in 34.04, Adam Walker 68th in 34.45,Chris Walker 73rd in 35.08, Joe Rawlinson 110th in 36.18, Chris Wilkinson 111th in 36.20, Dave King  (2nd Vet for Club) 122nd in 36.53, David Henson 157th in 37.47, and  with Paul Delaney (3rd Vet for Club), 196th in 38.58, the Vets Team were 9th overall, Andy Biggs (vet) 214th in 39.36, Rob Garbutt (vet) 247th in 40.42, David Hemming 256th in 40.48, Sam Campbell 257th in 40.50, Matthew King 281st in 41.24, Bob Hewitson ( vet ) 311th in 42.17, Tony McNeil (vet) 324th in 42.50, Robert Whittle 358th in 43.46, Geoff Watson (vet) 385th in 44.53, Niall Salmon (vet) 399th in  45.46, Ken Bradshaw (vet) 406th in 46.07, Brian Brown (vet ) 441st in 49.56.

Veteran Emma Bain was 1st counter for the Club in the Senior/ Vets Race finishing 10th overall in 24.53, followed by Kim Simpson 17th in 25.38, Lucy Butt 33rd in 26.36, Alison Walker (2nd vet for Club) 77th in 28.50, and Kirstin Farquhar (3rd vet for Club) 86th in 29.06, the 3 scorers,  the Vets Team finished 5th. Audrey Christie ( vet) 102nd in 29.43, Julia Quinonez (vet) 113th in 29.59, with  Jennifer Yip the 3rd scorer for  the Seniors , 122nd in 30.12, the Team also finished 5th. Others to finish were; Rachel Bentley 164th in 31.22, Lynne Carruthers (vet) 216th in 33.27, Paula Wear (vet) 238th in 34.25, Fiona Holloway (vet) 262nd in 35.52, Julie Barker (vet) 289th in 38.16, Tammy Cook (vet) 311th in 42.50.
In the u/17 Boys Race, Cameron Bain was the the Clubs only runner finishing 7th in 23.11 as was Alice Campbell in the u/17 Girls Race finishing 14th in 23.50. Lucy Walker finished 19th in 13.48 and Alyssa Findlay 57th in 16.12 competed in the incomplete u/13 Girls Team and in the u/11 Race (Girls/Boys) Emily Salmon ran a fine race finishing 7th in  3.11, with Freya Gibson 105th in 3.58 and Max. Barker 123rd in 4.13.

After a great day of competition the Durham City team finished an excellent 2nd place with 15 points behind winners Morpeth 11points , with Sunderland 3rd  21points, it was the highest place Durham have attained in the  Sherman Cup, a great achievement .

GB International Rosie Smith had a superb run in the Northern Counties XC Relays at Sheffield recently coming back 1st on the 1st leg of the Senior Women’s (3x2mile) Race with a time of 11.51, which proved to be the 2nd fastest time of the day (Junior International Lydia Turner of Birtley the fastest in 11.35). Kim Simpson on the 2nd leg returned 13.56, and the gallant Aiveen Smith helping out the team recording 13.19, almost 2 weeks after making her fine debut in the Chester Marathon (3.04.37), the Team finished 5th out of 20 teams, whilst the Senior Men(4x 2mile) Race led by Dan Jenkin recorded the 7th fastest time of 10.35,  with Robin Linten 11.53, Adam Walker 11.59, and Matt Hornsby 12.16, the Team finished 18th out of 30 teams.

Mark Smith ( Aiveen’ s husband) travelled to Berlin to run his Marathon which proved to be worthwhile as he ran a personal best time of 2.49.17.



In the NE Harrier League XC Meeting at Cramlington Izaak Taylor had a tremendous run in the u/13 Boys Race finishing strongly to record a fine victory in a  time of 12.45 with newly crowned Pentathlon Champion Chris Milburn finishing 3rd only 21 secs behind in 13.06, and with Samuel Gibson backing up in 6th  recording 13.37 the 3 Scorers, the  Team scored an excellent victory with 10 points. The non-scoring runners were Will Lindsey 19th in 14.24 , all 4 runners in fact ran from the slow pack, whilst James Garraghan ran from the fast pack and finished 40th in 15.23 off a 1.40 Handicap (net time 13.43).

Meanwhile in the Senior/Veteran Men’s Race Alex Mirley was 1st counter for the Harriers finishing just outside the medals in 4th place recording 35.37, whilst the in-form Dan Jenkin fought his way through a record field , off a 5 min Handicap to finish 28th,  an actual time of 33.08, which was the 2nd fastest time of the day.The ever – improving  Matt Hornsby was a place behind in 29th, off a 2.30 Handicap (net time 35.39),  and Andy Graham only 5 secs behind off the same Handicap in 33rd recording 35.44, and with Veterans Rob Hand 40th in 38.39 and Dave King 104th in 40.39, the 6 counters,  the Team finished 2nd in Division 1. Other members to finish were; Dan Whittle 125th in 41.09, Rob Eaton 138th in  41.25 (-5mins Handicap) 36.25, Sam Campbell 235th in 42.54, George Reid (v) 285th in 43.55, David Hemming 364th in 45.54, Rob Garbutt (v) 379th in 46.24, Tony McNeil (v) 401st in 46.50, Matthew King 403rd in 46.56, Bob Hewitson (v) 418th in 47.23, David Coxon 452nd in 48.34, Gary Coulter (v) 461st in 48.50, Geoff Watson (v) 478th in 49.23, Robert Whittle 527th in 51.27, Brian Brown (v) 572nd in 58.07.

In the u/17& u/20 Women’s Race, Rebecca Mott finished 11th in 22.33, Amy Etherington 13th in 22.50 (-2.30) 20.20, and Alice Campbell 25th in 25.25(-2.30) 22.55, all scoring,  the Team finished 3rd.Whilst in the u/17 Boys Race,  Jacob Stephenson was 13th in 13.02, Michael Wade 32nd in 13.56 (-1.40) 12.16, Cameron Allen 38th in 14.18 (-1.40) 12.38, the 3 scorers, the Team were 4th, with William Morgan- Rippon close behind in 40th 14.23 (-1.40) 12.43. In the u/15 Girls Race,  Lucy Walker led the way finishing 19th in 15.45, with Emily Barker 32nd in 16.24, and Jessica Wright 34th in 16.43 scoring, the Team finished 6th, with Alyssa Findlay 58th in 20.00. Other Junior Members taking part in Incomplete Teams were; Joseph Grehan-Bradley who had a fine run finishing 4th in 24.24 and Cameron Bain 20th in 27.07 in the u/17 Boys Race. Emily Salmon was 17th in 5.44 in the u/11 Race, and Honor Cessford  38th in 16.55 the u/15 Girls Race.

Finally, XC International Rosie Smith had a superb run in the Senior/ Veteran Women’s Race running from the Medium Pack off a 2min Handicap she gave chase after the Slow Pack runners caught and passed the massive field to win with ease in a net time of 24.02 thus recording the fastest time of the day, 44secs faster than Marathon  International Alyson Dixon who ran from the fast pack. Rosie was backed up by Kirstin Farquhar (v) 57th in 31.40, Catherine Garbutt 84th in 32.15,  and with Kim Simpson 89th in 32.26 (-4.00) 28.26, the 4 scorers, the Team finished 6th. Other members to finish were; Jullia Quinonez (v) 96th in 32.36, Alison Walker (v) 190th in 34.53(-2.00) 32.53, Elise Truchi 237th in 36.34, Lynne Carruthers  254th in 37.37, Paula Wear 256th in 37.40,Fiona Holloway 295th in 40.39, Julie Barker 319th 44.21, and Tammy Cook 333rd in 48.29.



Chris is crowned North East Counties Pentathlon Champion!
Three of the Club’s Junior Athletes took part in the N.E.(Outdoor) Pentathlon Championships at Monkton Stadium Jarrow, all of whom did really well. Pride of place must go to Chris Milburn (u/13) who started the day with an impressive win in the 75m Hurdles recording 14.2 which was just outside his pb time of 14.0. He followed that up with a win in the Long Jump (4.20m) and followed that up by finishing 2nd in the High Jump (1.15m) which gave him a clear lead in the Competition at this stage. Chris  then extended his lead with a new pb in the Shot Putt (7.32m) where he gained a AAA Grade 4 Standard. In his final event the 800m he produced  another fine run for victory recording a pb time of 2.27.6, knocking 2 secs of his previous time and gaining a AAA Grade 3 Standard and thus becoming North East u/13 Pentathlon Champion. (An imprrovement on his 2nd place in the Indoor Championships earlier this year). Both great achievements for a talented all-round young athlete.
Chris’s other team-mates competing (both u/13) were Daniel McLaughlin who finished 7th in his first Competition with performances as follows; 75m Hurdles (18.1),Long Jump (3.14m), High Jump (1.00m), Shot Putt (4.66m), 800m (2.57.4); and Emily Barker who finished 9th with performances as follows; 70m Hurdles (14.2), Long Jump (3.62m) pb, High Jump (1.20m), Shot Putt (6.13m), 800m (2.51.0) pb.
The Harriers managed to get both a Women and a Men’s Team to compete in the Northern 4 and 6 Stage Road Relay Championship at Birchwood Park Warrington. Although not at full strength for various reasons those who did turn out enjoyed the day competing against some strong opposition (the depth of which was outstanding). Both Races were over a two lap twisty fast circuit (6km). Durham’s results were
         Women’s 4 Stage : Aiveen Smith (12th) 23.19, Catherine Garbutt (36th) 28.23,
Kim Simpson (28th) 25.11, Julia Quinonez (38th) 28.44.
Team 38th out of 68 Teams who finished. (Overall time 1.45.37)
         Men’s 6 Stage :  Dan Garbutt (11th) 19.05, Adam Walker (44th) 22.32, Andy Graham (38th)
21.20, Dan Whittle (51st) 23.09, Isaac Allen (58th) 24.21, Chris Walker
(56th) 22.12
Team 56th out of 117 Teams who finished.(Overall time 2.12.39).



Ian Crampton has been getting back into action after a long lay-off through injury and produced a great run in the Tynedale 10 mile Jelly Tea Road Race at Hexham where he finished 2nd overall and 1st 0/50 Veteran runner in a very good time of 56.11.Other City athletes to finish were ; Andy Graham 26th in 62.19, Anthony Hunt V/45 29th in 62.41, Peter Harrison V/40 56th in 66.43, Bob Hewitson V/55 91st in 70.58, Tony McNeil V/50 198th in 79.57. (376 finishers). Ian used this race as a build-up for the Scottish Half- Marathon a week later and finished 7th overall but was once again 1st 0/50 Veteran recording a fine time of 75.02.
In the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k Race the in-form Jonny Wilkinson had a fine run finishing  27th out of 1499 finishers recording 35.41 followed by team-mate Chris Walker 70th in 37.57 along with Kirstin Farquhar V/45 431st in 45.38 (pb) and Paula Wear V/35 1027th in 52.16 (pb).
Rosie Smith produced a great run in in the Wilne 10k at Draycott which incorporated the Midland Championships finishing 48th overall and 3rd Lady in a good class field recording a time of 34.21.(858 finishers). Meanwhile on the same day,Isaac Allen (17) continues to show great progress of late by again improving on his personal best time  for the Half-Marathon to 85.47, this time in the Vale of York Race where he finished 65th , and over a 4 minute improvement on his previous best time  of 89.58 in the Humber Bridge Run at the end of June.
In the Wynyard Woodland 10k Race at Thorpe Thewles Andy Graham had a fine run finishing in 2nd place recording 40.35, with veteran Peter Harrison V/40 9th in 46.52.



Durham City Harriers Senior Mens A Team pulled off a fantastic victory in the Durham Summer XC Relays around the grounds of the picturesque University of Durham Racecourse,as well as the Club hosting this very popular fixture. The team was led off by the in-form Dan Jenkin who won by a distance of 21 secs on the 1st leg recording a time of 9.23 for the 3000m course (2 laps of 1500m),  a time of which was never beaten over the duration of the Race in which 72 complete teams finished.Rob Eaton then took over on the 2nd leg with the opposing teams hunting the City  team down, however  Rob managed to hold onto the lead and returned a time of 10.11. It was then up to recent recruit Andy Graham on the final leg to test his speed endurance as Tynebridge Harriers were closing rapidly,but a final kick for the line saw Andy finish in a  time of 10.01,which saw the Durham team scrape home by 1 sec in an exciting finish in a time of 29.35,with the fast finishing Tynebridge  2nd in  29.36, and Sunderland Harriers 3rd in 29.42.
Other City Harriers Teams to finish in the Senior Relay were: B Team – Adam Walker 13th 10.39,Dan Whittle 10th 10.43, Chris Walker 9th 10.42 (9th Team in 32.04); C Team-Dave Scullion 53rd 13.28, Isaac Allen 42nd 11.34, Niall Salmon 44th 13.38 (44th Team in 38.40); D Team – Rob Whittle 50th in 13.07, Brian Brown (v/65) 60th in 15.24, Geoff Watson (v/40) 55th in 13.21 ( 55th Team in 41.52).

In the Junior(Mixed Age Race) (3x1500m), Chris Milburn had an outstanding run on Durham’s 1st leg coming back 3rd recording 5.34 which indeed was the fastest time of the day for an u/13 Boy, Jacob Stephenson u/13 then moved the team up to 2nd recording  5.48, and despite a fine run by Luke Pickering u/15 recording 5.38,the team finished 3rd in an overall time of 17.00, a great result.Other City Teams to finish were: Lucy Walker u/13 12th 6.13, Rebecca Mott u/15 8th 5.53, Courtney Price u/15 5th 5.43 (5th Team 17.49). Charlie Phillips u/13 10th 5.56 , Arran Brown u/13 10th 6.41, James Garraghan u/13 8th 5.56 (8th Team 18.33). Alyssa Findlay u/13 19th 7.14, Lucy Grehan-Bradley u/13 17th 7.14, Emily Barker u/13 14th 6.47 (14th Team 21.15).



Jacqui sprints to win British Titles!
Veteran athlete Jacqui Hodgson (o/45) travelled to Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, recently to compete in the British Masters T & F Championships and it proved to be a very successful journey, as she appeared on the rostrum for 3 Medals, 2 of which were Gold and the other Silver. On day 1 of the Championships she finished 2nd in the W45 100m recording a time of 13.74.Jacqui followed that up with a fine victory in the 400m recording 62.35. Then on day 2 she had a great run in the 200m recording a personal best of 27.55, a 100th of a second improvement on her already pb of 27.56, a victory which puts her currently the fastest o/45 woman in the UK 2014 rankings, a great achievement for a dedicated athlete who has had her fair share of injuries over the years, but now injury free and in a rich vein of form.

[divider] Veterans were also the clubs leading athletes in the Annual Darlington 10km Road Race with Ian Crampton 15th in 34.25 (2nd v50) , Rob Hand  19th in 34.41 (3rd v50), whilst Rosie Smith a previous winner, was 21st in 34.48 (2nd Woman), beaten only by Kate Avery (Shildon) ,who had a brilliant run for England in the Commonwealth Games 10,000m two weeks earlier when she finished 4th. Here she finished 6th overall and smashed the course record by 34 secs recording 33.05. Other City runners to finish were ; John Nash (v45) 63rd in 37.32, Anthony Hunt (v45) 37.59, Peter Harrison (v40) 39.29 (pb), Christian Barlow 39.35 (pb), Andy Biggs (v45) 39.36, Isaac Allen (u/17) 39.46 (pb), Kim Simpson 40.03, Joel Thompson 41.01, David Henson 41.23, Gary Coulter (v60) 47.03, Elwyn Baldwin (v65) 47.19 (3rd 0/65), Tony McNeil (v50) 48.13, Fern Freeman 48.44. (pb) , Robert Whittle 48.59, Christopher Hedley 51.21, Lynne Carruthers (v50) 53.26, Joe Harker (v70) 68.47.



The in-form Dan Jenkin was once again 1st Counter for the Harriers in the Sunderland 5k at Silksworth finishing 6th in a very good time of 15.23 so winning the Club 5k Championship Senior Men’s Award. The ever consistent James Askew was only 14 seconds  behind in 10th place  recording 15.57, whilst new signing Andy Graham making his debut for the Club in this Race finished 21st  in 16.34. Other finishers were as follows; Jonny Wilkinson( 34th in 17.03) ,Chris Walker (48th in 17.22), Chris Wilkinson (87th in 18.20), Andy Biggs (v45) (134th in 19.19) (Veteran Men’s Award), Christian Barlow (137th in 19.24), Kim Simpson (148th in 19.43) (Senior Women’s Award), Peter Harrison (v/40) (154th in 19.50), Alan Rowell (v60) (227th in 21.50), Kirstin Farquhar (v45) (232nd in 22.00) (Veteran Womens Award ), Fern Freeman (235th in 22.03), Alice Campbell (257th in 22.37), Tony McNeil (v50) (264th in 22.54), Stuart Reay (v/55) (294th in 24.04), Paula Wear (308th in 25.20) .

In the Tynedale 10k, Wouter Van Dijk ran very well to finish 39th in a personal best time of 37.20. Other finishers were; David Henson 65th in. 38.45, Christian Barlow 108th in 41.11, Peter Harrison (v40) 117th in 41.35, Bob Hewitson (v55) 151st in  43.13, Allison Walker (v45) 214th in 46.05, David Coxon (v40) 221st in 46.27, Kirsty Walker 311th in 50.16, Lynne Carruthers (v50) 365th in 54.41.
Kim Simpson had an excellent run in the Coastal Run finishing  85th in a time of 1.39.18, followed by Bob Hewitson v55 225th in 1.51.36, David Coxon v40 326th in 1.58.24, Mike Kenyon v40 386th 2.02 23, Simon Hackett v40 409th in 2.03.56, Lynne Carruthers v50 712th in 2.27.39, Wendy Hughes v40 2.27.39.



City’s Track & Field Athletes continue to show they are in tremendous form this summer season throughout the various age categories and so it has been difficult to single out any individual’s performances. However in the sprints Jazmine Moss (u/15) must get a special mention as she is in a rich vein of form at present winning the Durham County Schools 100m at Jarrow in 12.6 followed by a victory in the Northern Inter- County Schools at Gateshead recording 12.7. In the English Schools Championships at Birmingham she finished 3rd in her heat (12.68) and went on to finish 7th in the semi- final recording 12.88, missing out on the final but a great effort nevertheless. Hopefully there’ll be  more chances in the future!

Amy Etherington also ran into good form winning the Durham County Schools (800m) in (2.18.9) and then had a victory in the Northern Inter County Schools Match (2.16.9) pb. She then competed in the English Schools Championships finishing 5th in her heat in (2.20.51). Rosie Findlay (u/17) has also been in great form, scoring fine victories in the North of England League 100m (13.1), the Durham County Schools (13.0) and the Northern Inter County Schools (13.1). Lucy McIlroy (u/17) also scored excellent victories in the Durham County Schools 200m (27.2) and in the North of England League 200m (27.3).

Gregory Venyo (u/17) another fine young talent scored victories in the N of E League at 100m (11.4) and 200m (23.7). He was 2nd in the D.C. Schools 100m recording (11.3) whilst Cameron Bain (u/17) was 1st in the N of England League 400m in (55.3). Cameron was 2nd in the Durham County Schools 400m recording (53.7). Other Juniors to run well were; Aysha Hall (u/15) who was 2nd in the D.C. Schools 1500m (5.06.7),5th in the Northern Inter Co. Schools (5.01.4) pb, and 12th out of 21 competitors in the ESAA Combined Events-(Junior Girls Pentathlon) at Doncaster. Courtney Price (u/15) was 1st in the N.E. Youth Dev. League 300m at Jarrow recording (46.6) pb. Rebecca Mott (u/17) was 2nd in the Durham Co. Schools 800m (2.24.25), 2nd in the Northern Inter. Co. Schools (2.22.5) and she ran a (63.1) pb for the 400m in the Northern League at Jarrow. In the u/20 age group Jonny Wilkinson recorded (4.11.0) and (2.02.3) in the BMC 1500m/800m at Durham and (4.33.4) for the mile in the N of E Open Meeting Gateshead all pb times. Oliver Watson ran a pb in the North of England League at Jarrow finishing 3rd in the 400m (53.6) and he finished 3rd in the D.C. Schools 800m in (2.03.3). Oliver then improved his time in the Northern Inter Co. Schools (2.00.7) pb, and dipped under the 2min barrier in the BMC 800m at Durham to lower his pb to (1.59.7).
In the Senior Races Samantha Coleby has shown consistent form over 400m lately recording (56.66) in her heat, and (56.18) in the final, finishing 4th in the Northern Athletics Championships Women’s Race at Sport City. Sam also finished 3rd in the 400m ‘A’ Race in the UK Women’s League Premier Division at Birmingham recording (55.65) and two weeks later finished 4th in the L.E.A.P. Meeting at Loughborough recording (56.43) . Dan Garbutt also competed at Sport City where he recorded (3.52.11) in the Senior Men’s (Best of British 1500m) finishing 6th.He also ran a 3,000m to record a time of (8.19.1) pb  at Trafford, Manchester recently.
The veterans of the Club have been shining too with Jacqui Hodgson (v/45) leading the way  pulling off a fine treble in the NE Masters Championships at Jarrow, with victories in the 100m (13.6), 200m (28.4) and 400m(62.4). Other results were – Paul Donaghy (v/45) 3rd in 100m (26.2), 5th in 200m (26.2), Brian Brown (v/65) 4th in 800m (3.06), Francis Turner (v/40) 8th in 800m (2.38.1). Whilst Alastair McCall (v/50) ran a pb in the 300m(46.1) and produced good times in the 400m (62.9) and Mile (5.30.1) in the NE Veterans League also at Jarrow.



City Athletes are Winners!

In a recent round-up of Road Race results in our Region there have been some fine individual performances by Durham City distance athletes over a variety of distances. Three of the club’s leading athletes achieved some excellent performances.  Dan Jenkin has won his last 3 races whilst GB International Rosie Smith has won the Ladies Race in all of her last 4 mixed races, and was even outright winner in one of those races, a fine achievement.  James Askew just missed out on victories being runner-up in his last 2 races.  Other members ran well with many personal best times achieved.
Results round-up are as follows;

Clive Cookson 10k (Whitley Bay): Dan Jenkin 1st in 31.50, Rob Hand (veteran 50) 19th in 35.12, Graham Hunt 38th in 37.15, Wouter Van Dijk 56th in 37.51(pb), David Henson 83rd in 39.34 (pb) Andy Biggs (v45) 99th in 40.20, Mike Kenyon(v55) 208th in 46.16, David Coxon (v40) 215th in 46.31, Allison Walker (v45) 221st in 46.41(pb),  Stuart Reay (v55) 290th in 50.58, Kirsty Walker 296th in 51.42 (380 finishers).

George Ogle Memorial 6m (Swalwell): Dan Jenkin 1st in 30.45 (pb).
Newburn River Run 6.5m : Dan Jenkin 1st  in 35.10.
Pier to Pier 7.5m (South Shields): Rosie Smith 4th (1st Lady) in 41.10, Kim Simpson 117th in 49.35, Alex Slotwinska 167th in 51.29,Bob Hewitson(v55) 208th in 52.43, Tony McNeil (v45) 229th in 53.28,Kirstin Farquhar (v45) 256th in 54.40,Liz Lamb (v50) 285th in 55.41, Lynne Carruthers (v50) 534th in 65.08, Joe Harker (v70) 660th in 72.21.(726 finishers)

Preston Park 10k (Stockton): Rosie Smith 1st Overall / 1st Lady in 36.58.
Stockton Summer Tees Trail 5k(Cowpen Bewley: James Askew 2nd in 17.44, Rosie Smith 7th  Overall/ 1st Lady in 18.39, George Reid (v55) 30th in 21.50.
Pitstop 10k ( Dalton on Tees ):James Askew 2nd in 33.51, Rosie Smith 4th Overall/ 1st Lady in 35.16, Rachel Bentley 70th in 44.41(pb).
Newton Aycliffe 10k:James Askew 4th in 34.15, David Henson 43rd in 39.46, Isaac Allen (u/17) 75th in 42.53, Allison Walker (v/45) 96th in 45.25(pb), Kirsty Walker 157th in 49.59, Stuart Reay (v55) 173rd in 50.53,Paula Wear (v35) 220th in 55.35, Joe Harker (v70) 262nd  in 62.15. (291 finishers).

 At the recent NE Open T&F Grand Prix Athletics Meeting at Jarrow there was some excellent performances by City athletes with personal bests (pb’s) being achieved, results of which were as follows: U/20 Women; Georgia Whitfield 1st 150m 18.9 (pb), 1st 300m 40.5 pb; Senior Women; Jaqui. Hodgson (v45) 1st 150m 20.06, 1st 300m 43.8 (pb); U/17 Women; Rosie Findlay 1st 150m 20.0 (pb); Lucy McIlroy 2nd 300m 44.7; Senior Men ; Tim Tetlow 1st 300m 36.7 (pb); Michael DIxon 39.9, Paul Donaghy (v/45) 43.7 also 150m 19.7; U/15 Boys; Joseph Downing 2nd High Jump 1.35m, 3rd Long Jump 4.45m, 100m 13.6 (pb). U/13 Boys; Luke Allen 1st Long Jump 3.61m,1st Shot Putt 7.74m, 3rd 100m 14.7. U/17 Boys; Kieran Liddle 2nd 7.96m. Senior Men;Jonna Baines 1500m 4.13.4 (pb), Gareth Maguire 4.33.1(pb). U/20 Men; Oliver Watson 3rd 4.14.0 (pb). U/13 Boys; Adam Ord 5.23.
On the Roads, Rosie Smith was back in record breaking form at the Blythe Valley 10k where she knocked 35secs off the previous figures set in 2008, her time was 34.12 finishing 1st Women and crowned NE Counties Champion,and was in fact 8th overall. Other Club athletes to finish were; Alan Rowell (v/65) 204th 44.32, Gemma Soulsby 386th in 53.18, Joe Harker (v/70) 64.41).

 DCH athletes turned out in force for the N.E. Counties T&F Championships at Gateshead International Stadium over the week-end in glorious sunshine, but swirling winds.
On the 1st day (Sat), it was mainly the Junior Section of the Club who caught the eye, with Jazmine Moss winning her heat of the u/15 Girls 200m in 26.45 and then later winning the Final in fine style improving her time to 26.27. In the u/20 5000m Final , Amy Etherington was unfortunately the sole entry in her age group and had to run with the Senior Women, but was still 4th overall, recording 19.46.55 to claim her Gold Medal.  In the u/17 Women’s 200m Final , Rosie Findlay ran well finishing 2nd in 26.82,with Lucy McIlroy 5th in 27.40, whilst Cameron Bain recorded a personal best time of 53.30 in the u/17 men’s 400m Final, with Gregory Venyo finishing 3rd in the Final of the u/17 Men’s 100m recording 11.67 (11.52 heat). Rebecca Mott also ran well to finish 3rd in the u/17 Girls 800m. Final recording 2.24.05.
In the u/13 Boys 75m (Hurdles) Final, Chris Milburn finished 3rd in 15.66. Other athletes to compete were :- Courtney Price and Aysha Hall, who were 5th and 6th respectively in the Final of the u/15 Girls 800m recording 2.28.32 and 2.32.07. Emily Barker was 5th in the u/13 Girls 200m Final, recording 29.46. Adam Ord was 7th in the Final of the u/13 Boys 1500m recording 5.21.13, whilst Joseph Downing was 6th in his heat of the u/15 Boys 100m, recording 13.85.
On the 2nd day (Sunday), there was further success for City athletes,some of whom were doubling up in the Sprints and others concentrating on their main event in the distance events.Pride of place however must go to Jazmine Moss who completed a fine sprint double on winning the 100m in the u/15 Girls race in a time of 13.63, team mate Ellie Heydon picking up a well deserved bronze medal recording 13.78. In the u/17 women’s Final saw Rosie Findlay and Lucy McIlroy doubling up also, with Rosie finishing 2nd in 13.60 and Lucy 4th in 13.81. Lucy had a rather busy afternoon and qualified for the 300m Final and snatched a bronze medal just ahead of team mate Rebecca Mott , recording times of 43.56 and 43.76 respectively. Chloe Price  also ran very well in the u/20 women’s 1500m Final finishing 2nd in 4.35.31. Other female athletes were; Charlotte Boyle 4th in the u/15 300m Final recording 45.86. Emily Barker 6th in the u/13 girls 100m Final recording 14.88. Aysha Hall and Courtney Price finishing 4th and 6th in the u/15 girls 1500m Final, recording 5.14.89 and 5.19.38 respectively.

In the Senior Men’s 5000m Race XC International Dan Garbutt was content to follow Peter Newton (Morpeth Harriers) the recent 10000m Champion for most of the race but pulled away on the final lap to clinch victory recording 14.43.28, whilst Jonny Wilkinson finished 7th in 17.32.40.Henry Johnson finished  a good 2nd in the u/17 3000m Men’s Final recording 9.30.79.Both Greg Venyo 4th in the u/17 Mens 200m Final recording 24.22 and Luke Allen 4th in the u/13 Boys 200m Final recording 30.12 just missed out on the medals. Newcomer Kenny Hislop finished 8th in the Senior Men’s 800m Final recording 2.43.82.

There was another superb turn-out by the Club in the North East Harrier League Meeting at Alnwick last Saturday which produced some excellent results both individually and team across the board. Pride of place must go to runners in the combined u/17 / u/20 Women’s Race where under the handicap system Helena Herrman u/20 and off scratch from the slow pack scored a great victory for the Club recording a time of 16.07,which was in fact the 4th fastest time of the day, and with Chloe Price finishing 3rd from the fast pack recording 15.51 (2nd fastest time) and Amy Etherington 4th from the fast pack recording 16.02 (3rd fastest) the 3 scorers , the Durham u/20 team ensured a convincing victory.Rachael Steel also ran well finishing 6th in 16.19 (5th fastest). Alice  Campbell was 5th from the slow pack in the u/17’s recording 18.11.
In the u/15 Boys race Joseph Graham-Bradley finished 4th from the fast pack recording 12.24 , Michael Wade 9th in 12.50 and William Morgan-Rippon 22nd in 13.45, the 3 scorers, the team finished 3rd. Cameron Allen finished 29th in 14.16 and Luke Pickering 30th from the slow pack 15.46.
In the senior men/vets race Dan Jenkin had a superb run coming back 7th from the fast pack recording 33.57 which was the fastest time of the day, with Ben Douglas also superb finishing 9th from the same pack recording 34.11 (2nd fastest time), and with Matt Hornsby making his debut for the club  finishing 11th from the slow pack recording 39.40, Michael Cameron 51st in 39.07(m), John Nash (v) 84th in 42.22(s) and Dave King (v) 101st in 42.43(s) the 6 scorers, the team finished 3rd. Other runners to finish were Robin Linten 109th in 40.22 (medium pack ) Dave Henson 130th in 43.24 (s),Jonny Wilkinson  137th in 38.31(f),Jacopo Cervi 157th in 43.50 (s),Tony McNeil(v) 283rd 47.34 (s) and Brian Brown 409th (v) 55.38 (s).Julia Quinonez (v) was 1st counter for the Club in the Senior Women’s/ Vets Race 42nd from the slow pack in 33.01with Emma Bain (v) 70th from the fast pack recording 29.47, and with Alex Slotwinska 75th from the fast pack , the 3 scorers the team finished 3rd, followed by Alison Walker (v) 89th in 32.12 (medium pack), Kirsty Walker 140th 36.40 and Lynne Carruthers (v) 190 th  41.19.
In the u/13 boys Jacob Stephenson led the way finishing in 8th place recording 15.00,and with Chris Milburn 13th  in 15.06 both from the slow  pack and Adam Ord from the fast pack  42nd recording 15.08, the 3 scorers, the team finished 3rd, with James Garraghan (fast pack) 45th  in  15.33.
Lucy Walker was1st counter for the Harriers from the slow pack finishing 40th in 17.22, with Imogen Coxon 47th from the fast pack recording 16.38 and Emily Barker 50th in 18.10 (s) the scorers , the finished 11th,with Lucy Graham- Bradley (s) 51st in18.13 and Elise Hardy (s) 66th in 20.21.  In the u/11 mixed Boys / Girls Race,Charlie Phillips led the way 20th in 4.32, followed by Max Barker 92nd in 5.46, with Alex Delaney 94th in 5.48.  Last but not least, the in -form Oliver Watson kept up his fine record in the Harrier League with another outstanding run from the fast pack finishing 4th overall and recording the 2nd fastest time of the day of 13.45 in the u/17 Boys Race, whilst Jazmine Moss also continued her rich vein of form finishing 12th from the fast pack and 9th fastest overall recording 14.49 in the u/15 Girls Race, she excels in sprinting to

There were some excellent performances by City athletes in the North East Counties Indoor Track & Field Championships at Gateshead recently, Samantha Coleby winning the Senior Women’s 60 Metres Hurdles title in a Championship Best Performance time of 8.96 also a pb,and was 2nd in the 60 metres, again in a pb time of 7.93, after a qualifying time of 7.96.

Rosie Findley won the u/17 Womens title in 8.08, after a qualifying heat time of 8.05, whilst Jazmine Moss won the u/15 Girls title in a pb time of 8.33, with a qualifying heat time of 8.35.

Andrea Jesudason was 2nd in the Senior Women’s Long Jump recording a pb leap of 5.13 metres and was 3rd in the Triple Jump recording 10.21 metres; whilst Veteran Paul Donaghy was 2nd in the (0/45) 60 metres,recording a seasons best time of 7.99.

Other excellent performances were as follows; in the u/17 Men’s 60 metres Pranav Anand was 5th in the final recording 7.59, with Stefan Renstrom recording a pb of 7.93 in the heats, whilst David Wilkinson reached the final of the Senior Men’s 60 metres final, finishing 6th in a time of 7.56.

In the Scottish National XC at Falkirk,Rosie Smith was unlucky not to be among the medals this year finishing 4th in a quality field, recording 28mins 37secs, and was rather disappointed.

It was also the English National XC at Nottingham last Saturday and again some fine performances, with the  in-form Dan Garbutt having another excellent run in the Senior Men’s Race finishing 14th in a strong field, in a time of 37.22,and with Dan Jenkin 49th 38.28, Ben Douglas 79th 39.03, Chris Walker 458th 44.42, Marius Klein 460th 44.44, and Gareth Maguire 474th 44.51 the 6 scorers the Team finished 23rd out of 127 finishing teams, 2nd NE Team! Non-Scorers were Robin Linten 490th 45.00 and Dan Whittle 676th 47.08 (1657 runners finished).

Other results of City Athletes where as follows; Junior Women: Chloe Price 40th in 24.45, Amy Etherington 51st 25.01, Helena Herrman 63rd 25.38  scoring, they finished a highly placed 7th Team and 1st NE Team. In the incomplete U/15 Girls Team,Rebecca Mott finished 154th in 18.15, Jazmine Moss 191st 18.36, and Aysha Hall 194th 18.41 all running well. It was shame that Courtney Price was forced to drop out as she was running well within the group at the time and would have been the final counter in theTeam. Jonny Wilkinson was the only runner from the Club finishing 130th in a quality Junior Men’s Race recording 37.09.  Alex Slotwinska was the Clubs leading runner in the strong Senior Women’s Race, finishing 209th in 35.14,with Louisa Buttanshaw 330th in 37.34 and Catherine Garbutt  finishing 419th recording 39.34 in an incomplete team.

City athletes turned out in force in the 4th fixture of the North East Harrier League XC at Wrekenton last Saturday with some fine individual and team performances. In the u/15 Boys Race,Joseph Graham- Bradley running from the slow pack ran very well to finish 2nd recording a time of 9.51 with Michael Wade also running well from the fast pack (1.20 handicap) finishing 13th in 9.46 and with William Morgan- Rippon also from the fast pack finishing 21st in 10.27, and with 3 scoring the Team finished 1st with 36 points. In the u/15 Girls Race, Rebecca Mott led the way finishing 6th in 10.51, Jazmine Moss 9th in 11.01, and Courtney Price 13th in 11.18, the 3 counters, the team finished 2nd with 28 points, backing up was Aysha Hall in 20th recording 11.44, all fast pack athletes. Oliver Watson had a superb run in the u/17 Boys Race, running from the fast pack he moved through the field to finish 3rd overall, but recorded 18.07 the fastest time of the day. Similarly James Garraghan also had a fine run in the u/13 Boys Race finishing 2nd from the slow pack recording 10.56, with Chris Milburn 14th in 11.45. In the u/20 Women’s Race Chloe Price had a solid run finishing 7th in 21.08 as did Amy Etherington 11th in 21.46, both from  fast pack. Bridget Bradshaw led home the Durham team in the u/13 Girls Race finishing 9th in 12.04, with Imogen Coxon just behind in 10th (12.10) and with Elise Hardy 25th in 12.37 the scorers, the team finished 4th with 44 points, with Lucy Walker backing up 33rd in 12.59.
James Askew was first counter for Durham Senior Men / Veteran Mens team finishing 4th from the medium pack (2.30 handicap) recording 34.29, with Dan Jenkin 9th recording 32.24 and Ben Douglas just 2 places behind finishing 11th in 32.31, 2nd and 3rd fastest times of the day respectively, running  from the fast pack (5min handicap) both having excellent runs   fighting their way through a massive field of runners; and with Tom Cowling (slow pack) 22nd in 38.31, Marius Klein (medium pack) 35th in 36.17, and Robin Linten (medium pack) 64th in 37.03,the six scorers ,the team were delighted to finish 2nd behind Morpeth Harrriers. Other runners to finish were; Dave King (v) 79th in 39.55, Kevin Knight (v) 89th 40.04, John Nash (v) 108th 40.23, David Henson 144th 41.06, Andy Biggs (v) 180th 41.34,all from the slow pack,followed by Jonny Wilkinson u/21 running from the fast pack 191st in 36.45,with Steve Marshall  (v) 255th in 43.12, Paul Delaney (v) 304th 44.41, Dave Coxon (v) 313th 45.13, Tony McNeil (V)335th in 46.09, Bob Hewitson (V) 344th 46.27,Peter Harrison 363rd 47.16, Brian Brown (V) 463rd 54.01, all starting from the slow pack. In the senior and veteran women’s race Emma Bain (V) came back in 13 th place in 25.45 but was later disqualified for running from the wrong pack. Therefore, Alison Walker (V) became the 1st counter for the club finishing 22nd in 30.06 with Fern Freeman 52nd 30.54 and Julia Quinonez (V) 31.11 the three scorers,the team finished 7th. Kirstin Farquhar (V) 123rd 33.19, Kirsty Walker 124th 33.19 and Lynne Carruthers (V) were the other runners to finish.
North East XC Champion and newly crowned Northern XC Champion Dan Garbutt was involved in a blanket finish in the Dewsbury 10k last Sunday,pipped at the post by Mohammed Abu-Rezeq of Altrincham both recording the same time of 30.24, a personal best time for Dan, and a 3second Improvement on last year when he actually won the race. He was comfortable throughout the race until the final push for the winning line, but just missed out in the end with the first 4 separated by just 1 second (1063 completed the Race ).Dan’s next major race will be the English National Cross Country at Nottingham in three weeks time and aims to improve on his terrific performance of last year when he finished 5th in the Senior Men’s Race, the highest placing yet in the Clubs history.
Meanwhile , at the Scottish Indoor Championships at the Emirates Arena , Glasgow, Samantha Coleby also just missed out on victory in the final of the 400m recording 55.82 only 42/100sec behind the winner, after winning her heat in 56.53 .Last month,Samantha competed in the Northern Athletics Indoor Championships at Sheffield where she recorded a season’s best time of 55.75 finishing 3rd in the final of the 400m ,and improving on her heat time of 56.62, times  of which are very encouraging for the forthcoming track season.
The Club had an excellent turn-out at the Gateshead College Open Indoor Series with personal and season’s best times being achieved,results of which were as follows for the 60m Sprints;(u/17w) ; Rosie Findlay 7.99 (pb),Lucy McIroy 8.39 (sb).(u/15w);Jazmine Moss 8.44(pb). (u/17m); Pranav Anand 7.50 (pb),Stefan Renstrom 8.08(pb); (u/20m); Alasdair Hills 7.54(pb), (S/M); David Wilkinson 7.55(pb), Paul Donaghy (V45) 7.99(sb), Conrad Kennedy(V45) 8.45 (pb); (u/15m) Luke Pickering 9.49(pb), (u/13m);Luke Allen 9.31(sb),Chris Milburn 9.95(sb).
English International and current N.E Cross Country Champion Dan Garbutt scored a magnificent victory in the Northern Cross Country Championships at Knowsley Safari Park, Liverpool, on a course that had it all, mud,hail,rain and gales. Dan rose above it all to win his first Northern Cross Country title, having finished 3rd last year, he was determined to make amends this time.  He pulled away on the final lap and nobody was to pass him for the coveted gold medal, he went on to win in fine style recording 41.16 and winning by 8 seconds, a brilliant victory and a first double victory by a Durham City Harrier lifting the North East and Northern Titles.It would have been an even more unique ‘double/double’ had Scottish International athlete Rosie Smith the current North East cross country champion had won the senior women’s race but unfortunately she tired slightly on the final hill and was passed by World Mountain and Fell Runner -Katie Walshaw of Holmfirth, who went onto win by 15 seconds, with Rosie recording 30.37 for second place. It was a superb performance by both Dan and Rosie, two modest athletes, revered by the club.In the Junior Women’s race, the in-form Chloe Price had another very good run, finishing 11th in 24.15, 16 seconds ahead of team mate Amy Etherington, who is also in a rich vein of form recording 24.31 for 13th place, and with Mariama Dryak 34th in 26.42, the team finished Bronze Medallists with 58 points-a fine team performance.The full results of all City Athletes, are as followsSENIOR MEN1st. Dan Garbutt. 41.16
39th. Ben Douglas. 44.51
117th. Marius Klein. 49.00
194th. Gareth Maguire. 51.41
312th. Robin Linten. 55.10
373rd. Stephen Marshall 58.02570 th   Geoff Watson. 70.47
597th. Brian Brown  76.28
With 6 to count, the team finished 14 th (1036) pointsSENIOR WOMEN2nd. Rosie Smith. 30.37
42nd. Alex Slotwinska. 35.27JUNIOR WOMEN11th. Chloe Price. 24.15
13th. Amy Etherington. 24.31
34th. Mariama Dryak. 26.42U/21 MEN36th. Jonny Wilkinson. 30.37U/15 GIRLS77th. Rebecca Mott. 18.01
117th. Courtney Price. 19.45U/13. BOYS153rd. Christopher Milburn. 15.10
City athletes proved yet again they are in great form during this winter’s cross-country season, producing some fine individual performances together with team honours throughout most of the age groups. Athletes travelled up to Wallington Hall, Northumberland for the 3rd North East Harrier league meeting which would be their final race before the North East counties cross-country championships at South Shields on the 14th December.Rebecca Mott had an outstanding run in the U15 girls race finishing 1st overall from the slow-pack, recording 14.36, and with Jazmine Moss (7th overall) from the fast-pack (1 minute, 20 second handicap) recording 14.31, and with Aysha Hall (8th overall) from the fast pack (1 minute 20 second handicap) recording 14.33. The team won clearly with 16 points. Charlotte Boyle was 24th overall recording 17.03 (non-scorer).Chloe Price (U20) proved once more she is in great shape finishing 3rd overall in the combined U17/U20 ladies race, recording 12.40 from the fast pack (1 minute 20 second handicap), which was the fastest time of the day. She was ably backed up by Amy Etherington, 6th in 13.19, and with good back-up from Mariama Dryak 7th in 13.25. The U20 team scorers finished 2nd (16 points) behind the U17 team from Birtley who were all from the slow pack and off scratch, finishing 1st, 2nd and 4th (7 points). Rachel Steel was 15th overall recording 14.12 (non-scoring).In the U17 boys race, Oliver Watson also proved he is in fine form finishing 4th overall from the past-pack , recording 11.28 (1 minute 20 second handicap), which was the fastest time of the day with Matthew King 27th in 13.59.Marius Klein was 1st counter for the club in the senior mens race, finishing 4th from the slow pack recording 39.27 with Michael Cameron close behind in 5th place also from the slow-pack recording 39.52, and with 2013 Harrier North East league winner, Dan Jenkin 21st in 36.40 from the fast-pack (5 minute handicap), Ben Douglas, 24th in 36.47, Gareth Maguire 71st in 42.58 (slow-pack) and Dave King 83rd in 43.11 (slow-pack). With the above 6 scorers the team team finished 3rd in division 1. Other runners to finish were Liam Ayton, 111th in 41.15 (medium pack), Jonny Wilkinson, 115th in 38.56 (fast-pack), Andy Biggs (V), 136th 44.12 (slow-pack), John Nash, 193rd in 45.13 (slow-pack), Tony McNeil 314th in 49.09 (slow-pack), Dave Coxon (V), 323rd in 49.23 (slow-pack), Bob Hewitson (V), 344th in 50.27 (slow-pack), Nigel Nimmo (V) 413th in 53.44 (slow-pack) and Brian Brown (V) 459th in 58.19 (slow-pack).Alex Slotwinska had a fine run from the medium pack in the senior and veteran womens race, finishing 4th in 29.54 (2 min handicap), with veteran Emma Bain 13th in 30.29 (medium-pack), Alison Walker (V), 50th in 33.55 (slow-pack): the 3 scorers. The team finished 2nd in division 2. Other athletes to finish were; Kim Simpson 62nd in 31.51 (medium-pack) and Liz Lamb (V) 131st in 36.35 (slow-pack).In the U13 boys race, Adam Ord lead the team home in 6th place recording 14.16 (slow-pack) , and with Chris Milburn 30th in 15.14 (slow-pack), and Luke Allen 49th in  16.48 (slow-pack), the team finished 3rd.James Garrahan was leading athlete in the mixed U11 boys and girls race finishing 6th in 6.00 with Charlie Phillips 22nd in 6.21 and Gabriel McCall 36th in 6.33.In the U13 girls race, Imogen Coxon was 29th in 16.55 (slow-pack) with Ellie Ward 54th in 19.03 (slow-pack) (incomplete team).
Chloe Price (U20) continued her fine form last weekend by being 1st female in the Norman Woodcock road race at Gosforth Park, finishing 19th overall of 139 finishers  in a good time of 29.03, and then on the following day recorded the fastest time of the day, finishing 8th from the fast-pack in 15.44 at the Start Fitness North East Harrier League Cross Country at Jarrow in the combined U17/U20 race (15.44). New recruit Mariama Dryak (U20) followed in her footsteps finishing 3rd female at Gosforth Park recording 31.22 and then ran at Jarrow finishing 13th in the handicap recording 16.45. Full results of the Bedewell Park Cross Country at Jarrow, which was a record turn-out for the club, were as follows:

Women (U17/U20): Rachael Steel 5th in 17.18, Chloe Price 8th in 15.44, Amy Etherington 12th in 16.13 and with 3 to count were 1st team with 22 points. Non-scorers were Mariama Dryak, 13th in 16.45 and Alice Campbell, 14th in 18.48.

U15 Boys: William Morgan-Rippon 10th in 14.01, Michael Wade 12th in 14.12, William Nimmo 18th in 14.42 and with 3 to score, they were 1st team with 40 points. Non-scorer  was Luke Pickering who finished 24th in 15.17.

Senior Men: Ben Douglas 31st in 32.06 (5th fastest overall) and Dan Jenkin 37th in 32.21 (7th fastest overall) from the fast-pack with a 5 minute handicap, Rob Eaton 18th in 34.12 and Jonny Wilkinson 23rd in 34.24 from the medium pack with 2.5 minutes handicap, and completing the team-scorers, from the slow pack were Liam Ayton 6th in 35.37, and James Watson 11th in 36.16. The team finished 2nd with 76 points. Non-scorers from the slow-pack were Marius Klein 41st in 37.28, Dan Whittle 89th in 38.31, David King 109th in 38.41, John Nash 127th in 38.51, David Henson 154th in 39.28, Andy Biggs 174th in 39.33, Ted Tate 278th in 41.50, Paul Delaney 342nd in 43.04, Rob Garbutt 356th in 43.37, Bob Hewitson 371st in 44.00, Alan Rowell 392nd in 44.52, David Coxon 403rd in 45.06, Nigel Nimmo 440th in 46.35, Robert Whittle 488th in 48.13 and Brian Brown 520th in 51.37.

Senior Women: Emma Bain finished 46th from the medium pack in 27.33 with a 2 minute handicap, Alex Slotwinska, also from the medium pack finished 31st in 27.03, and completing the team-scorers was Kim Simpson 7th from the slow-pack in 27.00. The team finished 5th with 49 points. Non-scorers from the slow-pack were Fern Freeman 64th in 29.50, Rachel Bentley 71st in 29.58, Allison Walker 95th in 30.28 and Liz Lamb 135th in 31.28.

U17 Boys: Oliver Watson 5th in 22.56 from the fast pack (2nd fastest time overall), Cameron Bain 7th in 25.50 and Matthew King 29th in 28.37 from the slow pack. The team finished 4th with 41 points.

U15 Girls: Jazmine Moss finished 21st from the fast-pack in 15.03, Courtney Price in 36th also from the fast-pack in 16.21 and from the slow pack was Aysha Hall who finished 5th in 15.27. The team finished 5th with 61 points.

U13 Girls: Elise Hardy 22nd in 16.46, Lucy Walker 27th in 16.47and Imogen Coxon 29th in 16.49 were the three scorers in the team which came 6th with 78 points. Non-scorer was Emily Barker 50th in 17.17.

U11 Boys: James Garrahan 6th in 4.34, Charlie Phillips 19th in 4.49, Gabriel McCall 41st in 5.00 and Max Barker 85th in 5.37.

U13 Boys: Chris Milburn 27th in 14.15 and Luke Allen 47th in 15.26.


In the ECCA  National XC Relays at Berry Hill Park in  Mansfield, City Teams were under strength due mainly to injuries, but they still fielded complete teams in 3 of the major races and athletes performed well against  strong opposition, some of  the best in the country. International XC athlete Dan Garbutt was Durham’s  A team’s star performer of the day producing a superb run on the 1st leg coming home 2nd in an excellent time of 15.34 on a very undulating course, a performance  which would give him great confidence for the forthcoming UKA  European XC Trials at Liverpool later this month. James Askew then had the difficult task of hanging on but went off a little too fast on the 2nd leg and unfortunately suffered in the later stages and dropped to 39th recording 18.08. Graham Hunt, just getting back after a long term injury, dropped to 51st  in a time of 18.46 on the 3rd leg. He would have been in the B Team if things had worked out, along with Durham student Gareth Maguire, who on the 4th and final leg recorded 19.50 for the team to finished in 72.18 for 57th place (156 completed  teams finished). In the incomplete B team, Leeds Met.student Dan Whittle finished  in a time of 19.16 on the 1st leg and XC Captain Geoff Watson (v/35) after a busy day recorded  24.30 on the 2nd leg .

In the Junior Women’s Race  the in-form Chloe Price now  at Durham University, had an excellent run on the 1st leg  recording a fine time of 8.50 which was later the 10th fastest  of the day. Amy Etherington then took over on the 2nd leg and picked up 3 places finishing 4th in 9.32, and with Lucy Butt  on the 3rd leg recording 10.25, the team did really well to finish 9th in 28.46 (26 completed teams finished).

The Senior Women were led by Louisa Buttanshaw on the 1st leg who came back 54th recording 12.05, with Kim Simpson taking over on the 2nd leg recording 12.50 picking up one place for 53rd, and with Fern Freeman on the final leg recording 13.39, all solid performances. The team finished 55th in 38.33 (99 completed teams finished).


GB XC International athlete Rosie Smith, continues her suberb form with yet another fine performance at the Northern Womens 4  Stage Road Relay at Stanley Park, Blackpool. Rosie  started off steady on the 1st leg of 5.2k but took control of the Race after about a mile. At this stage International 800m specialist Jenny Meadows (Wigan AC), was testing her level of fitness after a  long term injury in pursuit of Rosie along with over 50 other athletes but she managed to stave of all opposition and entered the Stadium to run the final 200m of her leg  recording a time of 17.30, which later proved to be the 2nd fastest time of the day. Amy Etherington on the 2nd leg then had the daunting task of trying to hang onto 1st place and this she did returning a time of 19.45, with the opposition on Durham’s coat-tail. Veteran Emma Bain (o/45) took over on the 3rd leg and was inevitably overtaken soon after the start but ran solidly throughout dropping to 6th and returning a time of 20.50. Aiveen Fox  then sped off on the 4th and final leg and managed to pull one place back and brought the team home 5th in an overall time of 1.17.29, with  Aiveen recording 19.24.

In the Northern Cross-Country Relays at Sheffield, Rosie had another fantastic run on the 1st leg bringing the Durham team home in 1st position in an excellent time of 11.25, which in fact remained the fastest time of the day! Louisa Buttanshaw , making her debut for the Club, was drafted into the Team and had the task of staving off the gathering opposition as best she could but dropped to 4th recording 13.29. Then on the final leg it was left to the experienced  Aiveen Fox to claw back the deficit, and despite her brave effort the Durham Team had to settle for 4th position , recording a time of 12.32, the defending Champions were only just 13secs  short of a podium finish.(19 completed teams finished). In the Senior Mens race , the in-form Dan Jenkin, had a fine run on the 1st leg coming back 5th in 10.10, with Mark Smith (11th  in 11.30), Harry Eaton (16th in 12.22) and Matt Newsome (15th in 11.10) , the A team were elevated to 14th position. In the incomplete B team Gareth Maguire was 24th in 11.53, with Veteran Geoff Watson 23rd in 15.13


At the Annual Sherman Cup / Davison Shield Meeting at Hedley Farm West ,Tanfield ,. Amy Etherington continued her great form by finishing 2nd overall in the (Combined u/17 & u/20 womens race), but was 1st u/20 recording 20.41. Oliver Watson a 400/800m young track athlete, but also handles XC running very well indeed  proved that by finishing a very creditable 3rd place in the u/17 mens race recording 21.54, with Cameron Bain (20th in 25.26) and Matthew King (27th in 27.04), the team finished 5th with 50 points.

Ben Douglas had yet another brilliant run in the Senior and Veteran mens race finishing 4th in a fine time of 31.15, followed by Rob Eaton 25th in 34.28, and James Walton 47th in 35.47, and with 3 scoring the Senior Mens team finished 4th with 58 points. Other runners to finish were Harry Eaton (Sen/Men) 62nd in 36.50,whilst Dave King (Vet.) 97th in 38.18, Bob Hewitson (Vet.) 217th in 43.26, and Nigel Nimmo (Vet) 234th in 44.16 scoring, the Veterans  team finished 20th with 280 points,  Brian Brown (Vet) finished 319th in 53.06.

In the u/15 Girls race Aysha Hall led the way in 6th place recording 12.47, and with Jazmine Moss 14th in 13.46 and Courtney Price 19th in 14.03, the team finished an excellent 3rd place with 39 points.Good packing in the  u/15 Boys race with Cameron Allen leading the way in 19th place recording 12.05,with William Morgan – Rippon 23rd in 12.24, Luke Pickering 26th in 13.08, the 3 scorers, the team finished 6th with 68 points, with William Nimmo close at hand in 27th place recording 13.11. The u/13 Girls also finished 6th with 73 points, with Lucy Walker leading the way in 20th place recording 14.49 just ahead of Rina Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka 23rd in 14.55 and Elise Hardy 30th in 15.21 scoring, followed by Emily Baker 47th in 16.32,Fay Allen 48th in 16.45, and Ellie Ward 50th in 17.26.In the combined u/11 Boys and Girls races, Samuel Gibson was 22nd (19th boy in 5.39 ) Hannah Wright 37th (9th girl in 5.56) Jessica Wright 60th (23rd girl in 6.30), the 3 scorers, the team finished 8th with 119 points,with James Garraghan 71st (41st boy in 6.50),Max Barker 83rd (46th boy in 7.22).

Veteran Emma Bain had a great run in the Senior Women/Veterans Race finishing 11th overall but was 6th Vet in 25.43,and with Liz Lamb 75th (46th Vet in 30.58),Allison Walker 97th (63rd Vet in 32.07), scoring , the team finished 8th with 115 points, with veteran Lynne Carruthers 155th in 35.35.In the u/13 Boys race, Adam Ord led the way finishing 27th in 13.13, with Chris Milburn 33rd in 13.35, and Luke Allen 40th in 15.13, the scorers the team  finished 8th with 100 points, with Daniel McLaughlin 48th in 19.10. In the final scoring, the Harriers finished 3rd overall in the Davison Shield (227 points) and 4th in the Sherman Cup (556 points),the highest placings for years, due to an excellent turn-out particularly by the Junior Section of the Club and some fine performances throughout.

At the British Masters Championship at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, veteran Jacqui Hodgson pulled off a great double by winning gold medals in the 200m (28.50) and the 400m (63.38)  to finish the track and field season off in style.In the 2013 Pentathlon Open Championships at Monkton Stadium, Jarrow, Conrad Kennedy was 1st o/45 veteran champion amassing 1909 points in the following disciplines: Shot put- 21.21m (376 points), Long jump-4.67m (460 points), 200m-28.8secs (460 points), Javelin- 20.33m (213 pts), 800m- 2.55.6 (400 pts).City athletes produced some fine performances this time at the Middlesborough Tees Pride 10k road race. First counter for the Harriers was Ben Douglas who ran superbly to finish in 6th place behing 3 Ethiopian athletes who filled the podium places. Ben’s time of 32.04 was a personal best. Only 3 places behind was another athlete in good form: James Askew recording 33.28, only 22 seconds outside his PB. Jonna Baines(U20) also produced a great performance in finishing 13th, another athlete producing a PB of 33.41. Just slightly further down the field was GB international Rosie Smith finishing 17th and producing yet another superb performance winning the women’s race, knocking 29 seconds off her PB time, recording 33.49. Super-vet Fred Anderson (o/75) also managed to produce a PB in his current age category, recording 52.05 for 977th place. (1500 finished).
In the Tynedale Jelly Tea 10 mile Road Race (Hexham -Ovingham) , former City Harrier Michael Crawley, representing Corstorphine AC,(Edinburgh), led at the halfway point, before being overtaken by Ethiopian Tadele Geremew at 6 miles who then went on to win in a fine time of 50.05 , with Michael recording 50.52 pb. for 2nd.However, the in-form and consistent Dan Jenkin also had a fine run finishing 4th in a good time of 52.38 pb, but clinched a bronze medal in the NECAA Championship,with Jonny Wilkinson (u/20) finishing a creditable 23rd in 57.26 also a pb.It was a pity that Michael was not still in a  Durham vest,  as with 3 to count ,we would have won the Team event by 4 points with 3 to score! Other Harriers to finish were; Chris Herkes 82nd 64.42,Andy Biggs v/45 93rd 65.24,Peter Harrison 124th 67.36, Alan Rowell v/65 186th 71.23, Elwyn Baldwin v/65 204th 72.36, David Coxon v/40 228th 73.43, Kirstin Farquhar v/40 321st 78.36, Liz Lamb v/55 359th  81.26, Lynne Carruthers v/50 467th  88.59.
At the Sunderland Start Fitness Open XC  Races in Farringdon, Durham were given a brilliant start by Dan Jenkin in the Senior Mens 4x 1.8mile Relay,leading all the runners home on the 1st leg and well clear by 20secs, recording 8.42, which later was proved to be the  fastest time of the day.Jonna Baines then took over on the 2nd leg to maintain the lead of now 21secs, recording 9.09 (5th fastest). Veteran Andy Biggs v/45 who was included in the team at short notice, otherwise only 3 runners, took over on the 3rd leg with Gateshead and Tynebridge the main threats up for the challenge. Inevitably, Durham were overtaken and dropped to 13th and despite a fall Andy recorded 11.21, then Michael Grimes who likes a challenge took over on the 4th leg and regained 10 places to finish 2nd Team behind Gateshead, recording 9.06, the 4th fastest time, a great result!
In the Senior Womens Open Race (1.8m) Amy Etherington(u/20) ran a fine race finishing 2nd in a time of 11.08, who earlier in the day bettered the course record in the Hackworth Park Run, whilst veteran Emma Bain v/45 was 8th in a good time of 11.40.  Other results were as follows ;u/17 Men-(1.8m) Cameron Bain 10th 10.42; u/15 Boys- William Morgan- Rippon 14th 11.45; u/11 Boys-(1k) Gabriel McCall 17th 4.56; u/13 Boys-(1.8m) Chris Milburn 26th 13.39, Luke Allen 32nd 14.23.u/15 Girls-Melissa Carter 14th 13.11;.u/13 Girls- Fay Allen 30th 15.01.
In the 19th Tartan Games at Gateshead International Stadium, City athletes produced some fine performances as the Summer Season draws to its close .Results of which were as follows; Senior Women-Samantha Coleby 100m (F) 1st in 12.41 pb, 100m (Hurdles) (F)1st in 14.73 pb, both times were Club records.Junior Women -Chloe Price 1500m (F) 1st in 4.33.75.Georgia Whitfield 200m (F) 2nd in 26.59. (U/17 Women)- Rosie Findley 200m (F) 2nd in 27.12 pb,100m (F) 4th in 13.06 pb.Lucy McIlroy 200m(F) 3rd in 27.22 sb.,100m (F) 6th in 13.41.Sara Murray (Javelin) (F) 1st (25.03m), LJ (F) 7th (3.78m). Sandra Griffin (Javelin) (F) 2nd (22.80m),Shot Putt (F) 3rd (7.09m). (U/15 Boys) – Greg Venyo 100m (F) 2nd in 11.76 pb, 200m(F) 2nd in 24.15 pb.Pranav Anand 100m (F) 4th in 12.30 pb. Joseph Grehan- Bradley (F) 4th in 4.37.1 pb..(U/13 Boys) – Izaak Joseph Stanton 75m (Hurdles) (F) 1st in 15.48, HJ (F) 6th (1.20m),LJ (F) 7th (3.94m). Joseph Downing  LJ (F) 4th (4.26m), HJ (F) 4th (1.30m), 100m (H) 14.40.Chris Milburn 75m (Hurdles) (F) 4th in 16.97, LJ (F) 8th (3.81m), 800m (F) 12th in 2.58. Jacob Stephenson 800m (F) 9th in 2.44. (U/11 Boys) – Izaak Taylor 60m (F) 3rd in 9.55, 600m (F) 5th in 2.05.3. James Garraghar 60m (F) 6th in 9.87,600m (F) 6th in 2.07.8, LJ (Standing) 1.74m.
There was a record turn-out for the Durham Summer Cross-Country Relays around the Racecourse  Grounds which was hosted by the Harriers and , on a superb evening proved to be a great success even though many people were still on holiday. In the Senior and Veterans Relay 3 x 3k , Durham’s City A Team did very well finishing 2nd,  after a fine performance on the 1st leg by the in-form Dan Jenkin who had a great battle with Tyne Bridge’s Marc Fenwick who had an outstanding run to hold off Dan, to come back 1st in 8.59, which was in fact the fastest time of the day as it later turned out, whilst Dan recorded 9.07, the 2nd fastest time! Michael Grimes then gave chase on the 2nd leg to narrow the gap but  Tony Carter for Tyne Bridge was equally as good gaining another second recording 9.28 (4th fastest time) to Michael’s 9.29 (equal 5th fastest time).Jonna Baines on the 3rd and last leg narrowed the gap by 2secs and recorded 9.34, but Tyne Bridge proved to be worthy winners by 7secs with an overall time of 28.03, with the Durham team   2nd in 28.10, 50secs  ahead of 3rd team Jarrow & Hebburn in 29.08, with a record number of 137 teams finishing in this event.
Durham also fielded a non-scoring young  team of Oliver Watson (16) who recorded 10.00, Alex Brown (16)10.04, and Henry Johnson (15) 9.42, who all had superb runs and finished remarkably 9th team overall in 29.46.Other Durham teams to finish in this race were; B team; James Watson 9.59, Dan Whittle 10.39, Rob Eaton 10.33 (16th in 31.11) ,  Senior Women ;Emma Bain (vet) 12.12,Alice Campbell (U/17) 13.05,  Chloe Price (U/20) 10.32 (2nd fastest time) 4th team (35.49) and (52nd overall).F team ,Geoff  Armstrong 11.27, David Henson 11.36,Geoff Watson 13.33 (59th in 36.36). Veteran Men (A);  Les Phillips 11.39,Paul Delaney 12.12, Alan Rowell 13.12 (60th overall in 36.53),(B) Dave Coxon 12.47 , Nigel Nimmo13.01,Brian Brown 15.20(103rd  in 41.08 ).In the Junior( Mixed ) 3x1500m , the Boys U/13 team of Chris Milburn 6.24, Scott Kent 6.44, and Luke Allen 6.49 finished 1st  in their age category in 19.53, whilst the Girls U/15 team of Courtney Price 5.34 (3rd fastest) , Fay Allen( U/13) 6.06, and Aysha Hall 6.15, finished 3rd in their category in 18.03.
Michael Crawley has had another outstanding run, this time  in the Scottish Athletics Senior Championship 5000m  at Scotstoun finishing 7th, and recording a personal best time of 14.48.59.

Meanwhile at the Annual Sherwoods Darlington 10k Road Race,club athletes turned out in force for this very popular event, first counter for the Harriers was the in-form Dan Jenkin who had an excellent run finishing 4th in a personal best time of 31.41.There were many other pb’s set which was very encouraging,results of which are as follows ; Jonny Wilkinson 23rd in  35.37 (2nd u/20),Anthony Hunt (v/40) 52nd in 37.27 pb, Dan Whittle u/20 80th in 38.33 pb,Andy Biggs v/45 98th in 39.22, Chris Wilkinson u/20 133rd in 40.42, Peter Harrison v/35 165th in 41.30 pb, David Henson 166th in 41.32 pb,David Coxon v/40 246th in 43.20 pb,Bob Hewitson v/55 251st in 43.32,Elwyn Baldwin 278th in 44.29 (2nd v/65),Tony McNeil v/45 347th in 45.53,Kirstin Farquhar v/40 418th in 47.24 pb, Elizabeth Lamb v/55 608th in 51.15,Rod Wilkinson v/50 610th in 51.21, Fred Anderson v/75 873rd in 56.15.(1274 runners finished).

At the N. E. Veterans T&F Championships at Jarrow, Durham had three athletes winning medals. They were: Alastair McCall (v/45), 1st in the 800m in 2.22.9 and 2nd in the 1500m in 4.55.5; Conrad Kennedy (v/45) 2nd in the 100m in 13.5, 1st in the long jump 4.62metres, 3rd in the shot 9.20 metres, 3rd in the discus 19.37 metres; Brian Brown (v/65) 1st in the 800m, 3.12.3, 2nd in the 1500m 6.15.8, 2nd in the 3000m 13.31.3, 3rd in the shot, 5.51 metres.

City Athletes continue to show fine form through the Summer Season. At the Northern 10,000m Track Championships at Hull, Michael Crawley had a very good victory recording 31:56.94 to clinch the Northern title.Meanwhile at the British Championships at Birmingham, Samantha Coleby was very unlucky not to make the final of the 400m hurdles, missing out on a fastest loser position by one place. She ended up fourth in her heat and recording a very competitive time of 58.99. Dan Garbutt ran in the very hot and humid 5000m final and, finding the going very tough indeed, still managed to finish 12th in 15.00.02.In the English Schools Championships at Birmingham the Harriers had three athletes represented, Chloe Price who was just outside the medals in the senior girls 1500m final recording a seasons best time of 4:33.30. In the Intermediate girls competition Rebecca Mott finished in 7th in her heat of the 800m recording 2:25.78 and Jazmine Moss also finished 7th in her heat of the 100m recording 13.8.At the New Marske Victorian 10k road race Ben Douglas and James Askew finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in a titanic competition concluding in a tense sprint finish, resulting in them being given the same time of 32:06, a PB for both of them. Rosie Smith finished 8th but first lady in a very good time of 34:19, only 1 second outside of her PB, with George Reid(V55) finishing 54th in 40:35.At the North East Athletics League (NEAL) in Jarrow there were a number of personal best performances from Durham athletes. In the U15 boys 200m race Gregory Venyo was 2nd in 24.7(PB), Pranav Anand was 3rd in 24.9(PB). In the U15 girls 200m race Jazmine Moss ran 27.9(PB), Courtney Price ran 30.00(PB). In the 800m races senior man James Askew ran 1:58.2(PB), U20 Jonny Wilkinson ran 2:05.5(PB), U17 Oliver Watson ran 2:02.2, U20 Amy Etherington ran 2:28.4, U15 Rebecca Mott ran 2:28, U15 Courtney Price ran 2:35 and U15 Aysha Hall 2:38.  In the 3000m Fern Freeman ran12:39.4(PB),and. in the long jump U13 Scott Kent recorded 3.08m.

Many members have been putting in some fine performances in and around the Region recently, pride of place must go to the in-form James Askew who finished 1st in the Pitstop 10k Road Race in a good time of 32.36, in 6th place overall was GB International Rosie Smith who was 1st Lady, in a fine time of 35.22, to complete a fine double for the Club. Others to run were Graham Hunt who finished 14th in a time of 37.03, completing the course in 42.32 for 61st place was David Hensen.

In the Five Bridges (5 miles) race Dan Jenkins had an excellent run finishing 3rd in a time of 26.05. He was followed by David Hensen 72nd in 33.21 and Kirstin Farquhar in 184th in 37.20.

At the Sunderland 5k road race (incorporating North East Championships) James Askew finished just outside the medals in 4th position in a time of 15.08. He was followed by Dan Jenkin, 9th in 15.15, Ben Douglas 11th in 15.34, Jonny Wilkinson 36th in 16.46, Chris Wilkinson 76th in 17.54, Chris Herkes 99th in 18.32, Les Phillips 117th in 19.03, Joel Atkin 118th in 19.05, David Hensen 128th in 19.31, Peter Harrison 144th in 20.02, Bob Hewitson 183rd in 21.00, Kirstin Farquhar 209th in 22.11, Brian Brown 248th in 23.47, Liz Lamb 255th in 24.04, Stuart Reay 257th in 24.06, David White 260th in 24.10.

In the Tynedale 10k Road Race Ben Douglas had an outstanding run finishing 6th in 32.12. He was followed by; Anthony Hunt 64th in 38.04; Les Phillips 113th in 40.11; Peter Harrison 168th in 42.45; Dave Coxon 206th in 44.10; Bob Hewitson 210th in 44.22; Liz Lamb 383rd in 50.30; Catherine Garbutt 399th in 51.02; Lynne Carruthers 458th in 54.05.

Ben Douglas was again the leading athlete for Durham finishing 7th in a good time of 33.19 in the Bupa Great North 10k. He was followed by Robin Linten 22nd in 36.26 (pb), Darren McBain (V35) 51st in 39.06, David Hensen 172nd in 42.18, Paul Delaney (V45) 254th in 43.42, David Coxon (V40) 308th in 44.14, Simon Hackett (V45) 478th in 46.19 (pb).


Two of City’s top athletes won Gold Medals at the Northern T&F u20 & Senior Championships at Sport City , Manchester, Samantha Coleby won the Senior Womens 400m Hurdles by 6/100th of a second in a very good time of 58.93 ,whilst Dan Garbutt was involved in a tactical battle in the Senior Mens 1500m Race with the last 800m very quick and Dan just getting the verdict by 9/100th of a second, in a time of 3.58.73.Meanwhile  Sophie Wood also had a good competition registering  5.62m in the Senior Womens Long Jump to clinch a Bronze Medal. Gareth Phillips also did well in the  Senior Mens 400m Heats recording a seasons best time of 51.19.
At the British Milers Club (BMC) Competition in Durham,  Club members continue to set personal best times (pb’s) where pacemakers are used to help the athletes to achieve their target times ,which in turn gives them confidence  with their own pace judgement, in the knowledge they can go at that pace in Races and backs up their tactical situations practiced in Training . Thus, 5 athletes from DCH took part in the Competition all achieving pb’s which is very encouraging;  Oliver Watson u/17, 2.01.2 , Jonny Wilkinson u/20, 2.06.0, Robin Linten u/23, 2.09.5 , Chloe Price u/20 , 2.12.7 , and Rebecca Mott u/15, 2.23.9.
In the England Athletics u/20 & u/23 Championships/ European Trials at Bedford , Chloe Price u/20 finished 8th in the final of the 1500m recording 4.36.57,.and in the 800m finished 6th in the heats recording  a good time but missing out for the final, whilst Sophie Wood u/23, finished 8th in the Long Jump registering 5.57m.
There was a terrific turn-out by the Club at the annual Blaydon Race (5.7m)  in very warm conditions which did not suit every athlete. First counter was England XC International Dan Garbutt who ran a good  race but was one who did suffer but managed to hang on for 10th place recording 28.02, with another of our top athletes Michael Crawley not far behind in 13th place recording 28.36. Other Harriers to finish were; Jonny Wilkinson (u/20) 59th in 32.29, Paul Foster( 3rd v/50) 85th in 33.37,Darren McBain 126th in 34.58,David Cross 137th in 35.08,Dan Whittle u/20 138th in 35.10,Chris Herkes 172nd in 35.47,Andy Biggs v/45 204th in 36.24,Chris Wilkinson u/20 345th in 38.29,David Henson 535th in 40.47,Rob Garbutt v/45 559th in 41.00,Paul Delaney v/45 633rd in 41.44,David Coxon v/40 725th in 42.35, Rachel Bentley 757th in 42.50, Simon Hackett v/45 877th in 43.45, Kirstin Farquhar v/40 1169th in 45.55, Rod Wilkinson v/50 1556th in 48.39, Paul Donaghy v/45 (sprinter),  2562nd in 56.05 pacemaking for dad Peter v/70 (2559th), Angela Knox v45 2949th in 59.53, Helen Hackett v/45 3100th  in 61.53 (with 4 to score Durham finished 4th team)-3493 runners finished.
In the Pier to Pier Run South Shields- Roker Beach  (7m) , N. E . Counties T&F 5000m Champion  and Overall Harrier League XC Winner,  Dan Jenkin , led home the field of 800 Runners to record a victory of 36 seconds in a good time of 37.04.
At the annual Newton Aycliffe 10k defending Champion James Askew was beaten into 3rd place by  Ethiopian Wondiye Indelbu, a Middlesbrough based athlete, who was 3rd in his class in the London 2012 Paralympic Games-he has only one arm! However he won by over 30secs and unbelievably ran the last 3k with only one shoe! Indelbu’s time was 32.18 , with James recording 33.11,others to finish were; Chris Herkes 34th in 39.29,Amy Etherington u/20 93rd in 44.15,Bob Hewitson v/55 115th 45.56, Stuart Reay v/45 186th in52.17, Lynne Carruthers v/50 217th in 54.27 (303 finished).