We are back on the track!

On Wednesday afternoon of this week (5th August) Durham University/Team Durham informed the club via email that we could train at Maiden Castle between 7.00pm and 8.00pm Tuesday and Thursday .

Previously we had been informed that we could only use the track on Friday evenings between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. The Friday slot is still available but a DCH Qualified Coach and a trained first aider must be present.

A lot of negotiations have taken place with representations from DCH and DUAXC (Durham university’s athletic club) finally reaching the decision on Wednesday ….just in time to be reported to the DCH committee meeting on 5th August. Please note that, for now, there will not be any athletics training on weekends.

The discussions did provide greater insight into the university’s need to comply with international football regulations directed at combating Covid 19 regarding the activities of Durham Ladies FC.

Overall, all parties were very aware that we must, as a priority, do all we can to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

The relevant lead coaches of DCH are being sent detailed information setting out the arrangements put in place regarding Covid Track and Tracing and DCH’s Covid 19 Risk assessment, both of which have been approved by Durham University’s Health and Safety specialists who are making the decisions as to the manner in which all of the university’s premises and facilities across Durham reopen ready for the new academic year.

Your coaches are being asked to ensure that the groups they are coaching operate in the manner agreed with the university which must also comply with Government and England Athletics Covid 19 rules and advice.

For now, Team Durham have sent the following to the club which they stress MUST be followed by DCH.

DCH members must:
• Park in the main car park.

• Enter and exit the pitch using the emergency gate (i.e. the double gates at the cricket field
end of the track which take you on to the 100m start line…see map)

• Refrain from entering the gate until 19.00 (this includes coaches).

• Remain track side of the bleacher seating (the top end of the seating needs to be kept clear
for Womens Soccer league players exiting the building.

• Refrain from entering the area adjacent to changing pavilion and using path to the artificial pitches .

• Refrain from using the bleacher seating and dugouts.

• Leave promptly at 20.00.

For further information, a covered stand is to be erected alongside the home straight of the track over the next 4/5 weeks. Also, you will notice changes to and the removal of some of the white railings currently surrounding the 3g pitch inside the track. Use of the track will still be available for the duration of this work.

MC 7 Aug 2020

Important information regarding the return to Maiden Castle