The scheduled 4th fixture became the 2nd fixture, as the the previous 2 had been cancelled in this years Start Fitness North East Harrier League XC season but it resumed last Saturday at Aykley Heads on a very muddy and undulating course ankle deep in parts, proper Cross Country!

In the opening Fun Run Races for (u/11) girls and boys, Grace Carter won her race by 1 second recording 5.11, which was coincidentally the same time as the winner of the boys race, so that certainly seemed to inspire others for their main races in the program.

Subsequently there were many other fine runs by the City Harriers during the afternoon both individually and in team performances as shown in the results below which was very encouraging, it’s worth noting all races except the Fun Run are under a handicap system.

Full results of all City runners signifying their actual times were as follows:

u/15 Boys ;

Sam Terry 2nd 13.58, William Henderson 5th 14.14, Ethan Stokes 8th 14.43, the 3 scorers, were 1st Team, with Oscar Littlewood 22nd 15.31, Noah Glanville 25th 14.00, and Daniel Laidler 29th 14.00 , were 4th Team.

u/17 Boys ;

Charlie Phillips 3rd 20.46, Peter Cook 8th 22.21, Joshua Wraith 9th 19.40 (2nd fastest time) , the 3 scorers, were 1st Team , with Thomas Wraith 12th 20.00, Ben Dowsett 18th 23.36, Callum Wilkinson 22nd 23.57 , were joint 2nd Team.

u/13 Boys ;

William Roberts 3rd 16.06, Aiden Wilkinson 10th 15.14 (4th fastest time), Daniel Wallace 13th 17.04, the 3 scorers, were 2nd Team, with Sam Mason 15th 15.30.

u/13 Girls ;

Charlotte Dillon 4th 15.03 (fastest time), Evie Peart 13th 16.36, Isla Whaling 28th 19.23, the 3 scorers, were 2nd Team, followed by Hattie Logan 44th 19.17, and Lizzie Ryan 59th 24.30.

u/15 Girls ;

Rachel Mackenney 6th 17.14, Sophie Hawkins 15th 16.45, Jessica Peart 21st 17.06, the 3 scorers, were 3rd Team, followed by Holly Cook 32nd 20.42.

Senior Women ;

Amy Etherington 11th 32.54, Jemma Bennett 62nd 35.55, Clare Higgins 88th 36.54, Rachel Bentley (n/c ) 34.26, Jennifer Arthur 157th 41.11, the 4 scorers, were 3rd Team, followed by Lizzie Lupton 168th 41.36, Sarah Cook 204th 42.32, Christine Woods 205th 42.32, Rachel Dillon 312th 48.17, with veteran Brian Brown (v/70) 360th 54.12 (n/c) .

u/17 & u/20 Women ; Abigail Moss (u/20) 24th 29.23.

Senior Men ;

Chris Walker 17th 46.44, Stephen Everett 21st 46.51 (1st v/55), Matt Hornsby 24th 41.52 (3rd v/35) , Dan Garbutt 56th 43.21, Rob Everson 138th 46.01, John Richardson 345th 59.09, the 6 scorers, were 7th Team, followed by Niall Salmon 361st 60.05, Peter Telford 386th 61.11, Tony McNeil 420th 63.29, Ken Bradshaw 447th 65.17, Chris Anderson 509th 72.21.

u/11 Girls (Fun Run) ;

Grace Carter 1st 5.11, Isabell Maddison 24th 6.26, Tilly Hauxwell 25th 6.27.

u/11 Boys (Fun Run) ;

Jay Horner 9th 5.38, Calvin Wade 21st 5.56, William Cook 26th 6.06, Harry Mason 32nd 6.09, Sam Black 59th 6.56.

Earlier this month the Heaton Harriers Memorial 10k Road Race took place where 5 of the Club’s veteran runners took part , results of which were as follows:

Stephen Hamil 44th (4th v/45) 36.34, David Sherwin (v/40) 232nd 43.34, Bob Hewitson (v/60) 283rd 45.34, Christine Woods 372nd (1st v/60) 50.04, Paul Lancastle

(v/55) 391st 51.06.

City Harriers excel in the muddy conditions.