Durham fielded 4 teams in the Northern Athletics XC Relays at Graves Park , Sheffield, on Saturday , 2 in the Senior Men, 1 in the Senior Women, and 1 in the u/ 17 Men, against some strong opposition. Conditions were not too bad considering the heavy rain a few days earlier in the week leading up to the Race, however,  it was still a testing course in parts with hills and undulations to negotiate.

In the Senior Women’s Relay , Durham Student, Katie Iliffe, had an outstanding run on the 1st leg of (2 miles), coming back 2nd and returning an excellent time of 12.29 which was declared later as the 4th fastest time of the day in this Race.

Likewise Alex Cook, also a Durham Student, had a very good run on the 2nd leg of the Senior Men’s Relay Team over the same 2 mile course recording a fine time of 11.09.

In the u/17 Men’s Race, middle distance runner Adam Ord  ran well too on his 1st leg of (2300m) course recording a good time of 7.51 .

Full results of all the City Teams were as follows:

Senior Women (3x2miles) ;

Katie Iliffe (2nd) 12.29, Amy Etherington (10th) 14.15, Catherine Gough (14th) 15.53.

Overall Time 42.37 ( 14th out of 45 finishing Teams ) .

Senior Men (4x2miles) ;

(A ) Dan Garbutt (21st) 11.48, Alex Cook (13th) 11.09, Rob Everson (13th) 11.49,

Cameron Thomas (14th) 12.10.

Overall Time  46.56  ( 14th out of 51 finishing Teams ) .

(B) Jacob Stephenson (36th) 12.36, Michael Grimes (27th) 12.08, Stephen Everett

(v/55) (25th) 13.00, Jason Catterall (v/45) (28th) 14.26.

Overall Time 52.10   (28th out of 51 finishing Teams ).

u/17  Men (3x 2300m) ;

Adam Ord (21st) 7.51, Peter Cook (19th) 8.28, Charlie Phillips (24th) 9.04.

Overall Time 25.23.   (24th out of 28 finishing Teams) .

City Harriers perform well in Northern Relays.