In the North East Counties AA Royal Signals Road Relay which was held in Hetton Lyons Country Park, Durham did well to turn out 2 Senior Mens Teams and 1 Veteran Mens Team in spite of  holidays for some and injuries to others. However, in this competition for the Senior Men’s A Team it was therefore an opportune time to give the younger members a chance and include 5 (u/20) runners,  and for the B Team 3 (u/17) runners  to make their debuts in Senior competition and then assess their form for future Relays in the forthcoming winter  season. As it turned out both did very well , the A Team finished 7th, and the B Team 14th out of the 41 Senior Teams that finished, which was good to see , and the Veteran Men (o/50) finished 20th overall, 11th out of the 60 finishing Teams, which also included Senior Women and Veteran Women. Full results of all 3 City Harriers Teams on the 2 lap course were as follows:

    Senior Men (6x 2.2miles) :

   A Team:

  Ryan Watson (u/20) 12.09, Tom Rutherford (u/20) 12.34, Rob Everson (Sen) 12.07,

  Alfie Phillips (u/20) 13.39, Jacob Stephenson (u/20) 12.57, Ben Horsfield (u/20) 12.02 .

  Team 7th, overall Time 1hr 15mins 28secs.

    B Team:

    Joshua Wraith (u/17) 12.20, Thomas Wraith (u /17) 12.30, Michael Grimes (Sen) 12.30,

    Rory Woods (Sen)  12.11, Callum Wilkinson (u/17) 15.12, Jason Catterall (v/45) 14.18.

   Team 14th, overall Time 1hr 19mins 01sec.


     Sen/Veteran Women and Veteran Men (o/50) (4 x2.2miles) :

    Stephen Everett (v/55) 13.09, Robert Hewitson (v/60) 15.38, Les Phillips (v/55) 16.15,

     Rob Hand (v/55) 16.36.

    Team 20th (11th) in their age category, overall Time 1hr 1min 38secs.

City Harriers Teams highly placed in Signals Road Relay