Durham City Harriers are already running into good form at this early part of the season and setting personal best times in their chosen events hoping they can build on those in the forthcoming weeks. A round -up of results which were as follows:

B.M.C. ( British Milers Club ) Regional 800m Races at Chester-le- Street :

(Race A ) Ben Horsfield (u /20) 1.53.91pb, Scott Armstrong (u /23) 1.54.88pb.

(Race B ) Luke Pickering (u /20) 1.59.94.( Race C) Tom Rutherford (u/20) 2.00.73pb.

(Race D ) Pranav Anand (u /23) 2.11.40. ( Race E ) Peter Cook (u/17) 2.08.29pb, Naomi Metting Van Rijn 2.16.92pb. ( Race H) Caitlin Carr (u/17) 2.31.71pb.

North East Grand Prix Open at Jarrow:

100m Jonathan Bull (u/23) 11.66, Luca Taranu (u/17) 12.78pb.

200m Evie Peart (u/13) 35.83pb, 1500m 5.55.41pb, Shot Putt 4.16m pb.

800m Rob Everson 2.12.24, Amy Etherington 2.24.57.

3000m Matt Guilder 9.51.64pb.

Ruby Castle 10k at Staindrop:

John Richardson (v/55) 44th 46.40, Chris Anderson (v/40) 76th 49.39, Bob Hewitson

(V/60) 50.34, Femke Nauschutz (62.29).

North East Masters (Match 1) Jarrow (Results within age group) Paul Donaghy (v/50) 100m 13.00 (1st) , 400m 69.1 (1st).

Derek McGirl (v/50) 3000m 10.36.3 (2nd) .

Brian Brown ( v/70) 400m 96.4 (3rd) , 3000m 15.16.8 (3rd).

Christine Woods (v/60) 3000m 15.04.8 (5th) .

Clive Cookson (10k) Whitley Bay :

Diane Wood (v/50) 264th 49.14 (3rd in age group) .

Wynyard Hall (10k) Stockton (m/terrain) :

Diane Wood (v/50) 74th 51.17 (2nd in age group), Chaudrakant Patel (v/40) 129th 57.58pb , Kakinder Sidhu (v/40) 159th 61.23pb.

City Athletes running into form