As the North East Harrier League season comes to an end City Harriers travelled to Alnwick Castle in the hopes of putting in some fine performances both individually and as a Team. The performance of the day, without doubt, came in the Under 13 Girls category, where both individually and collectively, Durham’s runners banded together to see a season’s victory in that age category. In-form Freya Gibson coming 2nd in the race, and 4th in the Individual Grand Prix, whilst Charlotte Dillon continued the form that helped her to finish 2nd in the Grand Prix and 9th in this race with Jessica Peart 12th.

Perhaps, some of the most impressive performances this season have been that of both the Under 13 Girls and Boys, who after further excellent performances have finished the season as 1st and 2nd in their respective gender divisions.

Under 13 Girls results were as follows: 

2nd Freya Gibson 13:46, 9th Charlotte Dillon 14:11, 12th Jessica Peart 14:20, the 3 scorers, were 1st Team with 23 points, followed by 44th Megan Hauxwell 15:39, and 67th Hattie Logan 17:05.

Under 13 Boys results were as follows: 

6th Sam Mason 14:39, 12th Samuel Terry 13:19, 17th Ethan Stokes 13:41, the 3 scorers, were 2nd Team with 35 points, followed by 28th Aiden Wilkinson 14:16, 51st Jake Wilks 15:40, and 65th Kane Hardman 19:25.

There was just the one under 15 Girl present at the race, with Holly Cook coming 39th with a time of 16:43 but the Under 15 Boys were able to finish their already excellent season in terrific fashion, and were able to pull together to finish 2nd overall, with the runs of twins Joshua and Thomas Wraith helping to cement this position. Under 15 Boys results were as follows: 6th Joshua Wraith 11:54, 14th Thomas Wraith 12:15, 25th Peter Cook 12:53, the 3 scorers, were 4th Team with 45 points, followed by 33rd Ben Dowsett 13:09, and 40th Callum Wilkinson 15:12.

In spite of depleted numbers, the Senior Men still put up an admirable fight and were able to end the season in a mid-table position with Alex Cook and an ever-consistent Rob Everson playing a large part in a respectable performance ultimately contributing to the senior men finishing 6th in Division 1. Results were as follows signifying actual times under the handicap system:

17th Alexander Cook 35:53, 96th Derek McGirl 40:29, 112th Rob Everson 38:13, 157th John Nash 44:04, 187th Jack Prowse 44:26, 258th Jacob Stephenson 43:01, the 6 scorers were 9th Team, followed by 272nd Rob Hand 43:20, 360th Shaun Day 48:30, 478th Tony McNeill 54:02.

The Senior Women were able to propel their team to 6th position in the 2nd division, staying far clear of the relegation places due to some fine performances lead by Catherine Gough, the results of which were as follows:

77th Catherine Gough 32:05, 186th Sarah Cook 36:22, 201st Rachel Terry 33:56, 240th Clare Higgins 34:39, the 4 scorers were 10th Team, followed by 278th Lynne Carruthers 38:00, and 304th Catherine Woods 38:50. Veteran Brian Brown (v/70) also competed in this Race and recorded 41.16 (n/c).

Finally, the Under 11’s had several runners taking part in the girls and boys fun races and saw some inspired performances on a highly difficult course. Under 11 Boys results were as follows:

 4th William Jardine 4:15, 39th Harrison Stokes 5:14, 50th Dan Askey 5:27.

Under 11 Girls results were as follows:

 7th Evie Peart 4:39, 15th Grace Carter 4:48.

City Juniors round off the Harrier League in style