The Sherman Cup & Davison Shield held at Temple Park, South Shields, in spite of its later placing in the seasonal schedule, proved to be as hotly contested as ever which led to some fine performances from the City Harriers. In particular the success of the under 13 Girls, under 15 Boys and Senior Men's teams proved to be the highlights, with fine individual performances by Charlotte Dillon finishing an excellent 1st place in u/13 Girls Race and Dan Jenkin finishing a superb 2nd place in the Senior Men Race a positive sign ahead of the forthcoming final two Harrier league matches of the season. Hopefully a very good turnout in all the age groups can be expected, and if you have trained for XC, now is the time to deliver in Races if you have not already done so, and help your teammates to further success.
Full results of all the City Harriers placings and times at South Shields were as follows:
u/13 Girls: Charlotte Dillon (1st/12.00), Freya Gibson (5th /12.47), Megan Hauxwell (20th/13.41), the 3 scorers, were 2nd Team, followed by Rachel Mackenney (21st/13.45) and Hattie Logan (48th/15.06).
u/15 Boys: Charlie Phillips (6th/10.52), Joshua Wraith (16th/11.18), Thomas Wraith (19th/11.25), the 3 scorers, were 2nd Team, followed by Callum Wilkinson (38th/ 13.24).
Senior Men: Dan Jenkin (2nd/29:13), Luke Pickering (13th/30:45, 3rd u/20), Rob Everson (34th/32:13), the 3 scorers, were 3rd Team, followed by Pranav Anand (175th/37:54), and veteran Jason Catterall (v/45) 196th/38.46).
u/13 Boys:  Sam Terry (9th/11.59), William Henderson (14th/ 12.15), Sam Mason (26th/13.20), the 3 scorers, were 4th Team, followed by Kayne Hardman (66th/16.04).
Senior Women: Amy Etherington (25th/25.26), Clare Higgins (113th/ 28.58) were an incomplete Team.
Veteran Women: Dionne Hamil (v/40) (127th/29.34), Lynne Carruthers (v/55) 202nd/32.14), Rachel Dillon (v/40) (300th/36.29) the 3 scorers were 28th Team, with Brian Brown (v/70) (266th /34.38) n/s.
u/11 Girls: Grace Carter (12th/4.45), Gabrielle Hampton (51st/6.18).
At the end of the day, in the Sherman Cup for all Male Runners who competed on the day within their age groups Durham finished 6th overall out of 36 teams represented, and in the Davison Shield for all Female Runners, Durham finished 17th out of 35 teams.
In the Individual Grand Prix after 4 Races so far, Durham runners are doing very well indeed and feature in the top 20 within their various age group categories as follows:
u/13 Girls: Charlotte Dillon (1st), Freya Gibson (4th)
u13 Boys: Sam Terry (6th)
u/15 Boys: Joshua Wraith (4th), Thomas Wraith (8th)
Senior Women: Clare Higgins (8th), Catherine Gough (9th)
Senior Men: Rob Everson (9th)
Veteran Women: Rachel Terry (11th)
Veteran Men: Rob Hand (18th)
City Harriers XC success at Temple Park