In this year's Junior Great North Run, Cameron Thomas, the  Northern (u/17) 1500m Indoor Champion, ran a fine race throughout, vying for a podium finish right until the end but just missing out by 4 secs on 3rd place. He was obviously disappointed but still ran a personal best time of 12.51, a 48 secs improvement on last year for the 4K course. Durham had an excellent turnout in both the Junior and then the Senior Great North Run the following day, full results of which were as follows:

Junior GNR (within their age group and wave races)
U/17 Men: Cameron Thomas (4th) 12.51, Alfie Phillips (15th) 14.20.
U/15 Boys: Charlie Phillips (5th) 13.49, Peter Cook (7th) 14.01, Joseph Rowntree (39th) 16.25, Callum Wilkinson (58th) 17.21, Ben Glanville (132nd) 19.39.
U /17 Women: Laura Hopper (30th) 20.09.
U/15 Girls: Holly Cook (38th) 18.35, Tanya Patel (51st) 19.14, Sarah Davidson (53rd)  19.21, Rachel Dann (93rd) 21.17.
U/13 Boys : Noah Granville (14th) 16.04, Jake Wilkes (24th) 16.27, Sam Mason (49th)      17.19, Harvey Burford (61st) 17.44, Joey Cairns (536th) 32.53.
U/13 Girls : Jessica Peart (22nd) 17.15, Harriet Logan (88th) 20.39, Meera Young (150th) 22.22, Robyn Delaney (209th) 24.02, Adesuwa Obasohan (307th) 25.37.

Mini GNR (1.5k)
U/11 Boys : William Jardine (11th) 16.54, William Cook (30th) 17.50, Harry Mason (114th)  20.02, Oscar Palmer (159th) 20.48, Aaron Pickering (231st) 21.49,  Finlay Holloway (519th) 25.32, Ben Clark (573rd) 26.13.
U/11 Girls : Alexandra Jardine (7th) 17.48, Grace Carter (12th) 18.55, Evie Peart (18th)  19.06, Anna Dale (112th) 22.51, Olivia Richardson (166th) 23.53, Eloisa Wilkes (181st)  24.17, Holly Emerson (650th) 32.27.

Great North 5k
Jason Catterall (v/45) (23rd) 19.46, Emily Salmon (u/15) (48th) 21.41,    Alice Hopper (u/20) (127th) 25.07, Alexandra Ingram (u/23) (421st) 34.34.

In the Great North Run itself there was an excellent turnout by the Harriers of 30 runners with veteran Matt Hornsby (v/35) the 1st counter for the Club finishing 44th out of a  record number of over 43,000 finishers and was credited with a good time of 1.15.58. Other Club runners to finish in the following times were as follows: Robin Linten 1.24.57, Matt Guilder 1.27.21, Jonny Wilkinson 1.27.26, Luke Hilliard 1.32.57, Chris Wilkinson 1.33.39, Steven Martin 1.38.38, Shaun Day 1.44.56, Alastair McCall 1.46.51, Paul Ginsberg 1.52.25, Jonathan Urwin 1.57.38, Katie Palethorpe 2.00.20, Tony McNeil 2.04.36, Niall Salmon  2.06.12, Rod Wilkinson, 2.08.14, Julie Barker 2.10.05, Karin Younger 2.10.54, Gavin Wilkes 2.14.02, Chandrakant Patel 2.20.22,  Kakinder Sidhu 2.21.32, Graeme Draper 2.22.35, Paul Lumsdon, 2.27.04, Ian Sarginson 2.30.11, Lauren Donaghy 2.32.07, Paul Donaghy 2.32.07, Mark O' Rourke 2.36.11, Thomas O'Rourke 2.36.11, Fiona Holloway 2.42.00, Jacqueline Toase  3.02.29, Alexandra Ingram 3.10.13.

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