In the North of England (u/20) and Senior Track & Field Championships held at Sport City, Manchester, Samantha Coleby had a very good run to win Silver in the Senior Women's 800m recording a time of 2.09.82. Then last weekend, Samantha followed that up with a fine run in the British Athletics Championships in Birmingham where she ran a seasons best time of 2.09.27. in her heat of the 800m.

At the 3rd Match of the North East Youth Development League (Div 2s) at Jarrow, the Durham Team rallied once again to produce some fine individual performances having been outright winners in their first two matches. On this occasion they had a larger victory winning margin of 137 points to again strengthen their overall position with one final match to go later this month. Results of the Club's young athletes for  U/13, U/15 and U/17 were as follows:

Track Events 

U/13 Boys: (A) Harvey Burford 1st 14.3, (B) Joseph Richards 1st 15.0. (Non Scoring) Sam Terry 15.1, Ben Coffer 15.6, William Terry 16.0, William Hollick 16.1, Osarode Obasohan 16.8.
U/13 Girls: (A) Adesuwa Obasohan (3rd) 14.2, (B) Ava Warner (4th) 16.5.
U/15 Girls: (A) Melanie Charlton (2nd) 14.7.
U/17 Men: (A) Tyler Thomas (1st) (11.7) (B) Maverick Delos-Reyes (1st) 12.5. (n/s) Daniel McLaughlin 12.6, Miguel Yasis 12.7.
U/17 Women: (A) Tia Anderson (1st) 12.9 (B) Leah Rutherford (1st) 13.7.

U/13 Boys: (A) Harvey Burford (1st) 30.1, (B) Joseph Richards (1st) 32.3.(n/s) Osarode Obasohan 35.4.
U/13 Girls: (A) Freya Gibson (4th) 31.1, (B) Megan Hauxwell (1st) 31.6.  (n/s) Ella Cowie 32.8, Ava Warner 34.7.
U/15 Boys: (A) Travis Anderson (1st) 26.5.
U/15 Girls: (A) Rachel Dann (3rd) 29.7.
U/17 Men: Dan McLaughlin (1st) 26.8 (B) Moses Hung (1st) 27.4.
U/17 Women: Tia Anderson (1st) 26.8 (B) Leah Rutherford (1st) 28.9.

(A) Jennifer Taylor (1st) 46.0 (B) Laura Hopper (1st) 54.4.

(A) Noah Glanville (4th) 2.42.1. (B) Ben Coffer (4th) 2.54.3.

(A) Freya Gibson (1st) 2.30.8.
(A) Travis Anderson (3rd) 2.20.4.(B) Sean McKay (1st) 2.32.2. (n/s) Oscar Littlewood 2.34.9.
(A) Caitlin Carr (3rd) 2.39.9. (B) Olivia Fawcett (1st) 2.53.1.
(A) Moses Hung (2nd) 2.17.2
(A) Jennifer Taylor (3rd) 2.44.9 (B) Laura Hopper (2nd) 3.05.7.

(A) Sam Terry (1st) 5.12.1 (B) Lewis Littlewood (1st) 5.33.2.
(A) Charlotte Dillon (1st) 5.13.7. (B) Megan Hauxwell (1st) 5.44.4.

100m Hurdles
(A) Miguel Yasis (1st) 17.0.

80m Hurdles
(A) Megan Charlton (1st) 15.3.

75m Hurdles
(A) Melanie Charlton (2nd) 14.7.

70m Hurdles
(A) Charlotte Dillon (3rd) 17.4.

(4x100m ) Durham (1st) 60.4.
(4x100m) Durham (3rd) 63.0.
(4x100m) Durham (1st) 55.4.
(4x100m) Durham (1st) 50.8.

Field Events

Long Jump
(A) William Terry (4th) 3.68m. (B) Ben Coffer (2nd) 3.59m. (n/s) William Hollick 3.36m. Lewis Littlewood 3.36m.
(A) Adesuwa Obasohan (3rd) 3.48m. (B) Ella Cowie (4th) 2.67m. (n/s) Charlotte Dillon 2.63m.
(A) Caitlin Carr (3rd)  4.14m.
(A) James Thornton (1st) 5.13m. (B) James McLaughlin (1st) 4.65m.
(A) Leah Rutherford (2nd) 4.41m (B) Megan Charlton (1st) 4.08m.

High Jump
(A) Noah Glanville (2nd)
(A) Adesuwa Obasohan (2nd) 1.30m.
(A) Melanie Charlton 1.20m.

(A) William Terry (1st) 23.70m, (B) Sam Terry (1st) 23.18m. (n/s) William Hollick 19.52m.
(A) Ella Cowie (5th) 8.21m.
(A) James Thornton (1st) 37.52m. (B) Tyler Thomas (1st) 26.95m. (n/s) Maverick Delos- Reyes 14.71m.
(A) Megan Charlton (3rd) 17.81m.

(A) Travis Anderson (2nd) 6.51m.
(A) Olivia Fawcett (3rd) 6.70m. (B) Caitlin Carr (1st) 4.99m.
(A) James Thornton (1st) 10.13m, (B) Tyler Thomas (1st) 6.75m. (n/s) Moses Hung 5.32m
(A) Jennifer Taylor (2nd) 7.80m (B) Tia Anderson (1st) 6.81m.

Discus (A) Laura Hopper (2nd) 16.47m.

The  Match result was as follows: Durham (1st) 573 points, Sedgefield/Derwentside (2nd) 436, Darlington (3rd) 346, Birtley (4th) 332.5, Richmond & Zetland (5th) 271, Houghton (6th) 258.5.

Samantha wins Silver / Another NEYDL victory