In the 2nd North of England Track & Field League (Div 3E) of the Season held at the Eastbourne Track at Darlington, the City Harriers Senior Team enjoyed an exciting contest with the 5 other competing Teams and finished a very creditable 3rd in this Match. Full results of all the City Athletes were as follows:

Track Events
Senior Men (A) Tyler Thomas (3rd) 11.9, (B) Nicholas Ingram (2nd) 11.4 pb.
Senior Women (A) Sophie Wood (2nd) 12.7, (B) Leah Rutherford (1st) 13.3.

S/Men (A) Tyler Thomas (1st) 23.6 (B) Matthew Douthwaite (1st) 23.8 pb
S/Woman (A) Sophie Wood (2nd) 26.5 (B) Anna Carlon (1st) 26.8

S/Men (A) Adam Ord (2nd) 53.9 pb. (B) Jason Catterall (4th) 59.5
S/Women (A) Emma Toogood (3rd) 66.4 (B) Jennifer Taylor (3rd) 66.0 pb.

S/Men (A) Jonny Wilkinson (2nd) 2.03.8 (B) Jason Catterall (2nd) 2.16.1
S/Women (A) Samantha Coleby (2nd) 2.09.6 (B) Emma Toogood (1st) 2.28.3

S/Men (A) Jonny Wilkinson (2nd) 4.24.4 (B) Rob Everson (2nd) 4.33.2
S/Women (A) Diane Wood (6th) 6.44.1 pb (B) Alexandra Ingram (6th) 8.45.5 pb.

S/Women (A) Diane Wood (6th) 13.31.7

S/Men (A) Matt Hornsby (2nd) 16.08.2 (B) Rob Everson (2nd) 16.34.2 pb.

(400m H) 
S/Men (A) Oliver Taylor (2nd) 64.3 pb (B) Paul Donaghy (1st) 82.3

S/Men (4 x 100m) (1st) 46.2... (4 x 400m) (2nd) 3.45.7.
S/Women (4 x 100m) (2nd) 54.3....(4 x 400m) (2nd) 4.11.0.

Field Events
S/Men A) Oliver Taylor (1st) 1.60m (B) Zac Renwick (2nd) 1.50m

S/Men (A) Zac Renwick (3rd) 5.38m (B) James Thornton (2nd) 4.79m.
S/Women (A) Leah Rutherford (5th) 4.60m pb. (B) Anna Carlon (3rd) 4.37m.

(Triple Jump) (A) Zac Renwick (2nd) 11.52m. (B) James Thornton (2nd) 9.83m pb.  

(Shot Putt)
Sen/Men (A) Conrad Kennedy (3rd) 8.37m. (B) Paul Donaghy (5th) 6.42m. 
Sen/Women (A) Jennifer Taylor (4th) 7.20m pb. (B) Emma Toogood (5th) 5.50m.

Sen/Men (A) Conrad Kennedy (4th) 20.01m (B)Matthew Douthwaite (4th) 17.87m pb
Sen/Women (A) Jacqui Hodgson (5th) 13.22m pb. (B) Anna Carlon (4th) 12.93m pb

Sen/Men (A) Paul Donaghy (5th) 16.06m. (B) Jason Catterall (4th) 11.49m.

Sen/Men (A) James Thornton (3rd) 33.29m. (B) Nicholas Ingram (5th) 22.28m.
Sen/Women (A) Samantha Coleby (2nd) 27.85m  (B) Jacqui Hodgson (3rd) 15.38m.

In the N.E. Masters T & F Meeting 2 at Jarrow, results of the Veteran athletes were as follows :           
(800m) Derek McGirl (v/50) (1st) 2.29.8, Alastair McCall (v/50) ( 2nd) 2.31.7.
(1500m) Derek McGirl (2nd) 4.52.3, Alastair McCall (5th)  5.05.5, Christine Woods (v/60) (3rd) 7.13.7.
(2k Walk) Paul Donaghy (v/50) 16.49.
(Discus) Paul Donaghy (2nd)  24.21m.

Two other veterans athletes of the Club took part in Events at the Edinburgh Festival, Bob Hewitson was 1st (M/60) in the 10k recording 46.33, whilst Sam Newington  (F/40) ran 48.20. Sam also ran  in the Marathon the following day and recorded 3hours 54mins 15 secs.

Harriers finish fine 3rd in League fixture