In the 2nd Meeting of the North East Youth Development League (Div 2s) held at Middlesbrough, the Harriers junior members produced yet another fine  display in Track & Field both individually and in Team performance. Having won the 1st Meeting by 62 points they were even stronger in this 2nd Match winning by an emphatic 81 points, an excellent victory all round and they further strengthened their overall position ahead of their next Match.  Results of the Clubs City young athletes were as follows:

Track Events
U/17 Men (A) Tyler Thomas (1st)  11.4, (B) Maverick Delos Reyes (1st) 12.4pb. (non/scoring)  Daniel McLaughlin 12.5.
U/13 Boys (A) Harvey Burford (2nd ) 13.9pb, (B) Samuel Terry (1st)  14.7pb (n/s) Ben Coffer 15.1, Jake Wilkes 15.7 pb Osarode Obasohan 16.5pb.
U/17 Women (A) Tia Anderson (Ist) 12.5pb, (B) Leah Rutherford (Ist) 13.2 pb.
U/15 Girls (A) Amy Collins (2nd) 13.4  (B) Lauren Etchells (2nd) 13.4 pb. (n/s) Ellie Harris 15.8.
U/13 Girls (A)  Adesuwa Obasohan (3rd) 14.1. Ava Warner (15th) 16.3.

U/17 Men (A) Tyler Thomas (2nd) 23.5pb, (B) Maverick Delos Reyes (2nd) 25.3 pb.
U/13 Boys (A) Harvey Burford (3rd) 29.1 pb. (B) Noah Granville (2nd) 31.2pb. (n/s) Osarode Obasohan 33.7.
U/17 Women (A) Tia Anderson (1st) 25.9, (B) Leah Rutherford (1st) 27.6.
U/15 Women (A) Lauren Etchells (1st) 27.5 (B) Ellie Harris (2nd) 28.9. (n/s) Amy Collins 29.2, Rachel Dann 29.7 pb.
U/13 Girls (A) Megan Hauxwell (5th) 31.3pb, (B) Ava Warner 6th 34.3 pb.

U/17 Women (A) Jennifer Taylor (1st) 45.2 (B)

U/15 Boys (A) Travis Anderson (1st) 2.22.0 (B) Joseph Rowntree (2nd) 2.27.8 pb.
U/13 Boys (A) Noah Glanville (2nd) 2.38.0 pb. (B) Ben Coffer (3rd) 3.01.9.
U/15 Girls (A) Emily Salmon (1st) 2.25.2 pb. (B) Caitlin Carr (1st) 2.37.7. (n/s) Holly Cook 2.57.2.
U/13 Girls (A) Jessica Peart (1st) 2.33.1pb, (B) Freya Gibson (1st) 2.34.0. (n/s) Harriet Logan 3.06.8

U/15 Boys (A) Charlie Phillips (3rd) 4.34.0, (B) Tom Horsfield (2nd) 5.03.1pb. (n/s) Tom Sadanandom 5.05.1, Daniel Laidler 5.05.4pb.
U/13 Boys (A) Samuel Terry (2nd) 5.11.1pb, (B) Jake Wilkes (2nd) 5.31.9pb. (n/s) Jonny Johansen 5.33.7pb, Sam Mason 5.39.4pb.
U/13  Girls (A) Charlotte Dillon (1st) 5.21.0pb, (B) Megan Hauxwell (1st) 5.46.7pb.

70m Hurdles
U/13  Girls  (A) Charlotte Dillon (3rd) 15.2pb, 

75m Hurdles
U/13  Boys (A) William Terry (1st) 15.8pb.
U/15  Girls (A) Emily Salmon (2nd) 12.6pb.

Relays 4x100m
U/17 Men (1st) 49.0,  U/15 Girls (1st) 55.6,  U/13 Boys (2nd) 59.6, U/13 Girls (4th) 63.7.

Field Events
High Jump 
U/15 Boys (A) Joseph Rowntree (3rd) 1.40m pb.(B) Noah Glanville (2nd) 1.36m pb.
U/13 Girls (A) Adesuwa Obasohan (2nd) 1.29m pb.

Long Jump
U/17 Men (A) Daniel McLaughlin (2nd) 4.57m pb.
U/15  Boys (A) Tom Horsfield (3rd) 4.18m pb. (B) Tom Sadanandom (2nd) 3.81m.
U/13 Boys (A) William Terry (2nd) 3.71m pb. (B) Ben Coffer (1st) 3.56m. (n/s) Osarode Obasohan (3rd) 2.39m pb.
U/15 Girls (A) Emily Salmon (1st) 4.82m pb. (B) Caitlin Carr (2nd) 3.79m.
U/13 Girls (A) Adesuwa Obasohan (2nd) 3.90m pb. (B) Jessica Peart (3rd) 3.30m pb (n/s) Charlotte Dillon 2.84m pb.

Shot Putt 
U/17 Men (A) James Thornton (1st) 9.58m pb, (B) Maverick Delos Reyes (1st) 7.43m pb 
U/15 Boys (A) Travis Anderson (1st) 6.58m .
U/13 Boys (A) Samuel Terry (2nd) 6.72m pb. 
U/17 Women (A) Jennifer Taylor (2nd) 8.10m pb, (B) Tia Anderson (1st) 7.17m pb.
U/15 Girls (A) Sophie Miller 7.63m pb, (B) Caitlin Carr (2nd) 5.93m pb.

U/17 Men (A) James Thornton (1st)18.54m pb.
U/15 Girls (A) Sophie Miller (1st) 20.48m pb.

U/17 Men (A) James Thornton (2nd) 39.27m.
U/13 Boys (A) William Terry (2nd) 15.93m pb. (B) Jake Wilkes (2nd) 11.03m pb.
U/13 Girls (A) Jessica Peart (5th) 9.06m.

The Final Match results were as follows: Durham (1st) 544 points, Darlington (2nd) 463, Sedgefield/ Derwentside (3rd) 419, Houghton (4th) 410, Birtley (5th) 397, Richmond&Zetland (6th) 296.

Durham’s young athletes record another superb Team victory