In the first fixture of the NEYDL (North East Youth Development League) Track & Field meeting at Darlington, the Harriers got off to a great start by winning this Match by 64 points against 5 other competing Teams - an excellent boost for the season ahead. The full results of all our Club Junior athletes for u/13, u/15, and u/17, who took part were as follows: 

Track Events:
u/13 Boys
100m A Harvey Burford   (1st) 14.0,  B Ben Coffer (1st) 15.2.
200m A Harvey Burford  (2nd) 29.6, B Sam Terry  (1st) 31.9, +James Wilkes 33.5, Sam Mason 34.3 (non scorers) 
800m A Harry Rose (4th) 2.52.1, B  Ben Coffer (2nd) 3.01.03.
1500m A Sam Terry (2nd) 5.17.9, B Jakes Wilkes (2nd) 5.42.7 + Sam Mason 5.42.6 (non scoring).
4x100m Relay (Ist) 60.7.

u/13 Girls
100m A Ella Cowie (5th) 16.0    B Ava Warner (4th) 16.0
200m  A  Ava Warner  (6th) 35.1.      
800m A Freya Gibson (1st) 2.36.4  B Jessica Peart (1st) 2.39.9.
1500m A Charlotte Dillon (1st) 5.30.3.
70m Hurdles A Charlotte Dillon (2nd) 16.5.

u/15 Boys 
300m A  Travis Anderson (2nd) 42.1 B  Daniel Laidler (1st) 51.0.
800m A Travis Anderson (4th)  2.23 4 B  Sean McKay (3rd) 2.41.8.
1500m A Tom Sadanandom (2nd) 5.28.1.
Relay 4x100m (1st) 56.6.

u/15 Girls     
100m A Amy Colling (2nd) 13.00.
200m A Amy Collins  (2nd) 28.2  B Rachel Dann  (1st) 29.9.
300m A Lauren Etchells (1st) 44.1.
800m A Caitlin Carr (3rd) 2.42.3 (B) Olivia Fawcett (2nd) 2.49.9 + Sarah Davidson 2.57.0 (non scoring) 
75m Hurdles A Emily Salmon 13.5.
Relay 4x100m (2nd) 57.7.

 u/17 Men 
100m A Tyler Thomas (1st) 11.3 B Oliver Taylor (1st) 12.0 + Maverick Delos Reyes 12.5 Daniel McLaughlin 12.6 non scorers.
200m A Tyler Thomas (1st) 23.7 B James Thornton  (1st) 25.4 + Maverick Delos Reyes 26.0 Dan McLaughlin 26.3 non scorers.
400m A Oliver Taylor (1st) 58.4.
800m A Alfie Forbes (1st) 2.22.2.
Relay 4x100m (1st) 50.8.

u/17 Women
100m A Leah Rutherford (2nd) 13.2.
200m A Leah Rutherford (1st) 27.4.
300m A Jennifer Taylor (1st) 45.1.

Field Events: 
u/13 Boys
Long Jump A Sam Terry (4th) 3.30m, B Ben Coffer (2nd) 3.23m.

u/13 Girls
Long Jump. A Ella Cowie (4th) 3.18m  B Jessica Peart (3rd) 3.08m + Eva Warner 2.50m (non scorer).
Javelin (400g) A Jessica Peart (3rd) 10.26m, B  Ella Cowie (3rd ) 5.69m.

u/15 Boys 
Long Jump A Tom Sadanandom (2nd) 4.01m.
Shot(400g) A Max Barker (1st) 10.36m B Travis Anderson (1st) 6.66m

u/15 Girls 
Long Jump A Emily Salmon (1st) 4.75m B Caitlin Carr (2nd) 3.96m
Shot (3k) A  Emily Salmon (2nd) 7.04m  B Olivia Fawcett (1st) 6.82m 

u/17 Men 
High Jump A Oliver Taylor (1st) 1.65m B Alfie Forbes (1st) 1.55m.
Javelin 700g) A James Thornton (1st) 39.49m .
Shot (5k) A Tyler Thomas (1st) 7.17m .
u/17 Women
Long Jump A Leah Rutherford (2nd) 4.59m.
Shot (3k) A Jennifer Taylor (2nd) 7.56m.

In the Virgin London Marathon, Rob Eaton was first counter for the Club with a fine run finishing 179th in a time of 2hrs 41mins 40secs. Not far behind was veteran Matt Hornsby (o/35) in 273rd place, recording 2hrs 44mins 56secs. Further times of the other Club runners were as follows: Anthony Hunt(o/45) 3.03.57, Catherine O'Connor 3.40.47, Ailie McGilligan 4.18.04, Sam Newington (o/40)  4.37.50, Bob Hewitson (o/60) 4.48.52, Jacqui Robson (o/40)  5.48.18, Kelly Collier (o/35) 7.09.18. Meanwhile at the Boston Marathon veteran Peter Harrison (o/40) recorded a time of  3.10.58.

At the Run Northumberland Cragside 10k Rory Woods (unattached in this race but now a recently signed up Club Member) had a very good run finishing 2nd in a time of 36.16, followed by Andrew Foster 78th in 47.07, and Katie Palethorpe 145th in 50.53 m(512 finishers).

In the BMC (British Milers Club) Track & Field meeting at Leeds, Scott Armstrong (u/20) recorded 2.00.42 in the 800m B Race and Adam Ord (u/17) 2.02.17 in the C Race -  both seasons best times.

Athletics Report – NEYDL, London Marathon, BMC