Runners from the Junior section got the Club runners off to an excellent start in the North East Harrier League at Herrington Park, near Sunderland, with the u/13 Girls having a great day both individually and in Team performance. Under the handicap system Charlotte Dillon won the Race from the slow pack, with Sarah Davidson 4th also from the slow pack and Erin Keeler-Clarke 5th from the fast pack off a 1 min 45sec handicap, recording the 3rd fastest time of the day, and with 3 to count,  pulled off a great Team victory. In the u/15 Boys Race Sam Gibson also recorded the 3rd fastest time in his Race and spearheaded the Team to 4th place, whilst the u/17 Men’s A Team finished 2nd, and the B Team 3rd, due to some fine teamwork.

Full results of all the Durham Teams within their various packs (but showing their actual times in the handicapped races) were as follows:
u/13 Girls: 1st Charlotte Dillon 15.36, 4th Sarah Davidson 16.11, 5th Erin Keller-Clarke 14.39 (3rd fastest) ,the Team were 1st with 10 points,  followed by 21st Rachel Mackenney 15.55, and 51st Jessica Peart 19.07.

u/17 Men : A Team : 9th Jack Prowse 22.31, 13th Alfie Forbes 23.01, 14th Ben Horsfield 20.39, the 3 scorers, were 2nd Team with 36 points, followed by B Team : 16th Ryan Watson 20.45, 18th Jacob Stephenson 21.10, 22nd Alfie Phillips 21.27 who were 3rd Team with 56 points, with Joshua Erlebach 24th in 23.13.

u/15 Boys : A Team  : 5th Sam Gibson 12.17 (3rd fastest) ,18th Charlie Phillips 13.12, 23rd Callum Wilkinson 15.11, the 3 scorers, were 4th Team with 46 points, followed by B Team : 27th Joshua Wraith 13.40, 29th Izaak Taylor 13.43, 35th Thomas Wraith 13.53, who were 5th Team with 91 points .

u/13 Boys: A Team : 16th William Henderson 14.15, 20th Thomas Hambleton 16.17, 30th Noah Granville 14.49, the 3 scorers, were 5th Team with 66 points, followed by B Team  :  47th Samuel Terry 15.58, 52nd Ben Coffer 18.35, 59th Jake Wilks 20.53, who were 11th Team with 158 points.

u/17 Girls : 35th Laura Hopper 27.42.

Senior Women : 53rd Catherine Gough (Guest n/c) 35.34,  A Team : 55th Rachel Terry (v/40) 33.53, 96th Rachel Bentley 34.53, 134th  Katie Palethorpe 38.04, 158th Christine Woods (v/55) 38.45 the 4 scorers were 10th Team, followed by the Incomplete B Team, 274th Lynne Carruthers (v/55) 44.38, 279th Femke Nauschutz (v/55) 45.28, 316th Michelle Meakins (v/40) 51.21.

Senior Men : A Team ; 28th  Michael Wade 37.26 ( 2nd fastest u/20), 67th Kevin Knight (v/45) 44.04, 129th Adam Walker 42.34, 140th Dave King (v/50) 42.49, 217th Rob Hand (v/55) 44.33, 247th Peter Harrison (v/40) 45.20, the 6 scorers were 9th Team, with the incomplete B Team, 349th Bob Hewitson (v/55) 52.00, 377th Tony McNeil (v/50) 53.07, 384th Ken Bradshaw (v/55) 53.17, 431st Geoff Watson (v/40) 57.02, 454th
Kit Erlebach (v/45) 59.40. Unluckiest runner in this race was Luke Pickering (u/20) who was in the leading group for much of the race but lost a shoe in the closing stages in the deep mud when lying 4th and was forced to drop out near the end thus avoiding serious injury due to the rough terrain on parts of the course.

In the Fun Run (u/11s) Boys Race results were as follows: 7th Sam Mason 7.07, 19th Harry Rose 7.23, 21st Lewis Littlewood 7.26, 35th William Cook 8.03, 41st Aaron Pickering 8.20, and the Girls Race results were : 17th Evie Peart 7.48, 26th Amber Denton 8.06, 33rd Grace Carter 8.24, 48th Esme Wraith 9.10, 52nd Isabell Maddison 9.32.

Athletics Report – Herrington Park Harrier League