The Harrier league begins at Wrekenton on the 30th of September. Registration for this season is due to open this weekend. If you wish to run in the league this year then please let the relevant persons know.

Men, Geoff Watson :

Women, Sam Newington:

Juniors: Please contact your current coach in the first instance and let them know you wish to run. For any queries please contact:

More information on cross country fixtures is on the events page. The dates are also downloadable from the website calendar.

Current packs and age groups for this season will be on the league website on this link. If you didn’t run last season you won’t be on this list currently. Further information on age groups etc is available in the NEHL rules.

Runners must wear club colours. This must be a club vest or an official club T shirt, either by itself or on top of other items a runner may wish to wear. Your league number must be clearly displayed on the front.

“Runners in all races except the u11s must wear club colours vests/tshirts, runners not in team colours will not be eligible to count for the team.”

Harrier league registration 2017/18