Durham City Harriers hosted the annual Summer Relays once again around the playing fields at Maiden Castle over 3000m (2 laps of 1500m), with 3 runners per team. As usual there was an excellent turnout by the North East Clubs with over 60 completed teams finishing in the Senior and Young Athletes (14-16) race, and over 100 completed Teams in the Veterans and Mixed Team race. As it turned out the three Durham Senior Men’s Teams performed exceptionally well with the A Team finishing 3rd, B Team 4th, and the C Team 9th, whilst the Junior Men finished 10th overall and 1st Junior Team. Full Results of all City Teams were as follows:

Senior & Junior Teams:

City ‘A’ Team: Dan Jenkin 2nd 9.07 (4th fastest time), James Askew 4th 9.39, Cameron Allan 3rd 9.43 ( Team 3rd , time 28.29).

‘B’: Robin Linten 6th 9.31, Rob Everson 5th 9.51, Jonny Wilkinson 4th 9.57 (Team 4th,

‘C’: Joseph Grehan-Bradley 10th 10.07, William Morgan -Rippon 10th 11.08, Ryan
Watson 9th 10.09 (Team 9th, 31.24).

Junior Men: Izaak Taylor 15th 10.37 (4th fastest time), Jacob Stephenson 11th 10.45 (5th fastest). Cameron Thomas 10th 10.12 (Fastest Time), (Team 10th -1st Junior Team, 31.24).

Senior Women ‘A’: Gemma Soulsby 40th 12.07, Alice Hopper 42nd 13.49, Nicola Whyte 42nd 13.02 (Team 42nd- 7th Women’s Team, 38.58).

Junior Women: Lucy Walker 57th 14.23 , Lucy Grehan-Bradley 61st 15.47, Laura Hopper 57th 15.34 (57th Team-3rd Junior Women’s Team, time 45.44).

Senior Men’s Team (incomplete); James Padmore 25th 11.07

Junior Men’s Team (incomplete) Alfie Forbes 16th 10.45, William Lindsey 12th 10.45.

Veteran (Masters) & Mixed Teams:

Vets ‘A’: Steve Everett 4th 10.03 (6th fastest time), Peter Harrison 5th 11.21, Simon Gardner 9th 11.04 (Team 9th, time 32.28).

Vets ‘B’: Paul Delaney 31st 11.41, Jon Ayres 22nd 11.29, Bob Hewitson 28th 13.18 (Team 28th, 36.28).

Mixed Team A: Stephen Hamil 32nd 11.42, Dionne Hamil 61st 14.47, Pouya Heidari 48th
12.07 (Team 48th, 38.36).

Mixed Team B: Derek McGirl 23rd 11.28, David White 52nd 14.30, Sam Newington 51st 12.58 (Team 51st, 38.56).

Vets ‘C’: Les Phillips 51st 12.32, Shaun Day 43rd 12.45, Brian Brown 66th 15.09 (Team 66th, 40.26).

Vets (Women) A: Megan Bell 97th 15.35, Fiona Holloway 91st 14.31, Diane Wood 90th 15.36 ( Team 90th, 45.32).

Athletics Report – Summer Relays Recap