In the North East Masters T&F Championships at Jarrow, 6 of the Clubs Veteran
athletes took part and they did extremely well by winning 6 Gold and 1 Bronze Medal either by winning their respective race or being placed within their age group category, the results of which were as follows:   400m Women (v/45)   Jacqui Hodgson  (1st) 63.7  (Gold), 100m  Men (v/45)  Paul Donaghy (1st) 12.8 (Gold), 800m  Men (v/40)  Jason Catterall   (1st) 2.20.3 (Gold)  1500m Men (v/40)   (1st)  4.52.8 (Gold)pb, 3000m Women (v/50)  Kelly Bentley (1st)  12.59.1 (Gold) , (v/55) Christine Woods   (1st)  14.34.8 (Gold) ,1500m Men (v/50)  Alastair McCall (3rd)  5.22.2  ( Bronze), 5000m 4th 20.43pb.

A week later, the British Masters Athletic Federation Championships took place
at Birmingham and Jacqui Hodgson (v/45)  made the long trip to the  Midlands, and the former British Masters Champion over both events, again medalled winning Silver in the 400m recording  62.97 and Bronze in the 200m recording 28.76. Natalie Mulholland (v/40) also took part and missed out on a medal finishing 4th in both the 100 and 200m, recording a 13.42pb and 28.77 respectively.


In the Multi-Terrain Angel View 5.5mile Race at Gateshead, the Clubs Veteran runners had a good turnout,  the results of which were as follows;  Kevin Knight (v/45) 12th 33.18, Simon Gardner (v/45) 19th 35.04, Rob Garbutt (v/50) 38th 38.13, Bob Hewitson (v/55) 56th 40.47, Shaun Day (v/50) 67th 41.44, Kelly Bentley (v/50) 72nd 42.11, Dianne Wood (v/50) 79th 43.25, David White (v/65) 83rd 44.25, Christine Woods (v/55) 87th 44.51, Lynne Carruthers (v/55) 91st 45.42,  Liz Lamb (v/60) 96th 46.18, Paul Lumsdon  (v/45) 99th 46.43, Femke Nauschutz (v/45) 110th 51.57.


At the Annual Raby 10k there was even a bigger turnout by the Clubs Veterans, results of which were as follows; Gary Paxton (v/50) 95th 46.52, Michael Kenyan (v/45)
98th 46.55, Bob Hewitson (v/55) 127th 48.33, David Coxon (v/45) 133rd 48.49, Mike
Dann (v/50) 141st 49.16, Ian Graham (v/60) 143rd 49.34, Shaun Day (v/50) 149th 49.51,
Christine Woods (v/55) 212th 53.54, David White (v/70) 227th 53.58, Paul Lumsdon
(V/45) 249th 55.08, Megan Bell (v/35) 282nd 57.19, Femke Nauschutz (v/45) 349th
63.32, Kelly Collier (snr) 382nd 65.17, Jacquie Robson (v/40) 408th 68.06, Victoria
Coxon (v/40) 436th 71.17.


In the Tees Barrage 5k the in-form Steve Everett had a great win finishing 1st overall and was 1st (v/55) Veteran recording a time of 17.44, whilst Erin Keeler-Clarke (u/13) also had a fine run finishing 11th overall and 1st Junior recording a time of 19.36.

Steve Everett then ran in the British Masters 5k Championship at Horwich and finished an excellent 21st overall and picked up a Bronze Medal for finishing 3rd veteran
over (v/55) and recording a fine time of 17.21.

Medal winning performances by City Veteran Athletes