The Blaydon Race is a 5.67 mile race that is steeped in local tradition. It takes place on the 9th June every year, starting on Collingwood St in Newcastle and finishing in Blaydon and has been ongoing since 1981. The Harriers had a record turnout this year with 26 runners competing, 2 of whom were amongst the prize winners with the in-form Rob Eaton first counter for the Club in a highly placed 18th position (1st 20 lads received prizes), whilst Cameron Allan (17) was 90th overall, and the first (u/19) young lad finisher, and was subsequently awarded the Geordie Ridley Cup for a very fine run. Full results of DCH runners showing positions, age group categories and chip times, were as follows :
Rob Eaton (19-34) 18th 29.40, Cameron Allan (17-19) 90th 33.09, Peter Harrison (40-49) 164th 34.38, Tony McNeil (50-59) 583rd 40.12, Emma Thompson (35-44) 39.18, Jonathan Copestake (50-59) 41.30, Gemma Soulsby (19-34) 40.50, David Coxon (40-49) 895th 42.49, Simon Hackett (50-59) 985th 42.29, Sam Newington (35-44) 1174th 43.54, Karen Jones (45-54) 1307th 45.12, Dionne Hamil (35-44) 1410th 35.37, Fiona Holloway (35-44) 1698th 48.40, Jill Humble (35-44) 1920th 50.02, Rod Wilkinson (50-59) 2532nd 48.22, Jacqui Toase (35.44) 2738th 55.06, Jacquie Robson (35-44) 3012th 55.05, Paul Donaghy (40-49) 3529th 59.38, Lauren Donaghy (17-19) 3534th 59.37, Alexandra Ingram (19-34) 3559th 60.24, Julie Barker (35-44) 3695th 62.14, Helen Kent (45-54) 3767th 63.18, Tammy Cook (35-44) 3768th 63.18, Victoria Coxon (35-44) 3769th 63.19,  Lindsey Brooks (45-54) 3852nd 64.39, Karen Jones (35-44) 4150th 75.56.


At the British Milers Club (800m) held at Chester-le-Street, 6 of our athletes took part but conditions were not conducive for fast times on this occasion for some of the races due to the swirling wind at times, however, results of the athletes were as follows;
Scott Armstrong (u/20) Race A 2.00.48, Jonny Wilkinson (Snr) Race D 2.06.87, Cameron Thomas (u/17) Race F 2.07.84 pb, Samantha Coleby (Snr) Race G 2.10.20, James Padmore (Snr) Race H 2.10.20 pb, Emma Toogood (Snr) Race J 2.20.94.

Two City Harriers are Prize Winners at the Blaydon Race