In the 1st T&F fixture of the season in the North East Youth Development League
at Middlesbrough, Durham fielded a strong team combining some of the more experienced athletes along with some of the recent signings to the Club new to competition and in the hope they develop and have fun along the way. In a long day of excellent competition the Harriers finished a very creditable 3rd Team in the Match (619 points) with Harrogate winning with 737 points, Morpeth 2nd  with 715 points, New Marske 4th (591 points), Blaydon 5th (519 points), and Tynedale (452 points).

Full results of the City’s young athletes were as follows:

(u/17 Men) (A) Nicholas Ingram 1st 11.8pb, (B) Joshua Bishop 1st 12.5pb, (n/s)  Daniel McLoughlin 13.2 pb, Damian Daley 13.8 pb,
(u/15 Boys) (A) Tyler Thomas 1st 11.9pb, (B)  Charlie Bishop 1st 13.1pb, (n/s) James Thornton 13.5pb,
(u/13 Boys) (A) William Palmer-Muttitt 4th 15.1pb, (B) Alfie Steel 4th 15.2pb, (n/s) Sam Terry 15.3pb,
(u/15 Girls) (A) Tia Anderson  1st 12.8pb, (B) Lea Rutherford 2nd 13.8pb, (n/s) Lauren Ethchells 14.2, Ellie Harris 14.3,
( u/13 Girls) (A) Ruby Webster 6th 16.4pb, (B)  Ruby Robinson 5th 17.3pb

(u/17 Men) (A)  Nicholas Ingram 2nd 24.0, (B) Daniel McLaughlin 2nd 27.2pb,
(u/15 Boys) (A) Tyler Thomas  2nd 24.5, (B) Charlie Bishop 1st 27.5pb,
(u/13 Boys)  (A) Travis Anderson 1st 28.6pb (B) William Palmer-Muttitt 5th 33.1pb
(u/15 Girls) (A). Tia Anderson 1st 26.8, (B) Natasha Stephenson 3rd 29.3, (n/s) Ellie Harris 30.4,
(u/13 Girls) (A) Ruby Webster 6th 36.00pb.

( u/15 Boys) (A) Adam Ord 1st 41.1pb, (B) Sam Gibson 1st 44.9,
(u/17 Women) (A) Anna Carlon  1st 43.1, (B) Lucy Walker (2nd) 51.2pb,
(u/15 Girls) (A) Jennifer Taylor 1st 44.1, (B) Lauren Etchells 1st 46.7,
(u/17 Men) (A) Oliver Taylor 2nd 58.5, (B) Moses Hung 2nd 58.8, (n/s) Damian Davy 65.8pb, Dominic Davy 72.00pb,

( u/17 Men) (A) Moses Hung 4th 2.18.6pb, (B) Dominic Davey 3rd 2.38.4pb,
(u/15 Boys) (A) Adam Ord 1st 2.10.6,
(u/13 Boys) (A) Travis Anderson 1st 2.33.7, (B) Tom Horsfield 2nd 2.45.1pb, ( n/s) Ben Coffee 3.02.3,
(u/17 Women) (A) Lucy Walker 4th 2.49.4,
(u/15 Girls)  (A) Emma Brown 5th 3.06.5,
(u/13 Girls) (A) Freya Gibson 2nd 2.45.0.

(u/17 Boys) (A) Ben Horsfield 2nd 4.29.9, (B) Cameron Thomas 1st 4.31.1, (n/s) Alfie Forbes 4.52.1,
(u/15 Boys) (A) Sam Gibson 2nd 4.30.7, (B) Joshua Wraith 2nd 4.59.9pb, (n/s) Thomas Wraith 5.09.3, William McKenna 5.13.9pb, Oliver McKenna 5.27.8pb,
(u/13 Boys) (A) Noah Granville 3rd 5.34.8, (B) Samuel Terry 2nd 5.47.3,
(u/17 Women) (A) Imogen Coxon 4th 7.00.5,
(u/13 Girls) (A) Erin Keeler- Clarke 1st 5.17.5.

75m Hurdles
(u/13 Boys) (A) Tom Horsfield 2nd 15.7pb,

100m Hurdles
(u/17 Men)  (A) Chris Milburn  1st 16.3pb.

4x100m Relays
u/17 Men 1st 49.7,
u/15 Boys 1st 52.3,
u/15 Girls 1st 55.1,
u/13 Boys 4th 63.5,
u/13 Girls 5th 68.0.

Field Events:

High Jump
(u /17 Men) (A) Oliver Taylor 2nd 1.65m. pb
(u/ 15 Boys (A) Charlie Bishop 4th 1.25m.
(u/17 Women ) (A) Sadie Hibbert 3rd 1.30m.
(u/15 Girls) (A) Jennifer Taylor 5th 1.39m.pb. (B) Ellie Harris 3rd 1.20m.

Long Jump
(u/17 Men) (A) Joshua Bishop 2nd 5.09m, (B) Alfie Forbes 3rd 3.56m.pb.
(u/15 Boys) (A) James Thornton 2nd 4.93m, (B) William McKenna 3.97m.pb.
( u/13 Boys)  (A) Noah Glanville 3rd 3.85m.pb. (B) Tom Horsfield 3rd 3.61m. pb, (n/s) Alfie Steel 3.57m.pb. Ben Coffee 2.63m.
(u/17 Women) (A) Anna Carlon 3rd 4.70m.pb.
(u/15 Women) (A) Leah Rutherford 3rd 4.39m pb.
(u/13 Girls) (A) Erin Keeler- Clarke 4th 3.54m pb (B) Ruby Robinson 6th 2.77m pb, (n/s) Freya Gibson 2.60m. pb.

Triple Jump
(u/17 Men) (A) Chris Milburn 2nd 11.21m, (B) Cameron Thomas 1st 8.72m.pb.
(u/17 Women (A) Imogen Coxon 5th 7.35m. pb.

Shot Putt
(u/17 Men) (A) Nicholas Ingram 3rd 9.13m.pb. (B) Cameron Thomas 3rd 6.04m.pb (n/s) Moses Hung 5.34m.pb.
(u/15 Boys) (A) Tyler Thomas 1st 7.75m , (B) William McKenna 3rd 5.81m. pb. (n/s) Oliver McKenna  5.35m.
(u /13 Boys) (A) Noah Granville 3rd 5.76m.pb.
(u/17 Women) (A) Sadie Hibbert 4th 7.21m, (B) Lucy Walker 1st 7.06m. pb.
(u/15 Girls) (A) Tia Anderson 4th 6.50m , (B) Natasha Stephenson 2nd 5.68m.
(u/13 Girls) (A) Ruby Watson 3rd 4.86m.

(u /17 Men) (A) Oliver Taylor 3rd 15.74m.
(u/17 Women (A) Sadie Hibbert 4th 15.39m. pb.
(u/15 Girls) (A) Jennifer Taylor 1st 20.07m.pb.Natasha Stephenson 3rd 10.74m.pb.

(u/17 Men) (A) Chris Milburn 2nd 22.29m.

(u/15 Boys) (A)  James Thornton 2nd 32.75m.pb, (B) Oliver McKenna 3rd 13.61m. (n/s) Sam Gibson 13.26m. pb.
(u/13 Boys) (A) William Palmer-Muttitt 2nd 20.66m, (B) Samuel Terry 2nd 13.86. pb.

Young athletes 3rd in NEYDL