In the 111th running of the prestigious North East XC Championships held this
year at Aykley Heads, Durham, there were some fine individual and team performances
by the City Harriers within the various age categories. The Club featured in 8 of the 9 Team Races and  medalled in 5 of them with pride of place going to the u/13 Boys who kick-started the proceedings who won Team Gold, with the u/15 Boys and the Senior Men winning Team Silver, and the u/17 Men, in the last race of the day, winning Team Bronze.

Full results of the City Harriers were as follows:

U/13 Boys (3k): Peter Cook 5th 11.05, Joshua Wraith 12th 11.26, Thomas Wraith 13th 11.31, the 3 scorers, were 1st Team with 30 points. Other runners to finish were: William McKenna 18th 11.55, Oliver McKenna 30th 12.22, Thomas Hambleton 44th 13.25, Joseph Rowntree 48th 13.30,
Callum Wilkinson 51st 13.53, Samuel Terry 52nd 13.54.

U/15 Boys (4.5k): Cameron Thomas 6th 15.26, Sam Gibson 13th 16.02, Izaak Taylor 15th 16.21, the scorers, were 2nd Team with 34 points.

U/13 Girls (3k): Erin Keeler- Clarke 4th 12.03, Holly Cook 19th 13.27, Tara Sebastian-Yatsuzuka 20th 13.28, the 3 scorers, were 3rd Team with 43 points. Other runners to finish were Olivia Fawcett 31st 14.18, Claudia Clish 39th 15.02.

Senior & Veteran Men (12k): Dan Garbutt 4th 38.20, Dan Jenkin 10th 39.33, James Askew 12th 39.59, Matt Hornsby (v/35) 14th 40.14, Robin Linten 26th 41.24, Rob Eaton 45th 42.48, the 6 scorers, were 2nd Team with 107 points. Other runners to finish were: Rob Everson 45th 44.07, Jorge Benet 69th 44.48, Chris Wilkinson 78th 45.22, Andy Graham 99th 46.41, Peter Harrison (v/40) 164th 50.02, Tony McNeil (v/50) 311th 57.23, Bob Hewitson (v/55) 321st 58.11, Geoff Watson (v/40) 337th 59.39,  Ken Bradshaw (v/55) 352nd 60.43, Shaun Day (v/50) 361st 61.57, Brian Brown (v/70) 394th

U/17 Men (6k) : Luke Pickering 9th 22.03, Ryan Watson 13th 22.20, William Morgan-Rippon 25th 24.20, the scorers, were 3rd Team with 35 points.

U/15 Girls (4.5k): Rina Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka 34th 20.33, Lucy Walker 45th 22.36, Laura Emily Hopper 49th 25.31, the scorers.

Senior & Veteran Women (8k): Joasia Zakrzewski (v/40) 11th 31.20, Kristin Farquhar (v/45) 36.09, Christine Woods (v/55) 139th 42.16,  Sam Newington (v/40) 143rd 42.28, the 4 scorers, were 14th Team, Dionne Hamil (v/40) was 147th in 42.59. U/17& U/20 Women (6k): Laura Lee 8th, (5th u/20) 25.10, Bridget Bradshaw 30th (21st u/17) 28.52.

Prior to the start of the Championships, which were hosted by Durham City Harriers & AC, Elvet Striders and Derwentside AC, two Fun Runs took place. The results of  the City young runners were as follows:

U/11 Boys: William Terry 28th 5.40, Sam Mason 34th 5.52, Lewis Littlewood 40th 5.58, Joseph Richards 54th 6.25, Tyler Kennick 56th 6.31, Henry Fawcett 63rd 7.17.

U/11 Girls: Esme Wraith 29th 6.31, Meera Young 34th 6.46.

Athletics Report: North East XC Championships