Both the u/13 and u/17 Boys teams were in sparkling form in the NEHL Sherman
Cup / Davison Shield XC Competition at Temple Park, South Shields, with the u/13’s finishing 1st Team led by the in-form Peter Cook who finished  an excellent 3rd,in a time
of 11.16, followed by William McKenna 14th in 11.44 and Thomas Wraith 15th in 11.50 who were the 3 scorers, the Team were victors with 32 points. In the u/17’s Michael Wade was 1st counter for the Team finishing 7th in 22.03, with Ryan Watson not far behind 13th in 22.41, and William Morgan-Rippon 14th in 22.42, the 3 scorers, the Team were 2nd in with 34 points. Other runners who had very good runs were; Freya Gibson with yet another 2nd place in the u/11 Girls , Erin Keeler-Clarke 3rd in the u/13 Girls,  Cameron Thomas 5th in the u/15 Boys, Noah Glannvile 6th in u/11 Boys, and in the Senior Men’s Race James Askew was 7th. Full Results of all DCH runners were as follows:

u/13 Boys (continued from the above mentioned); Joshua Wraith 18th 12.08, Oliver
McKenna 23rd 12.22, Oliver Stephenson 25th 12.26, Thomas Hambleton 47th 13.40,
Callum Wilkinson 60th 14.20.

u/17 Boys (continued); Cameron Allan 18th 23.21, Jacob Stephenson 22nd 24.02,
Joshua Erlebach 24th 24.03.

u/13 Girls; Erin Keeler- Clarke 3rd 12.06, Holly Cook 27th 13.51, Olivia Fawcett 33rd
14.03, the 3 scorers the Team were 6th with 63 points, with Claudia Clish 48th 15.12.

u/15 Boys; Cameron Thomas 5th 10.50, Damian Daley 51st 13.38 (incomplete Team)

u/17&u/20 Girls; Alice Hopper 34th (6th u/20) 27.18.

u/15 Girls ; Rina Sebastian-Yatsuzuka 16th 13.32, Lucy Walker 32nd 14.39 (incomplete Team).

u/11 Girls; Freya Gibson 2nd 4.12, Jessica Peart 19th 4.54, Charlotte Dillon 31st 4.58,
Meera Young 47th 5.25, Esme Wraith 61st 5.43.

u/11 Boys; Noah Glannvile 6th 4.09, Ben Coffer 22nd 4.31, Joseph Richards 70th 5.06, Henry Fawcett 87th 5.41.

Senior & Veteran Men; James Askew 7th 30.54, Jonny Wilkinson 21st 32.17, Robin Linten 22nd 32.27, the 3 scorers, and were 4th Team. Others to run were Rob Everson 31st 33.28, Andy Graham 51st 34.34, Chris Wilkinson 53rd 34.41. They were followed by veterans Geoff Watson (v/40) 288th 43.46, Tony McNeil (v/50) 289th 43.52, and Kit Earlebach (v/45) 329th 46.07, and were 30th Team. Senior & Veteran Women ; Kirstin Farquhar (v/45) 42nd 27.26, Kelly Bentley (v/50) 106th 30.04, Sarah Cook (v/40) 114th 30.16, the 3 scorers, and were 14th Team, followed by Brian Brown (v/65) (n/c) 186th 32.34, Angela Hall 193rd 32.45, and Diane Wood (v/50) 218th 34.00.

Athletics Report