The City Harriers got off to a great start in the opening North East Harrier League XC fixture of the winter season at Wrekenton, Low Fell. Runners across the age groups featured significantly both individually and in team performances, signifying they again mean business to even surpass their success of last season. In fact, such was the performances of many of the Club’s runners it is difficult to single out individuals on this occasion  as the results undermentioned will therefore reflect this.

Full results were as follows:
u/15 Boys (2.8k Handicap); Cameron Thomas 1st 10.22 (3rd fastest time), Izaak Taylor 4th 10.28, Sam Gibson 12th 11.17, the 3 scorers, team finished 2nd with 17 points, Alfie Phillips was 21st, off a 1min 20s handicap in a time of 10.43. u/17 Boys (5.3k  Handicap); Ben Horsfield 1st 21.02 (3rd fastest time), Ryan Watson 9th 22.14, and  Cameron Allan 18th off a 2min 30s handicap, in a time of 21.18, the 3 scorers, the team were 2nd with 27 points, Michael Wade was 21st off 2mins 30s recording 21.47,   Jacob Stephenson 22nd 24.19, Luke Pickering  27th off 2mins 30s recording 22.28, Joshua  Erlebach 28th 25.00, William Morgan- Rippon 30th off 2mins 30s recording 22.52.  u/13 Boys (2.8k Handicap) ; Charlie Phillips 3rd 11.18, Peter Cook 7th 10.52, off 1min 20s handicap (3rd fastest time),Joshua Wraith 28th 11.42, off 1.20 , the 3 scorers , team were 2nd with 38 points, Thomas Wraith was 29th  in 11.44 off 1.20, Oliver Stephenson 36th in 12.03 off 1.20, and Callum Wilkinson 49th in 13.41. Senior/Veteran Women (5.8k  Handicap); Rosie Smith 4th in 22.15, the fastest time of the day, off a 4 min handicap, Gemma Soulsby 22nd 27.58, Joasia Zakrzewski (v/40) 42nd in 24.27 off 4 mins, and Kelly Bentley (v/50) 28.48, were the 4 scorers, the team finished 3rd. Kirstin Farquhar (v/45) was 75th in 27.31 off 2mins, followed by Julia Quinonez (v/45) 102nd 30.06, Sam  Newington (v/40) 120th 30.27 Sarah Cook (v/40) 169th 31.35, Brian Brown (v/65) (Ind.) 244th in 33.41, Liz Lamb (v/55) 264th 34.27 . Senior/Veteran Men (9.6k Handicap);  James Askew 1st 31.34, (3rd fastest tlme), Liam Stubbington 3rd 33.53, Steve Everett  8th (1st v/55) 34.34, Jorge Benet 9th 34.43, Chris Wilkinson 143rd 36.17 off 2.30 handicap, and Paul Delaney (v) 205th 39.47, the 6 scorers, the team were 6th, followed by  Dave King (v) 306th 39.31 off 2.30 handicap, Mike Kenyon (v) 379th 44.12, Ken Bradshaw (v) 417th 45.23, Tony McNeil (v) 456th 47.24, Geoff Watson (v) 461st 47.34, Sim Horsfield (v) 507th 52.16. u/17/20 Girls (5.5km Handicap); Laura Lee (u/20) 9th in 23.46 off 2.30 handicap (2nd fastest time), Bridget Bradshaw (u/17) 15th 27.33, and Charlotte Kenyon (u/20) 16th 27.39, the 3 scorers, the team were 3rd with 40 points,  with Alice Hopper (u/20) 35th in 31.07. u/11 Girls ; Freya Gibson 2nd 7.05, 2nd fastest time,  Neve Newham 34th 8.44, Meera Young 38th 8.50, Esme Wraith 49th 9.14, Emma Walker 53rd 9.23. u/11 Boys; Samuel Terry 11th 7.02, Ben Coffer 37th 7.35,  William Terry 38th 7.39,  Sam Mason 54th 7.58,  Ethan Rimmer 82nd 8.33, Joshua Rimmer 92nd 8.51, Henry Fawcett 96th 9.29. u/13 Girls (2.8k handicap); Holly Cook 12th 13.19, Olivia Fawcett 14th 13.29 (incomplete team). u/15 Girls (2.8k handicap) ; Laura Hopper 40th 14.53, Lucy Walker 53rd 15.47 off 1.20, (incomplete team).


A week earlier three teams travelled to Manchester to compete in the Northern Road
Relays at Sportcity first up to race was the u/15 Boys (3×3.1k) in which Adam Ord on the 1st leg was 12th in 9.42, Izaak Taylor 10th in 10.07, and Cameron Thomas brought the team home in 8th (9.35)  out of 32 teams whom finished (overall time 29.24), an excellent result. Next up was the u/17 Men Race (3×3.7k) against strong opposition, in which William Morgan-Rippon was 26th in 10.46, Cameron Allan 15th in 10.16, and Jacob Stephenson brought the team home in 23rd in 11.53.(overall time 32.55). In the Senior Mens Race (6x8k) a number of changes had to made owing to work commitments  and injuries etc.but they still finished a team unlike many other clubs, the results of the team were as follows; Michael Grimes 19th in 17.19, Dan Jenkin 23rd in 18.08, Robin Linten 26th in 18.19, Chris Wilkinson 34th in 19.55, Jason Catterall (v) 43rd in 21.38, and Geoff Watson(v) 65th in 25.01, overall time 2.00.20.(100 teams finished).

Athletics Report