Samantha Coleby travelled to Birmingham to compete in the British T&F Championships/Olympic Trials in the Senior Womens 800m and once again improved on her personal best time in her heat, recording 2.08.46. Samantha’s time was the 5th occasion that she has set a new club record since taking up this distance event and is working hard to steadily move up the UK Rankings.


At the British Milers Club Regional Meeting at Chester-le-Street  there were 6 athletes from the Club also trying to improve on their times for 800m results of which were as follows: Jonny Wilkinson (Senior Men) 2.04, Ryan Watson (u/17) 2.09.2.(pb),Emma Toogood (Senior Women) 2.18.4, Lizzie Cramb (u/17) 2.18.8, Rebecca Mott (u/20) 2.29.9, Erin Keeler- Clarke (u/13) 2.34 (pb).

Full results available here


In the 3rd meeting of the NE Youth Development Meeting at Darlington (Div 2 South) the Club’s Junior athletes again showed their dominance in this Track & Field Competition – and they enjoyed it too, with some excellent performances across the age groups, results of which were as follows:

u/13 Boys:
100m (A) Sean Davies (2nd) (14.1), (B) Travis Anderson (1st) (15.2), n/s William Palmer-Mutitt 16.3.
200m (A) Sean Davies (2nd) (29.4) (B) Travis Anderson (1st) (30.7).
1500m (A) Thomas Wraith (2nd) 5.08.5) (B) Joshua Wraith (1st) 5.13.8, n/s Thomas Hambleton 5.38.3
Relay  4x100m (1st) 60.1
Long Jump (A) Sean Davies (1st) 4.02m (B) Thomas Hambleton (2nd) 3.43m n/s William Palmer-Mutitt 3.16m
High Jump (A) Thomas Hambleton (2nd) 1.20m
Javelin (A) Travis Anderson (5th) 13.65m (pb) (B) William Palmer- Mutitt 12.46m.

u/17 Girls:
200m (A) Olivia Fawcett (4th) 31.7
800m (A) Emily Salmon (1st) 2.33.8(pb) (B) Olivia Fawcett (1st) 2.47.4(pb
1500m (A) Erin Keeler-Clarke (1st) 5.12.4.
Long Jump (A) Emily Salmon (1st) 4.21m (pb) (B)Erin Keeler-Clarke 3rd 3.35m pb.
High Jump (A) Emily Salmon (1st) 1.28m (pb)  (B) Erin Keeler-Clarke(3rd) 1.10m.

u/15 Boys : 100m (A) Joshua Bishop (1st) 12.5 (B) Tyler Thomas (1st) 12.7. n/s James Bedingfield 13.5, Daniel McLaughlin 14.1.
200m ( A) Tyler Thomas (1st) 25.6 (pb), Oliver Taylor (1st) 27.1 (pb). n/s Charlie Bishop 27.9 (pb), Daniel McLaughlin 28.0 (pb).
300m ( A) Joshua Bishop (2nd) 42.1 (pb),  (B) Adam Ord (1st) 41.3.
800m (A) Adam Ord (1st) 2.09.8, (B) Moses Hung (1st) 2.20.6. n/s Oliver Taylor 2.24.2( pb)
1500m (A) Izaak Taylor (2nd) 4.51.2, (B) Sam Gibson (2nd) 4.51.8.
80m Hurdles (A) Chris Milburn (1st) 13.5.
Relay 4x100m (1st) 51.3.
Long Jump (A) Joshua Bishop (1st) 4.97m,(B) Daniel McLaughlin (1st) 4.39m (pb).
High Jump (A) Oliver Taylor (1st) 1.65m (pb), (B) Charlie Bishop (1st) 1.20m (pb).
Javelin (A) James Thornton (2nd) 29.77m,(B)James Bedingfield (1st) 29.27m (pb).
Discus (A) James Bedingfield (1st) 20.79m,(B) James Thornton (1st) 19.80m (pb).
Hammer (A) James Thornton (1st) 16.59m.

u/15 Girls:
100m (A) Tia Anderson (1st) 13.0 (pb).
200m (A) Sadie Hibbert (4th) 31.9 (B)  Laura Hopper (3rd) 33.1 (pb)
300m (A) Tia Anderson (1st) 44.5.
1500m (A) Rina Sebastiao- Yatsuzuka (2nd) 5.46.7.
Relay 4x100m (2nd) 56.9.
High Jump (A) Sadie Hibbert (1st) 1.30m.
Javelin (A) Caitlin Tompkins (5th) 15.17m.
Discus (A) Jenny Thompson (1st) 19.98m (B) Caitlin Tompkins (1st) 15.70m.
Shot Putt (A) Jenny Thompson (1st) 8.36m (pb) (B) Tia Anderson (1st) 6.57m.

u/17 Boys:
100m (A) Nicholas Ingram (3rd) 12.1, (B) Leon Turnbull (2nd) 12.7.
200m (A) Nicholas Ingram (2nd) 24.4 (pb).
400m (A) Cameron Allan (2nd) 59.5 (pb).
1500m (A) Cameron Allan (1st) 4.34.8 (B) Ryan Watson (1st) 4.37.3.
Long Jump (A) Zac  Renwick (2nd) 5.68m (pb).
High Jump (A)  Zac Renwick  (1st) 1.56m (pb).
Triple Jump (A) Cameron Allan (2nd) 9.03m (pb).
Javelin (A) Zac Renwick (2nd) 26.28m (pb), Nicholas Ingram (1st) 25.39m (pb).
Discus  (A) Leon Turnbull (2nd) 19.28m.
Shot Putt (A) Leon Turnbull (1st) 7.77m.

u/17 Girls:
Long Jump (A) Isabell Thornton (1st) 4.40m.
Triple Jump (A) Isabell Thornton (1st) 9.03m
Javelin (A) Lauren Donaghy (1st) 11.13m (pb) B) Caitlin Tomkins (5th) 15.17m
Discus (A) Lauren Donaghy (2nd) 13.51m (pb).
Shot  (A) Isabell Thornton (2nd) 7.90m (pb) (B) Lauren Donaghy (1st) 7.23m.

As a result of their excellent efforts the Durham Team again finished top in this the 3rd of 4 competitions and hope they will be victors overall after their final competition.


Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, 4 Veteran athletes from the Club took part in the NE Masters T&F Championships at Jarrow and all won Medals, results of which were as follows: Jason Catterall (v/40) 1st in the 200m 25.9 (pb) and 1st in the 400m (57.4). Paul Donaghy (v45) 1st 400m 64.3, 2nd 200m 26.4, 2nd 100m 12.6, Kirstin Farquhar (v/45) 1st 3000m 11.53.8, and Francis Turner (v40)  3rd 800m 2.39.3.


In the Open Mile Race Rob Everson finished 6th in a pb time of 4.47.6.

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