At the Clive Cookson 10k at Whitley Bay, Dan Jenkin  produced an outstanding run in finishing 4th in a seasons best time of 32.34, he was followed by veteran Matt Hornsby (v35) who also had a fine run finishing 12th in 34.29, he was followed by fellow veteran Paul Delaney (v50) 40.12, with David Henson 115th in 40.45, there were 423 finishers.

Alex Mirley also had a great run in the Sunderland Half Marathon finishing 5th  and setting a personal best time of 1.14.10, followed by veterans Paul Delaney (v50) 72nd in 1.28.50, Andy Biggs (v45) 106th in 1.31.52, Dionne Hamil (w40) 535th in 1.50.38,Mike Dann (v50) 541st in 1.51.17, Sarah Erleback (w40) 831st in 2.04.07 (1215 finishers).

Meanwhile in the Sunderland City 10k,  Kakinder Sidhu (w40) was 1081st in 62.08 and Tammy Cook (v35) 1357th in 65.44 (1499 finishers).


In the 2nd T&F Match of the NE Youth Development League Div2 South at Middlesbrough, the City’s young athletes were victors again in the League with some excellent performances, results of which were as follows:

U/13 Boys:

100m (A) Max Barker 2nd  13.7 (B) William Palmer-Mutitt 3rd 15.7 (N/S) Liam Atkin 17.2
200m (A) Max Barker 2nd 29.1 (B) William Palmer-Mutitt  2nd 33.7
800m  (A) Thomas Hambleton 2nd 2.40.8 (B) Luke Hamil 1st 2.42.1
1500m (A) Peter Cook 2nd 4.50.7 (B) Joshua Wraith 1st 5.06.2 (N/S) Thomas Wraith 5.09.5
U/13 Relay  4x100m  Durham 1st 60.2
Long Jump (A) Thomas Hambleton 1st 3.71m
High Jump (A)Thomas Hambleton 3rd 1.15m, Peter Cook 1st 1.10m.
Javelin (A).William Palmer-Mutitt 1st 18.31m (B) Luke Hamil 2nd 12.88m
Shot (A) Max Barker 1st 8.02m (B) Luke Hamil 1st 5.03m

U/13 Girls:

100m ((A) Olivia Fawcett 2nd 14.8
200m (A) Rachel Dann 5th 33.0
800m (A) Emily Salmon 2nd 2.36.0 (B) Olivia Fawcett 1st 2.43.0
1500m (A) Erin Keeler-Clarke 1st 5.11.7 (B) Holly Cook 2nd 6.06.0
Long Jump (A) Emily Salmon 3rd 3.79 (B) Erin Keeler-Clarke 3rd 3.29m (N/S) Rachel Dann 2.63m
High Jump (A) Emily Salmon 2nd 1.15m

U/15 Boys:

100m (A) Joshua Bishop 1st 12.5 ( B) Charlie Bishop 1st 13.6.
200m (A) Oliver Taylor  3rd 27.3 (B) Charlie Bishop  1st 28.0
300m  (A) Joshua Bishop 1st 40.0 (B) James Bedingfield 1st 42.5
800m (A) Adam Ord 1st 2.10.3  (B) Oliver Taylor 1st 2.26.8
1500m (A) Izaak Taylor 3rd 4.45.7 (B) Sam Gibson 1st 4.50.1
Long Jump (A) Chris Milburn 1st 5 57m (B) Joshua Bishop 1st 5.17m
High Jump (A) Oliver Taylor  1st 1.55m. (B) Charlie Bishop 2nd 1.20m
Javelin ( A) James Bedingfield 2nd 24.34m
Discus (A) Chris Milburn 1st 22.69m (B) James Bedingfield 1st 21.31m
Shot (A) Chris Milburn 1st 10.03m
U/15 Relay 4x100m  Durham 1st 52.9

U/15 Girls:

100m (A) Tia Anderson 1st 13.3 (B) Emily Barker 1st 14.4
200m (A) Tia Anderson  1st 27.1 (B) Jennifer Taylor 1st 27.3
High Jump (A) Sadie Hibbert 4th 1.25m
Shot (A) Jennifer Taylor 3rd 6.58m (B) Tia Anderson 3rd 6.17m

U/17 Men:

100m (A) Nicholas Ingram 2nd 11.9 (B) Leon Turnbull 2nd 12.4
200m (A) Nicholas Ingram 1st 23.9
400m. (A) Zac Renwick 2nd 56.9
800m (A) Zac Renwick 2nd 2.13.7
Long Jump (A) Zac Renwick 1st 5.23m
Discus (A) Leon Turnbull 2nd 22.10m
Shot (A) Nicholas Ingram 2nd 8.38m (B) Leon Turnbull 1st 8.38m

U/17 Women:

100m (A) Savannah Lloyd 1st 13.3 (B) Charlotte Boyle 1st 13.5
200m (A) Savannah Lloyd 1st 27.2
300m (A) Lizzie Cramb 1st 43.6 (B) Charlotte Boyle 1st 45.7
800m (A) Lizzie Cramb 1st 2.24.4
1500m (A) Imogen Coxon 2nd 6.25.1
High Jump (A) Imogen Coxon 2nd 1.25m
Triple Jump (A) Isabell Thornton 2nd 8.93m
Javelin (A) Isabell Thornton 1st 27.99m
Shot (A) Savannah Lloyd 2nd 8.07m (B) Isabell Thornton 1st 7.85m
U/17 Relay 4x100m Durham 1st 54.4

After their 2nd Team victory now in two of the four matches, Durham are currently League leaders, followed by Houghton, Birtley, Chester-le-St, Richmond & Zetland, and Sedgefield.

Athletics Report from Bryan