In the 2nd Northern T&F League Meeting (Div 3e) at Hexham, City athletes again had a decent turn-out but were not at full strength, but those who did take part recorded many personal best performances in their chosen events and and tried other events to gain  points for the Team. Full results of the Durham Team who finished 4th in the end were as follows:

100m Senior Men A Cameron Bain 4th 11.4 pb.  B Josh Peel 3rd  11.8 pb.
Senior Women A Lucy McIlroy 3rd 13.0 pb. B Savannah Lloyd 1st 13.3 pb.

200m  Men A Tim Tetlow 1st 22.9. B Cameron Bain 1st 23.1 pb.
Women A Lucy McIlroy 3rd 26.9. Savannah Lloyd 2nd 27.5.

400m  Men A Tim Tetlow 2nd 50.8. Jason Catterall 2nd 56.4 pb.
Women A Emma Toogood 1st 63.7 Rebecca Mott 2nd 64.5.

800m  Men A Andy Graham 2nd 2.04.2  B Rob Everson 2nd 2.13.5
Women A Emma Toogood 1st 2.20.1 B Lizzie Cramb 1st 2.23.4

1500m Men A Andy Graham 3rd 4.21.3 B Cameron Allan 1st 4.30.7

5000m Men A Jonny Wilkinson 3rd 16.54.7 B Rob Everson 1st 17.23.1

400m (Hurdles) Men A Michael Grimes 2nd 62.9 B Paul Donaghy 2nd 77.9.

3000m St/Chase  Men A Liam Stubbington 2nd 10.46.6 B Michael Grimes 2nd 12.15.2.

4x100m  Relay Men  (1st) 45.0. Women (3rd) 54.3.

4x400m  Relay Men  (3rd) 3.52.1. Women (1st) 4.24.6.

High Jump Men A Nicholas Ingram 4th 1.45m pb.

Long  Jump  Men A Nicholas Ingram 4th 4.62m pb. B Liam Stubbington 5th 3.53m.
Women A  Savannah Lloyd 3rd 4.69m.

Triple Jump  Men A Cameron Allan 4th 8.81m pb.

Shot Putt  Men  A John Coyle 4th 9.36m. B Paul Donaghy  5th 6.74m.
Women A Emma Toogood 6th 5.53m. B Tammy Cook 3rd 5.49m.pb.

Discus  Men A Paul Donaghy 6th 19.57m. B Jason Catterall 6th 11.46m pb.
Women A Lucy McIlroy 5th 13.97m pb. B Tammy Cook 3rd 12.97m.

Hammer Men A Paul Donaghy 6th 17.78m B Jason Catterall 6th 12.86m pb
Women A Tammy Cook 4th 7.37m pb.

Javelin.   Men A Josh Peel 2nd 40.98. B John Coyle 2nd 39.62m
Women A Emma Toogood 6th 9.08m pb  B Tammy Cook 4th 6.15m.


Rosie Smith had a great run in this years Blaydon Race finishing 2nd Lady behind one of  GB’s Rio bound Olympic Marathon runners Alyson Dixon, Rosie was in fact 35th overall out of 4130 finishers in this famous race recording an excellent time of 30.43 (chip timing). Other Harriers to finish were: Anthony Hunt (m/45) 138th 33.38, Kim Simpson 360th 37.26, David Coxon (m/45) 689th 40.16, Diane Wood (f/50) 1113th 43.42, Sam Newington (f/40) 1200th 41.45, Tony McNeil (m/50) 1433rd 44.40, Wendy Hughes (f/45) 2714th 52.09, Paula Wear (f/35) 2876th 55.01, Victoria Coxon (f/40) 2875th 54.59, Tammy Cook (f/35) 3155th 57.09,  Jacquie Robson (f/35) 3424th 58.13, and Helen Hunt (f/50) 3653rd 61.56.


In the NEMA (Veterans) Track & Field League at Jarrow, results in their respective age groups were as follows:
Jason Catterall (m/40) 1st in the 200m 26.4, 1st in the 800m 2.14.6, Paul Donaghy (m/45) 1st 200m 26.4 , 2nd in the 100m 12.6. Brian Brown (m/65) 4th in 800m 3.36.5, 3rd in 1500m 7.13.4,  Julia Quinonez (f/45) 2nd in 100m 18.1, and 2nd in 1500m 6.10.9

Athletics Report