A new DCH women’s 800m record was established on Sunday 31st January when Samantha Coleby ran 2:11.79 (electric timing) at the Sheffield Festival of Sport where she finished second in her race. Her time improved her previous PB and club record of 2:12.61 set a year ago. Samantha, is better known as a 400m hurdler (UK top ten ranked and 6th in the 2012 UK Olympic Trials) but a long term, non-running injury has deteriorated over the last three years to the point where she has not been able to sprint properly in races or training and is now entering into her third year of not being able to hurdle because of the pain and discomfort. While she is hoping to eventually be in a position to return to her first love, she started training for 800m last November and is hopeful of making progress at that event and thereby achieve a respectable level. As part of the work she is doing she will be competing over 400m occasionally.

Samantha sets new club record