In a fortnight’s time(Sunday 28th and Monday 29th) a runner called Ben Smith will be in Durham to run 26.2miles each day as part of his 401 Challenge. Which is basically an attempt to run 401 days of consecutive marathon distances. He started on September 1st in Bristol and when he gets to us it’ll be for runs 181 and 182. He’s running for charity. Appx pace 11min/mile.

He contacted us to see if he could have a bit of company for his runs around Durham and some of you have kindly said you’ll help out in this way. I need to firm this up by next Thursday and find out exactly who can run and when. Runners can run as little or as much as they want. It all helps.

If you’re interested in helping in anyway then please message me / email me by next Thursday saying 1.Which day you could run on 2.When you’d like to join in and how far you can run for. If you click on the attached file you’ll find details of the routes I’ve sorted for the Sunday and the Monday. Both days start is 9.30am. Sunday starts at Maiden Castle. Monday starts from Broom Park Picnic Site. I’m intending to do support on my bike so don’t worry about route finding if you find anything confusing.

For more info on Ben Smith’s 401 Challenge click here

or here

For info on routes run both days

Route info for runs on 28 and 29 Feb

Many thanks Gary Coulter

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