The cross country season draws to a close this weekend with the final round of the Harrier league at Wrekenton. The races are all on the usual timetable and there is an U11 race at this event. The event parking is based at Cardinal Hulme school off Old Durham Road. The race venue is a short walk away along the disused railway.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE YOUR NUMBER!! Replacements may not be available on the day as some of the league team are away at other fixtures. If you need a number replaced or a new one, please let me know ASAP. PLEASE CAR SHARE. 4 OR 5 People to a car will significantly reduce the number of vehicles and makes the fuel cost a matter of pennies per person. Please make sure you have all your kit when you leave too!

Let’s have a good turnout for the last one. The senior women are 3rd and the men 2nd after a tough season. The U17/20 are leading the league by 3 points and just need to put out a team to retain their trophy! The U15 boys have had a strong season too and currently hold a good 3rd place 5 points behind Morpeth.

In the Individual Grand Prix our leaders are; Izaak Taylor is 4th in the u13 boys, Lucy Walker 17th in the u13 girls, Michael Wade 3rd in the U15 boys, Imogen Coxon 24th in the U15 Girls, Joseph Grehan-Bradley 3rd in the U17 boys, Kim Simpson 51st in the senior women, Matt Hornsby 4th in the Senior men (Alex Mirley 5th and Andy Graham 7th), Emma Bain 4th in the veteran women and Dave King 22nd in the veteran men.

Wrekenton Harrier league