Entry deadlines

For  those wanting to run in  either the Northern and / or the National please note we need names by 31st of December in order for us to complete the entry forms. Please note we will do the entries for both not as last year.


The Northerns take place at Pontefract Racecourse on 24th January. We wil have a bus either with Gateshead Harriers or on our own. Please let us know if you want to run and if you want to take the bus.


These take place at Parilaiment Hill in London on the 21st of February. Please let us know if you want to run. Alison has been in touch with Tyne Bridge and we can join their travel and accomomdation if we want to. Train and Hostel (Dormitory) £70.

To contact Geoff: xcountry@durhamcityharriers.org.uk

To contact Alison: ladiesxc@durhamcityharriers.org.uk


Northern and National cross country championships