Registration is currently open it will close this weekend in order for the number packs to be prepared for cramlington. If you wish to run at cramlington you must be registered beforehand. There will be no registration in the day.

Those that ran last year will already be on the system. This year the cost has gone up to £1 per person for the 7 races, which the club pays for. I need 2 possible pieces of information from runners:

1) if you ran last season and DO NOT wish to run this season please tell me otherwise I will re-register you. Similarly if you registered last season and did not run but are going to this season please let me know. otherwise I will only register those that ran last season from the list.

2) if you have never run in the league before and want to I need your name and DOB.

Any queries please speak to Geoff.  Xcountry@durhamcityharriers.org.uk

Harrier league registration