Grand Prix

Winter Grand Prix 2017-2018

The selected races are as follows

Race 1: Saturday October 14: Hartlepool parkrun

Race 2: Sunday 12 November: Memorial 10k: Town Moor

Race 3: Sunday 17 December: Dalton 10k: Dalton Park near Seaham

Race 4: Sunday 1 January: Morpeth 11k

Race 5: Saturday 17 February: Sedgefield parkrun. (note this is the new date)

Race 6: Sunday 31 March: Cragside 10k.


Runners need to register their names in advance to compete in the competition. Names sent to Gary by Facebook/email/etc by 7th October. No entry fee!

Best four races to count for each runner.


First Man – male runner with best average age grading over four best races

First Woman – female runner with best average age grading over four best races

If there are sufficient entries then there will be prizes for second and third runners in each category.



Summer Grand Prix 2017

There will be 6 possible races for competitors to enter in this summer’s event. Scoring will be based on a runner’s four best results. The possible races to enter are

Dates for the Summer Grand Prix

Sunday April 30th Sand Dancer 10k. South Shields.

Sunday May 21st Raby Castle 10k

Thursday June 29th Angel View appx 6 miles

Saturday July 8th – Albert parkrun Middlesbrough (this replaces previous race on 9th which was full

Sunday August 13th Darlington 10k

Sunday August 27th   Auckland Castle 5 mile trail race. Bishop Auckland.

Entry to the Summer Grand Prix series should be made in advance by just messaging Gary on facebook (or email ) just to say you want to enter. By April 9th please at the latest. Runners need to enter the separate races individually of course.

Runners can compete in any or all of the following categories a)Handicap prize 1st/2nd/3rd  b)Age Graded prize 1st/2nd/3rd   Runners will have the option to form teams of 3 to compete in the Team Prize.

Winter Grand Prix 2016-17

  1. There will be 4 races in the Series. These are
  • Sunday November 13th -Memorial 10k Newcastle
  • Sunday December 18th – Loftus 8 mile Poultry Run
  • Saturday February 4th – Parkrun 5k – Blackhill
  • Sunday March 19th – Thirsk 10 mile

Go to for further race details

  1. Entry to the Grand Prix series should be made in advance by just messaging Gary on facebook (or email just say you wish to enter. Runners need to enter the separate races individually of course.
  2. Runners will be given a time handicap based on a best fairly recentish parkrun time (or if necessary another appropriate race). The handicap will be calculated by the independent ‘Handicapping Committee’and their decision is final. The handicap will last the whole series and it will be applied to times after the race has been run to allow for point calculation. It obviously will not affect start times!!
  3. Runners who sign up for the Grand Prix will automatically be entered for the Team Competition as well as the Individual competition.
  • Scoring for the Individual Competition: At the end of a race each runner’s time will be adjusted according to their predicted race time based on their handicap. These times will then be ranked. The runner who gets a time furthest below their predicted time scores 1 point; next gets 2 points; next scores 3 points etc. The series winner will be the runner who has least points overall. Runners will pick their 3 best scores from the 4 races on the calendar (so all races need not be entered). If a runner misses a race then that runner will automatically be awarded the maximum points possible (which will be equal to the number who enter the whole race series).
  • Team Competition: Teams of 3 will be randomly drawn when entries close and all names are in. Scoring for the each Team will be based on adding together team member scores for each race. Once again the points will be based on a comparison with a predicted time. The two runners with the lowest scores in each team will count in each race. The Team Competition will be based on all four races.


  1. Prizes:
  • Grand Prix Individual Winner – Trophy and T shirt
  • Runner Up – Trophy
  • First Team – T shirt each member
  • Age Graded Prize First/Second Place – Average Age Graded Score based on 3 races – Trophy


  1. All runners who complete the minimum 3 race requirements will receive a limited edition glass to commemorate their achievement.
  2. It is hoped that runners will try and come along to the ‘meet up’ (tea/coffee/chips/drink/whatever ) that will be planned for after each race.