Summer and Winter Grand Prix

The selected races for the Winter Grand Prix 2017/18 are as follows:

Race 1: Saturday October 14: Hartlepool parkrun
Race 2: Sunday 12 November: Memorial 10k: Town Moor
Race 3: Dalton Park 10k postponed!
Race 4: Monday 1 January: Morpeth 11k
Race 5: Saturday 3 February: Sedgefield parkrun (note this is the new date)
Race 6: Sat April 14: Cragside 10k

Runners need to register their names in advance to compete in the competition. Names sent to Gary by Facebook/email/etc by 7th October. No entry fee!

Best four races to count for each runner.

First Man – male runner with best average age grading over four best races
First Woman – female runner with best average age grading over four best races

If there are sufficient entries then there will be prizes for second and third runners in each category

Winter Grand Prix 2017 - Results So Far

Race 5 Sedgefield pakrun:

6 runners made it to Sedgefield. No snow thankfully. Full GPrix standings are here

Winter Grand Prix Results Table 2017 After 4 races incl Sedgefield

Well done to all runners. Tomorrow it’s finally Dalton Park!

Race 4: Morpeth 11k

Numbers were always going to be down on New Year’s Day, but 4 hardy souls made it north to the delectable Morpeth 11k so congratulations to Shaun, Katie, Christine and Lynne. The rusults in terms of age grading are on the spreadsheet below and the averages so far. Next race is the rearranged Dalton Park 10k on 21st January.

Winter Grand Prix Results Table 2017 After 3 races including Morpeth 11k

Race 2: Town Moor 10k.

Conditions were bright but with a cold wind. Despite the strong coldish wind there were some pbs set and a few runners came away with a prize! 11 runners gave it a go. As usual lovely tea/coffee and plenty of cake at the end.

Winter Grand Prix Results Table 2017 After Town Moor

Race 1: Hartlepool parkrun.

Well the Winter Series got off to a great start at the flat and fast Hartlepool parkrun on Saturday 14th October. There are some 20 competitors in the Grand Prix this time (a record) almost equally split between men and women. This time we’re dividing the competition into a men’s and a women’s event. 11 runners made it to Hartlepool and the results can be found here.

Winter Grand Prix Results Table 2017