It is with great sadness that the Club has to notify our members of the passing of Andy Billett on Sunday 22nd March 2020.

A few months ago Andy was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and typical of the man, Andy took the decision not to worry people or make a fuss, so he only let a few people know of his condition.

Andy devoted a lot of his time to the coaching of our younger athletes within the u15 and Mini groups and it is that role with which most members would have been familiar. But Andy contributed far more to the club than that.  In his time at the club he had been Club Chair, Secretary, Committee Member, Field Judge as well as organising events such as track and field matches.

His contribution to the club’s success can be found in all areas of the club. He was someone you could rely on to work for the betterment of the club, to have the welfare of club members at the heart of what he did, and to be a sound and effective advisor to many.

Andy will be greatly missed by his many friends, athletes and colleagues at the club.

Andy Billett